How to View Instagram Stories Without Revealing Your Username?

Stories has been so popular feature of Instagram since it was started to be used. It is being improved day by day. Now, we will introduce you to an interesting feature.

What is the New Feature?

You may already know that when you view stories, the users who posted them can see your username in the list. But it is possible to view stories anonymously according to the choice.

How to View Stories Anonymously?

It is so simple to view stories without revealing your username. First, you need to install Chrome IG Story to do this. Just enter chome web store. Find the add-on and install. Then, you will see an icon that viewing anonymously is active. Not only you hide your username, but also you can download the story without the permission of the user. Moreover, you can view stories of users who you don’t follow. It is not hard to guess how popular this add-on will be. However, there is possibility that Instagram may take precautions against these kind of softwares that may violate privacy policy. We want to inform that it is not available on ios and Android. You can use chrome IG story only on desktop version. We think many people will use this third party app as it includes interesting features.

You can leave your comments below and write what you think about this chrome add-on. Do you find it useful or completely unnecessary? Do you think to use this?

How to View Instagram Stories Without Revealing Your Username?
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  1. Hannah says:

    I don’t fully understand. We shared a story that a friend of ours when viewing the story of us we don’t see that person?

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