How to Use Instagram Mobile View on PC

How to Use Instagram Mobile View on PC

Instagram users want to use this app on their computers and mobile devices. Using Instagram from a computer is very easy, and there are many ways for this. Users can perform this process any way they want. Instagram, is an app that works on mobile devices. With this request, people can share and follow posts created. Instagram, with a new feature every day, can be connected to online browsers on computers. But it is not possible to make full use of Instagram from here. Some minor repairs and maintenance can be done here. Here’s how to use Instagram mobile view on PC.

Using Instagram from a Computer

You do not need to install any app or add-ons to manage your Instagram account from a computer. By logging in to your Google Chrome browser’s Instagram web address, you can use Instagram as an Instagram app on your phone. Transactions are very easy. Even amateur computer users can easily do the job. We will use the Chrome developer tool to use Instagram. You can use the F12 shortcut to install the developer tools.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Follow the steps below if you want to use Instagram mobile view on PC.

  1. Sign in

    We sign in to our Instagram account by logging on to from our Chrome browser.

  2. Open Chrome Developer Tools

    After logging in to our account, open Chrome Developer Tools by pressing the F12 hotkey.

  3. Click on the right icons

    We click on the phone and tablet icon in the top right corner of the opening screen; if you do not see the icon, you can press the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + M.

  4. Refresh

    After clicking the icon, refresh the screen. (F5)

After refreshing the screen, you may notice that the Instagram page view looks similar to a mobile application. You can continue to use Instagram using the same menus as if you were using an app on your phone. You can also select adjustments from the page’s top menu or view the page depending on the phone, product model.

using instagram via emulators

Using Instagram via Emulators

After the widespread use of mobile devices, some technology companies have begun working on calls from computers. As a result of this research, programs called emulators have emerged. Emulators enable a computer screen to turn into a cell phone and convert smartphones into computers. To use this method, users need to download and install the emulator on their computer. 3-4 of these programs on the market are extremely safe and give good results. Users can choose what they want from these. Therefore, using Instagram from a computer will be much easier. After the program up and running on the computers, the following steps must be followed. These steps are as follows:

  • After the emulator is turned on; the Google Play Store app must first open and login.
  • From here, as with phones, the Instagram system must be accessible and installed first.
  • After that, you should log in by clicking on the Instagram icon on the screen.
  • Here, as in phones, account details must be entered.
    At the end of the above steps, Instagram can be used. This way, users will have the opportunity to use the same program directly on their phones. Therefore, the expectations will be met with the greatest success. However, it is very important for security that these activities are only performed on your personal computers.
using instagram on windows 10

Using Instagram on Windows 10

There are various applications that make computers work, but most computers around the world use Windows. Windows, on the other hand, aims to empower people to be more efficient by introducing new products from time to time. Windows 10 is the last of these products. A lot has been done in this app, and the way to compete with mobile devices is open. One of the innovations made in this context is the use of some of the applications used on mobile devices and computers. Among them is the Instagram app. To use Instagram on Windows 10, we recommend using the chrome browser. You can get the most customized results with the Chrome browser.

FAQs About Using Instagram from a Computer

Is it dangerous to use Instagram on a computer?

It is safe to use a computer more than a computer. You can safely access Instagram from your computer using the methods we have mentioned.

Is it paid to download Instagram in the Windows store?

You will not be asked to download Instagram from the Windows Store to your computer. It is possible to use it for free.

How can you share Instagram photos from a computer?

After logging in to Instagram via Chrome, click the “Update” button. Click the mobile device icon in the console in this section. If it does not switch to the mobile version here, click the mobile icon, and in the review section, press F5, then upload your image.

How to open DM from a computer?

Download the Instagram app for Windows from the app store, and after downloading, install and run the program on your computer. Click the Direct Message icon to send someone a private message. Click the arrow icon to check your messages and go to the chat section to view the messages.

How can you share stories on Instagram from a computer?

You can click the camera icon in the upper left corner of the Instagram feed on the desktop, select the image you want to upload, and share.

Briefly Using Instagram on Computer

In this article, we talked about how to use Instagram mobile view on PC. You can access your Instagram from your computer just as you can on the phone. You can share photos, stories and use them on the phone. Just follow the steps outlined above. As a PC user, we believe knowing how to swipe on Instagram on PC will help you a great deal.

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