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How to Use Twitter (X) for Business

Today, the power of social media creates brand new opportunities in both daily and commercial life. Every day, hundreds of businesses are growing thanks to these opportunities offered by social media channels. In other words, taking advantage of these opportunities is one of the most efficient ways to increase your profitability. Today, we will focus on Twitter aka X, which is one of the most popular platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new business or an established brand, Twitter, now X, is one of the best platforms for business. Thanks to the tips we’ll share in our guide, you can take advantage of these opportunities and increase your profitability by growing. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Is Twitter Important for Your Business?

First, let’s talk a little bit about why Twitter (X) is important to reach a wider audience and grow your business. While doing this, we will, of course, benefit from the power of statistical data. First of all, according to the data, every active Twitter user follows five brands on average. Four out of five active users mention at least one brand in one of their tweets. You may consider this network as a market where you can apply your marketing strategies to increase your profitability. But as this data suggests, it’s much more than that. Because it brings excellent opportunities for brands to ensure customer satisfaction. The most important reason for this is that it offers a platform where brands may interact with their audience 24/7. This opportunity is valid for both parties. Any person may interact with a brand in real-time from here.
The only way to efficiently benefit from these opportunities offered by Twitter (X) is to be able to stand out. Here, we will also share tips that may help you with this. So let’s start to explain our first tip that will form the basis of all your optimization work.

target audience

Know Your Target Audience Well

Let’s say you’ve achieved a large amount of audience for your business or decided to buy Twitter followers to boost your account a bit. Now, what’s next? Why do you think we’ve put this in the first place? Because believe me, you have to focus on your target audience in every optimization you make to grow your business. Not only on Twitter (X) but also on all social media platforms. So, before you start this, make sure you know your target audience well. Otherwise, if your strategy doesn’t work, you will have to redo all your optimization from scratch.
So, what can you do to get to know your target audience? In fact, social networks provide extraordinary data for target audience analysis. Moreover, dozens of useful tools that you can use in this process are at your disposal. First of all, let’s get to know these tools more closely.


It provides important data about the demographics of your followers and users who interact with your posts. Besides, it performs personality analyzes of these users and reports them to you. In this way, you can get powerful insights into the motivations of your target audience on the platform. Thanks to these insights, you can have more precise ideas about your potential customers’ purchasing behavior and personal interests. One of its greatest features is that it can identify influencers that appeal to your target audience.

If you need more detailed data on the demographics of your target audience, this tool is suitable for you. By using Minter, you can get a lot of information from the gender of your target audience to their location and language. The valuable insights you gain from this data will be undoubtedly helpful in building a community for your brand. These insights will also help you prepare the content in a way that will resonate with your audience.

Tensor Social

There is an apparent reason why Tensor stands out among its competitors and is one of the best in its field. Its most important feature is that it is an AI-based tool. Thanks to AI, it captures all the trends related to your target audience. And it prepares a very detailed report with important data on them. Thanks to the data provided by Tensor, we can basically categorize the insights you can get about your target audience. The most useful of these insights are audience identity, culture analysis, and campaign measurement.

How to Understand Your Target Audience

So what exactly do you need to analyze using these and other target audience tools? First of all, try to understand what topics your target audience is tweeting about in general. In this way, you can determine what kind of topics they are interested in and what hashtags they use in their tweets. Thus, you can prepare your tweets in a way that will attract their attention and appear in their timeline.
While analyzing your target audience, you should also examine the tweets where people talk about your brand. Thus, first of all, you will be able to understand how your brand reputation is on the platform clearly. You can also determine which keywords and hashtags they use most while talking about your brand.
While working on your target audience, you should definitely determine the time periods when they are most active on Twitter (X). Because when people are not active here, tweets accumulate in their timeline. As a result, the tweets that you’ve managed to put into their timeline will disappear among the hundreds of tweets that accumulate here. For this reason, be careful to share the tweets that you have prepared with all your effort when they are most active.

Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your Twitter (X) profile consists of several stages. Let’s start with your bio first. Your bio is the first thing your followers or any user greets them when they come to your page. You may consider it as the landing page of your website. Your bio is also one of the most important components that Twitter’s search algorithm considers while ranking search results. Therefore, choose the right words to evaluate the 160-character limit that you can use here. This section should both attract your target audience and include the right keywords and hashtags to drive more.

twitter profile

Another issue that you should pay attention to is your profile photo. Brands must use a picture of their logo. On the other hand, these photos must be recognizable. Because this is an important issue in corporate credibility. Another issue regarding images is considering how they will look on mobile devices. In this context, we need to note that Twitter (X) only supports three types of file types for profile photos. We may list them as follows:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF

Your profile photos in these formats must be 400×400 pixels. By the way, let’s mention that the file size can be a maximum of 2 MB. While we’re talking about images, let’s also mention header images. It is a great section where you can showcase your brand as you wish. You can change the pictures you will exhibit here considering holidays and special days. At the same time, you can change this picture based on the unique circumstances of your brand. The only limit to what you can do here is how creative you are. Finally, let us remind you that the header image should be 1500×1500 pixels in size.

Improve Your Business by Analyzing Your Competitors

Your competitors have already realized how important market Twitter (X) is. For this reason, most of them will probably have completed their studies here before you. If you are new to these media, it is absolutely true that you are behind them. But don’t worry! This situation also has some benefits that you can take advantage of right away. But to be honest, it’s a process that will require hard work. Let’s get to work now.
To benefit from your competitors, you first need to identify your competitors who use Twitter (X) successfully. That was the easy part. Now, you should examine the marketing content that drives them to success here. You should determine what kind of marketing strategies and tactics they have implemented over time. Also, examine how your competitors are doing on Twitter (X) regarding customer service.

swot analysis

Gathering this information first will give you ideas for creating your own marketing strategy. Besides, it will also provide important insights on editing the content you will prepare for your tweets. If you are okay with these issues, you should definitely perform the SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Make sure to write down the results of this analysis on a document. You can download free SWOT templates from the internet that you can use for this.
So, what is the benefit of SWOT? It includes the strengths of your competitors that you should take precautions against. However, it also includes their weaknesses that can create new opportunities for you. You should take advantage of these data. Then, write down possible opportunities in the SWOT template that may occur in the future. Finally, add here what threats your competitors’ strengths might pose to you.

twitter for business

Prepare Your Content

One of the most important factors that will increase your Twitter (x) account value is the posts you will share. For this, you need to be able to prepare successful content. Of course, there are some tricks to do this. You should first consider your buyer persona while preparing your content. The more your buyer persona identifies with your target audience, the more you can prepare your content to appeal to your target audience. Let’s now start to explain the tricks of preparing the content.

  • While preparing your content, you should make it feel like you are having a conversation with the audience you are addressing.
  • Besides, preparing short and concise tweets that point to longer content will also make your posts valuable. Do not forget to include links to long content that you point to in these tweets.
  • Ask questions to take advantage of Twitter (X) polls. It is a successful way to encourage your audience to engage. This way, you can also learn their valuable thoughts about your brand, products, and services.
  • Thanks to cross-channel, you can highlight valuable content you’ve shared in the past. You can also consider this as strategically reusing your old valuable content.
  • If you want to prepare valuable tweets, you should definitely take advantage of the power of images. According to research, Twitter (X) users are 80% more likely to click on a tweet with an image.
  • Creating a themed content series is one of the best tweet ideas. Here you can create a flood of valuable content by linking together multiple tweets that focus on a common theme.
  • You’ve finally managed to publish valuable content. However, if no one can see your content, Twitter (X) users cannot realize their value. For this, be sure to place the correct hashtags on your tweets while publishing them.

Always Optimize Your Old and New Content

Now you know how to produce valuable content to share. However, as we have just mentioned, there is no point in being valuable if no one sees your content. Optimizing your content for Twitter (X) will help you with that. The logic here actually works quite simply. You optimize your content so that more people can see it. So, they engage with them more. It is the purpose of the existence of all social networks. It is a golden rule to get more engagement for your content to stand out on social networks.

twitter hashtags

We have already mentioned that you can benefit from hashtags in this regard. However, you should make sure that you make the right choices when using them. There are basically two reasons for this. The first is that your tweets allow you to use a limited number of characters. Yes, hashtags also spend the character limit of your tweets. The second reason is to avoid using hashtags that users will not be interested in. Because Twitter users are very generous in making negative comments on tweets they find irrelevant. That will undoubtedly damage your brand’s reputation.

