Instagram 101: How to Use It (2019 – Updated)

Instagram 101: How to Use It (2019 – Updated)

We will give you a guide on “how to use Instagram”.  Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites. Even if we say the most popular, we wouldn’t be unfair to other social media sites. Because the ease of use, content and more interaction are much more useful than competitors.

Briefly, we can define its definition as follows; it is a very fun social media application where pictures and videos are shared. You can follow your friends and other people on Instagram, write comments to them, and create your tags to reach a wider audience.

How Instagram Works?

If you want to use Instagram efficiently, you need to download the mobile app. Because very limited transactions are done on the web. We will explain this in detail below.

  • You can download Android, iOS or Windows application to your mobile device.
  • You must be a member first.
  • After membership approval, you can create a follower list and follow your friends ‘ accounts or meet new friends.
  • Instagram can be used to find tags for your interests, see shares, meet other people in the same venue with location services.
  • It can also be used for commercial activities as well.

Instagram’s Common Restrictions

Although it is the best social media application in the world, we would like to state that it is the most restrictive application.

Unfortunately, this is the truth. You can’t do many things on Instagram. The following restrictions can only be used with third-party applications:

  • Download photos or videos
  • Bulk follower actions
  • Blocked notifications
  • Send or share messages from the website
  • Some usage limits
  • Like limits
  • Text limit
  • Share limit
  • Hashtag limit

How to use Instagram

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Although there are some similar restrictions, you can overcome these simple obstacles with various applications. At our website we have several free services for this.

How to Use Instagram from PC?

It is impossible to use Instagram over the web. Because you can only subscribe and make only few settings. Other than that, you can’t do any activity.

You can’t do the most important things, such as sharing photos and videos, sending messages, on the website. This is subject to the company’s policy.

I think they might want to redirect users to mobile applications. Thus, the demand for application usage is increasing.

Maybe they can increase the number of transactions that can be done on their websites recently. Although we are used to using Instagram mobile app. It is not very important issue.

How to use Instagram

Most Important Features of Instagram

We would like to share a few of our favorite Instagram features with you. These features may vary according to the intended use. For example, if you use it for commercial purposes, you might enjoy different features. We just want to talk about a few general features:

  • Story feature
  • Use multiple accounts
  • Ad feature
  • Connect to Facebook and other social media accounts
  • GIF Upload
  • Filters use
  • Hashtag
  • Creating an album

And we have good news for you. Before the end of 2019, Instagram is planning to make a great deal of improvements. We will continue to share the updates with you.

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