How to View Private Instagram Accounts (2020)

How to View Private Instagram Accounts (2020)

Instagram is regularly getting more followers. Maybe the biggest reason for it to reach these many followers is that Instagram values your privacy. Most of the popular accounts are private Instagram accounts these days. And many people wonder how to view private Instagram accounts.

Because people feel safe, they can post more and gain more followers. Lately, there’s one topic a lot of people are wondering about; is it possible to view private Instagram accounts?

We will tell you all about it in this text. Your curiosity will be satisfied at the end of this article. Let’s not lose any more time.

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What Is Instagram Anyway?

Instagram is a social media platform that keeps memories fresh by photo and video sharing, focused on follow dynamics. It found a place amongst giant and domineering websites.

It’s safe and it cares about its’ users privacy while being a very useful and easy to navigate website.

At the same time, Instagram letting commerce and making people gain money from sales made it a more attractive platform.

view private Instagram accounts

What Does a Private Instagram Account Mean?

In the law of privacy policy, the website has the feature to make Instagram accounts private. So, the people who are not following someone, will not be able to view private Instagram accounts.

Only the followers can see the things that are posted and stories. Many other applications have a similar system to this. Facebook for example.

When you’re posting something there, you can adjust which people you want to see the post.

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  • If you choose ‘only me‘, then nobody else would be seeing it.
  • If you choose ‘everyone‘, then everyone will be seeing it.

As you can see, social media accounts take security precautions and leave it up to you. Instagram doesn’t do this for every single post, it makes the whole account a private Instagram account instead to get security measures. 

By doing this, you block people from seeing your posts and stories. When your account is open, all of your posts will be seen by everyone.

How Can I Benefit from Making My Account Private?

There are people you broke up with, or not talk anymore, or not in good terms, or simply you just don’t want them to see your posts.

Making your Instagram account private is quite a functional solution to deal with those situations. After they send the following request unless you accept it, they can never see your posts.

An occurrence that happens often in social media platforms is that your photos get saved or taken. Sometimes these photos are used for different means, sometimes they open fake accounts with your name, using your pictures.

But when you make your Instagram account private, nobody you don’t accept can see or reach your posts. So there won’t be any issues coming from others posting your pictures in unsuitable places.

If you want to take precautions for this, it’s highly important you make your Instagram account private.

make your Instagram account private.

Can You See a Private Instagram Account?

How to view private Instagram accounts” is one of the most talked-about things lately.

If we’re writing this article and if you’re reading it (we do and you do) then we can say a lot of people are curious about this subject.

Especially after people break up with their lovers, they can be extremely curious about what and how they’re doing. Or instead of sending a follow request to someone we don’t particularly like, we can try to see their content in other ways.

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The curiosity to see what is in a private Instagram account is high all over the world. Next part of this article, we will tell you about how to view private Instagram accounts, or if it’s possible at all.

How to Break In: Private Accounts

If Instagram cares this much about its’ privacy, is it possible to see the inside of a private Instagram account? As we look at it from today’s perspective, the answer is no. I know, it’s sad.

The first time when Instagram was just developing, it had some openings. Using some ways, you could see people’s private accounts. Using a very simple method, you could see the contents of the private Instagram account. The method was:

  1. First, you reach the Instagram account from the desktop.
  2. Then you search the name of the Instagram account you’re curious about.
  3. You enter the private account and click on “show more” segment.
  4. Even though the account is private, all the posts of the account will be shown.

Instagram realized this security flaw and got ahead of it. So there is no way for you to view private Instagram accounts now.

Apps to View Private Instagram Accounts

Apps to View Private Instagram Accounts

We’ve read many articles on apps to view private Instagram accounts. 

It’s possible to find this kind of application everywhere. But do they really show private accounts? The main place where these apps come from the USA.

When we read the descriptions of these apps, they say it’s possible to view private Instagram accounts.

Then you believe in hopes of being able to view the profile you want to see and start using the application. But most of these are for free, they’re not free! You pay an amount and download the app, and the result is a big nothing. You only end up losing your money and getting nothing in exchange.

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Can I get a virus for using these apps to view private accounts?

If there are free ones to view private Instagram accounts, these usually end up giving your device a virus.

Don’t forget! Instagram is a big social media platform and it cares a lot about its’ users privacy. They can never show something the user doesn’t agree on. Do not believe this kind of false pretenses. The goal of them is to get you when/where you’re weak to make you use their applications.

An Important Reminder

Earlier in this article, we informed you about these fraud apps on how to view private Instagram accounts. There needs to be a reminder of this. Let’s say you downloaded an app for this goal.

We cannot know which one of these apps are dangerous and which ones aren’t. It is wise to take precautions and be safe.

  • It may ask for some personal information before using the app.
  • There may be a survey to fill in order to use the app.

These surveys can be dangerous. When you give them all your information, it can be used for bad purposes. Or giving your communication information, especially your telephone number may result in extra expenses to your phone bill, without you knowing.

how to view private instagram accounts

So, after you’ve been informed about all this, we hope you’ll be more careful from now on. Sharing your information online, especially if it’s personal information can be very dangerous.

You need to think twice about sharing your information. If you understood this, let’s share some information on how to view private Instagram accounts.

What Can I Do to View Private Instagram Accounts?

To view private Instagram profiles, no sketchy app or way is efficient. But there are some basic methods to use at this stage.

At the result of these procedures, the choice to accept it or not is up to the Instagram profile’s owner. Simple ways to view private Instagram accounts:

Starting a Fake Instagram Account

This method is used frequently. When you start a fake Instagram account and send a follow request to the desired profile owner, there’s a chance of them accepting it. Best to try your luck!

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When you’re starting a fake account, it’s better to have the gender of the fake account matching whoever you want to follow. Or you can make the fake account seem like it matches the person’s interests.

You should have some followers before sending a follow request to the person. Most people take notice of if the request sender is a fake profile or a real one.

To a survey that’s been done, it shows that women create the fakest accounts to follow and stalk other profiles. But this doesn’t mean men don’t stalk. They also do this.

Sending a Private Message to the Person

If you tried the method above this and it didn’t work out, you can move on to this method. Sincerity is key here. Write a compelling text providing information on why you want to follow this person.

If the person gets affected by it after reading it, they will accept the request. Because when people get a follower request, they get doubtful. If you write a text, at least the reason for you wanting to follow them will be clear.


In this article, we found answers to how to view private Instagram accounts. You’ve got information on how to view these private accounts or not.

See you in the next article.

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