How to View Deactivated Tumblr Posts?

How to View Deactivated Tumblr Posts?

Tumblr is one of the most prominent as well as the earliest micro-blogging sites. Users can upload texts, quotes, links, audio, videos, and other content types to their account. Users can follow other users and share their content by reblogging it on their feed. Although there is no character limit on Tumblr, unlike Twitter, the platform is also designed for shorter content forms.¬†And unlike some other platforms, there’s a way to view the deactivated posts on Tumblr.

Let’s have a look at the ways to recover and view the deactivated posts on Tumblr.

Short History of Tumblr

Short History of Tumblr

Before the launch of Tumblr, the internet was swarming with blogs. David Karp, who had a software consulting company, was interested in short-form blogs. He was convinced that microblogs or tumblelogs were the future of blogs. 

In early 2007 Karp launched Tumblr with software developer Marco Arment. After two weeks, they had gained more than 70.000 users. Following this initial success, Tumblr became one of the most visited websites globally in a few years. In 2012, Tumblr had 3 billion impressions every month.

Tumblr’s popularity paid off as Yahoo purchased the platform in 2013 for $1.1 billion. After a severe decline in its popularity in 2018, Tumblr was bought by Automaticc for less than $3 million, which is the parent company of WordPress.

Today, Tumblr attracts more than 320 million unique visits but still far away from its golden era. In addition to that, there are millions of posts on the platform that has been deleted by its users or Tumblr.

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Unfortunately, the only way to view deactivated posts on Tumblr is by restoring the original post from a backup copy. This article explained different methods to view deactivated or deleted Tumblr posts from a backup copy.

How to View Deleted Tumblr Posts from Backup files?

There are three simple ways to view deleted Tumblr posts from the backup files.

Using the Cached Version

Although this is not a guaranteed method to view a deactivated post, you can still give it a try; type in “cache:” before the URL you want to view in your web browser’s address bar. Then, you will be redirected to its cached version.

Manual Post Backup

Manual Post Backup

You can back up your posts manually by this method and retrieve them any time from your personal computer.

  • Log in to your account on Tumblr
  • Open your post and click on the gear icon
  • Select “Edit” to open the post in edit mode
  • Click the “<html>” icon to view the HTML code of the post
  • Select and copy the HTML code, then paste it to a text file

It is important to note that you can store many posts in a text file, and you can name the files the same as the backup data to find them easier.

Mass Post Backup Using Software

There are various free tools available to back up many Tumblr posts at a time. If you plan to back up all your Tumblr posts, you are recommended to use a tool. You can use the Backup Jammy tool to back up posts on Tumblr.

FAQs on Deactivated Tumblr Posts

Is Tumblr still relevant?

Tumblr couldn’t maintain its popularity against other social media platforms. Today, Tumblr is not as popular as it used to be for varying reasons. However, the platform is still online, with occasional posts from its users.

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Can Tumblr delete your account?

If your posts are repeatedly against Tumblr community guidelines, your account may be deleted. Tumblr bans an account that promotes terrorism, hate speech, adult content, threats, spam, harassment, etc.

Why can’t I delete my Tumblr account?

You can’t delete your Tumblr account on mobile. You should log in to your Tumblr account on a personal computer to delete it.

How to contact Tumblr?

You can visit the Tumblr support page to contact Tumblr. Keep in mind that you must write to Tumblr in English as they don’t support any other language while contacting.

What is the Tumblr post limit?

Tumblr allows its users to send a total of 250 posts daily. The limit includes reblogs, and these posts can be texts, audios, visuals, etc.

Conclusion on How to View Deactivated Tumblr Posts

Tumblr was among the most popular social media platforms. While the site is still online, the platform doesn’t close to its peaking era. In this article, we covered how to view deactivated Tumblr posts using various backup techniques.

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