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At the same time, it is inevitable that it will negatively affect your motivation. In addition, optimizing your tweets is as important as the content. For example, you can use Twitter cards suitable for your content. Thus, you can organize your content in an appropriate card type easily. While taking advantage of them, do not forget to use your Twitter (X) logo for business cards.

Engagement Is the King of All Social Channels

While using Twitter (X) for business, keep in mind the fact that it is a social network rather than a commercial platform. So, here you can do much more than make your brand voice heard and showcase your products and services. The thing is, you should do it. The key to all of this is engagement. Yes. We have already said that while explaining why you should produce content that will receive engagement. However, what we are trying to convey here is not that users engage with your content.

The basis of social interactions is that communication is always reciprocal. So, you also have to interact with users or your target audience to increase your Twitter engagement. How? Of course, the way a brand communicates with its target audience should be different from how other users communicate with each other. Let me explain it with a couple of examples. They may inspire you too.
One of the most effective ways for brands to interact with their target audience is to post promotional or raffle posts. These posts tend to be retweeted by users. It means that they can reach a much wider audience than usual. They also create a fun opportunity for brands to interact with their audience. Another opportunity for you to interact with your audience is by responding to their comments. Thus, you will have the opportunity to show how much your brand cares about the opinions of customers. We may examine this issue under two categories. The first is to show that you value your customers by replying to those who comment on your posts. The second is to respond to users who share their experiences by mentioning your brand’s name. That is a different level of PR study.

Analyze Your Twitter (X) Business Account Regularly

The most important factor that can help you expand your brand in social networks is to keep analyzing. The Twitter business model also provides its users with significant opportunities for analysis. These studies help you to understand whether your strategies and campaigns are effective or not. This way, you don’t waste any more time by stopping using strategies that don’t work first. You can also stop investing more in your campaigns that are similarly ineffective. Thus, you have the opportunity to focus both your money and time on more valuable solutions. Let’s analyze your Twitter (X) business account step by step together.

twitter analytics
  • First, click on your profile on the main screen. (It’s in the upper right corner of the control panel.)
  • A drop-down menu will appear. From here, click on Twitter Analytics.
  • On this screen, you can find data such as the number of impressions, likes, and comments of your tweets. Besides, data on the periodic changes in your follower count are also in here.

Bonus: Get Stronger by Collaborating with Influencers

Influencers now have an important position in both daily and commercial life. So if you’ve decided to use Twitter (X) for your business, collaborating with influencers may have a more positive impact than you might expect. Influencers have gained the trust of people in social networks and have a specific audience. Brands aim to achieve the credibility of their target audiences by collaborating with them. However, we may examine influencers under a few categories. Followers of macro-influencers cover a much wider audience. This audience includes people with many different demographics and different buying behaviors. Therefore, collaborating with them is more suitable for social media campaigns focused on increasing brand awareness and reputation.
On the other hand, if you’re planning to run a sales-oriented marketing campaign, collaborating with a micro-influencer will be much more effective because they specialize in certain areas. For this reason, their target audience consists of potential buyers related to a specific field. Try to find a micro-influencer suitable for your industry. Thus, you can be sure that your campaign will reach precisely the audience you will target. The best part is that it allows you to promote your products directly to the buyers who’re most likely to be interested. As a result, this will have an effect that significantly increases the rate of profitability of your campaign.

How to Use Twitter (X) for Business, In Short

Social media presence is a must for commercial success for every brand today as traditional media is replaced by social networks rapidly. Today, we have discussed one of the three giants of these social networks. We explained how to use Twitter for business. We have talked about the necessary optimizations so that you can take advantage of Twitter (X) for your business. In addition, we have briefly and concisely examined the tools that can help you in this regard. We hope our guide has inspired you to drive your brand to success on Twitter (X).

Frequently Asked Questions About

That is a feature where you buy a paid ad to boost your tweets. These ads can be beneficial for business users when launching a new product or announcing a campaign.

No. The platform does not charge any fees for registering or using business accounts. Mostly, Twitter (X) even supports them with free promotional ads.

No. All Twitter (X) accounts are allowed to use this tool completely free of charge.

The number of followers is an essential dynamic for almost any social network. The more followers you have, the larger your tweets will reach. You may also want to take a look at the tips you can apply to increase your follower count.

The character limit in the bio is 160 for both staff and business accounts.

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