How to View Insights on Instagram

How to View Insights on Instagram

By observing the results of all the works you do on Instagram through the Instagram Analytics tool, you can learn about the results of your works. Do you know how to view Insights on Instagram, though?

When you examine the results of these studies, you can start to see how effective your activities on Instagram are and develop more effective strategies for the future.

How to Access the Instagram Analytics Tool?

The Analytics tool is only available on Instagram for profiles that switch to the Business page. If you have not converted your company’s page into a Business page, you will not be able to access this tool.

If you have switched to the business page, you can access the Analytics tool where you can track activities on your account by clicking on the icon that appears in the upper right when you enter your own profile area.

This tool is divided into three main sections: Movements, Content, and Audience. We will cover each section in detail below to get more in-depth regarding how to view Insights on Instagram.


The Movements section is a section that allows you to see how your Instagram profile performs in general. On this section:

  • How many people visited your profile in the last week,
  • How many times all posts have been viewed in the last week,
  • The number of individual accounts you have accessed in the last week,
  • You can see the performance of the ad content you’ve created in the last week.


This section lets you see how each of your different content performs. In this section, you can see how your regular posts, Stories, and sponsored promotional content receive interaction and access.

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When you enter this section, you can see the performance of the last posts you have shared in the last week on the first page. However, in each section, you will see a button,” See All.” 

When you click here, you can review the performance of all your shares one by one. You can use this section when you do historical statistical research.

how to access the Instagram Analytics tool

When you click on any post under the View All section, you can review all details about that post. This way, you can improve your strategies accordingly by examining your high or low-performance shipments in this way.

You need to keep an eye on Instagram Stories data; because the results of these shares are stored for only 14 days, and you can only analyze the results of these shares in the process. For this reason, it is very important that you follow your story shares weekly or biweekly and record your data.

Target Group

The last part of Instagram Analytics consists of the Audience tab, where you can perform audience reviews. As the name suggests, this section provides some information about your followers.

In this section, what percentage of your followers are women and men? You can see which age groups your followers are from, which cities they come from, which days and times of the week are active.

This section is very effective in getting an idea about demographic structure. You can get detailed information about your target audience on Instagram and determine a better strategy for your shares. Instagram is a good medium for sales, but you should examine the data well when advertising and marketing.

This is how we can summarize the Analytics tool and content of Instagram. Data analysis in social media marketing is very effective, and you can see in detail how your work on Instagram works with this tool.

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