How to Use TikTok on PC or Mac?

How to Use TikTok on PC or Mac?

TikTok, the fun-packed video sharing platform, is not exclusively accessible on its’ mobile app. You can use TikTok both on PC and Mac without too much hassle; and you can browse and upload videos on its website. That’s being said; if you don’t utilize a free third party tool such as BlueStacks; you can’t use TikTok’s built-in editing tools on your PC or Mac.

In this brief but helpful article, we covered how to use TikTok on PC & Mac and also explained how to utilize its editing features on your desktop.

Watch and Upload TikTok on Your Web Browser

Watch and Upload TikTok on Your Web Browser

If you want to watch or upload your TikTok videos on a PC or Mac, you can simply visit its desktop site using your web browser. You can’t download videos on the desktop site, but you can freely discover or browse trending videos on TikTok’s landing page.

After you log in to your account, you can also upload a video to TikTok by clicking the “Upload Video” icon located at the top-right side on the screen. As it is on the mobile version, you should add a caption, cover, and determine the video’s privacy.

How to Use BlueStacks for TikTok on PC or Mac?

How to Use BlueStacks for TikTok on PC or Mac?

Although you can upload your videos to TikTok or browse the app without any help from third-party software, you may still want to use TikTok’s editing tools. You can use the BlueStacks app to fix this problem.

BlueStacks is simply an android emulator app that allows its users to access mobile versions’ of various apps through your PC or Mac. To use TikTok’s editing features on your desktop while uploading a video, you should follow these listed steps to use the BlueStacks app:

1) Download and Install BlueStacks

BlueStacks is free to use the app with a friendly user interface and delivers an effective solution to use TikTok on your desktop. You should visit BlueStacks’ official website to download it, and you can use BlueStacks both on PC or Mac.

2) Install the TikTok app on BlueStacks

After you downloaded and launched BlueStacks, you can immediately notice it’s easy to use interface. On its home screen, click on the “Game Center” section and find “Google Play Store”. Sign in to your Google account and search for the TikTok app from Google Play Store. Click on “Install” and go back to your home screen as you will notice that the app is installed to your BlueStacks library.

3) Watch, Upload, and Edit TikTok Videos with BlueStacks

Launch TikTok from BlueStacks and sign in to your TikTok account. By using the BlueStacks Android emulator, you can use TikTok in the same way on mobile devices. You can use your mouse to scroll your TikTok feed.

TikTok video from “Media Manager” is located on the “System Apps” section on BlueStacks. After you have imported the video, you should navigate the TikTok app to upload & edit the video.

FAQs of How to Use TikTok on PC or Mac

Can I watch TikTok on PC?

You can watch trending videos, browse the discovery section, or scroll through your TikTok feed on PC by visiting its desktop version through your web browser.

Can I use TikTok on PC without third party software?

Although it is possible for you to use TikTok on PC, you can’t use its built-in editing tools while uploading a video.

Is BlueStacks safe to use and legal?

BlueStacks is an android emulator app that makes money from advertising, not from malware or spying apps. It is a safe & legal program to use and does not contain any viruses, provided that it is downloaded from its official website.

Does BlueStacks make computers slow?

BlueStacks can make your computer slower as it requires high CPU, ram, and GPU usage while running. So it is recommended for you to close any other running unnecessary software when the app is on.

Is TikTok desktop user friendly?

TikTok’s user interface on desktop is great to watch & upload videos. So it is safe to say that TikTok’s desktop version is quite user-friendly.

Conclusion About How to Use TikTok on PC or Mac

While TikTok is mostly meant and designed for mobile use, you can use the app from a PC or Mac. You can use the desktop version of TikTok to watch or upload videos. Still, it is impossible to utilize its’ editing tools, which are quite significant to create appealing TikTok videos. The above-mentioned BlueStacks android emulator enables its users to use TikTok’s editing tools on PC or Mac.

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