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How To Use Hashtags on LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn has started incorporating hashtags in their platform since 2018, hashtags are significant particles of the social media world. Hashtags are the words listed one after another, using the symbol ‘#’, as we all know. From Twitter to Instagram, hashtags are one of the most effective ways of increasing the visibility of posts or your accounts. Why LinkedIn should not be one of them? 

Actually, it is. Since the first-day hashtags on LinkedIn started to be used, people have found different ways of employing them. Therefore, they can enhance their brand image and increase the success of their posts. In today’s article, we will delve into the immersive world of LinkedIn hashtags and how to benefit from them with step-by-step tutorials. We will explain how to create a professional usage of hashtags so that you would not be seen as a ‘spam’ account without listing every word related to you.  

What Are LinkedIn Hashtags? 

LinkedIn hashtags are phrases or words used with the ‘#’ symbol. These words can relate to your business, niche, or community. They can be used in posts, pages, and any aspect of the LinkedIn ecosystem. Hashtags on LinkedIn can help you reach thousands of people who share the same interests or common target audiences as you.  

Moreover, hashtags on LinkedIn work the same as they do on other platforms. The users can use hashtags to search for content related to their interests. Thus, LinkedIn hashtags can increase the visibility and the discoverability of your posts on the platform. The platform will suggest and show any posts, jobs, workshops, or showcases related to hashtags searched earlier. In LinkedIn’s own words, it is said that hashtags are created to help you find credibility and contact with people who create content similar to you.  

For example, if you are hiring in the social media department or if you are the one who is looking for a job, you can use LinkedIn hashtags like this: You can put #socialmediamarketing on your profile or the post you shared for #recruitment (this is also another hashtag for hiring). On the other hand, you can use #We’reHiring as a hashtag if you are looking for someone for a position.  

Why Use Hashtags on LinkedIn? 

In the past, LinkedIn was a place for big companies, recruiters, and people who were searching for jobs. Basically, it was a place for people who hoped to find a job to live. However, now, this point of view on LinkedIn has changed significantly. Now, LinkedIn has become one of the biggest social media platforms for businesses and companies to socialize, create contacts, and form ‘links’ to enlarge their environment. At that point, hashtags also have become the greatest medium for increasing reachability and discoverability. If you haven’t started to use hashtags on LinkedIn, here are some reasons for you. 

why use hashtags on linkedin

Reaching People Who Are on the Same Page as You 

As we said earlier, one of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn hashtags is that they can make it easy to access people like you. For example, you shared a post including your brand with related hashtags. People exploring the same hashtags – maybe from different brands, can see your posts, and hence, you can enlarge your audience with minimum effort.  

Increasing Content Discoverability 

Not only LinkedIn hashtags but all hashtags in the various social media platforms can be used for searching as well. Hence, when you post something with hashtags on LinkedIn, you not only increase the chances of reaching your audience but also allow the people who are not your target audience to see your posts easily.  

Following Hashtags on LinkedIn 

Following hashtags on LinkedIn is one of its greatest perks. It means that people can follow hashtags from any interest they have. Thus, they can reach different companies, different employers, different brands, and different audiences. Moreover, users do not need to follow or connect with thousands of people to follow hashtags on LinkedIn. Hence, it is also another attraction for users to follow hashtags instead of connecting with each of them.  

Clarifying the relevancy of the post 

Since hashtags are used for shortening the meaning of a few words, you can also use them to clarify your post with increasing relevancy. To illustrate, let’s say you are recruiting a content writer for one of your clients who needs it for software development. You can use LinkedIn hashtags like #hiring #jobalert #contentwriter and #software so that people who are interested in this offer can reach you. Hence, instead of just sharing it with your network, you can select hundreds of people from the applications. 

How to Use a Hashtag on LinkedIn 

Before we delve into the step-by-step procedures of how to use LinkedIn hashtags in different aspects of the platform, we should focus on how to use LinkedIn hashtags as a professional. In this section, we will discuss how to write effective hashtags and how to use them and add them to your profile or posts. Here are some recommendations for you:  

  • You should avoid using spaces between the words. If you are writing a LinkedIn hashtag as a phrase, for example, #UsingJavaForBeginners, this format will attract more people to your audience.  
  • You may prefer not to use more than two hashtags on LinkedIn in one post. If you use lots of hashtags coming one after another, the algorithm can confuse you with a spam account.  
  • You should not use punctuation in the hashtags. Punctuations can hinder the efficiency of your hashtags.  
  • You need to keep your hashtags short and concise so that other people can use them in their posts as well.  
  • You should definitely check your hashtags before posting them. The hashtags might be used earlier in a different context or discourse. Hence, you should avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding among the hashtags. 
  • Last but not least, you need to be able to integrate hashtags in your sentence structure naturally. In this way, they will appear more organic and professional. 

You can get more information on how to use hashtags effectively from LinkedIn Support. After sharing your post, you can buy LinkedIn likes to boost your post.

How To Use Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Status Update 

Adding hashtags on LinkedIn to your status updates is one of the most common ways of using them. You can easily add LinkedIn hashtags to your pictures, videos, or updates. Here is how to do that: 

linkedin hashtags
  1. Firstly, open the home page of LinkedIn.  
  2. On the home page, you will see the section for ‘’Start a post’’, where you can share pictures, videos, or events.  
  3. While creating your post, you can use # as the symbol for your word. 

How To Use Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Article 

LinkedIn is a place full of variety where you can share different posts. One of them is writing articles. On the platform, you can read lots of articles about different topics. However, that does not mean that you cannot use hashtags on the articles as well. On the contrary, articles may be the best way to use them to increase readability. Here’s how to do that:  

  1. Firstly, you need to open the home page of LinkedIn. 
  2. Then, on the same place you create posts, there is a small button that says ‘Write Article’. You click on that. 
  3. When you are ready and done writing, click ‘Publish’ on the top corner.  
  4. Once you click on the publishing button, a pop-up screen will open.  
  5. The pop-up is about sharing your article with your network. In the ‘Tell your network what your article is about’ section, you should add the hashtags you want to use and the introduction paragraph of your article. This will appear above your article and will increase the number of people it reaches. 

How To Use Hashtags on Your Business Page 

Of course, LinkedIn is not a place for just people users but also for companies and their business pages. Fortunately, you can add LinkedIn hashtags on your business pages as well. That is great because, as we said earlier, hashtags can increase the visibility of your page and brand. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Once you open your business page, the first thing to do is go to the home page on LinkedIn. 
  2. Then, just scroll down a little, and you will find the section ‘Manage’.  
  3. Under Manage, there is a section named ‘Hashtags’. There, you need to click on the pencil icon. 
  4. After clicking, a screen will appear in which you can add up to three hashtags that can define or that are related to your business. 

How to Follow Hashtags on LinkedIn 

As we said earlier, what makes LinkedIn great is following hashtags on LinkedIn as if they are accounts or pages. Following hashtags on LinkedIn is an effective way to fill in your home page and feed the posts that are related to you or that you can interact with. In order to follow the hashtags you want, the only thing you need to do is to search for them. You can search or click on any of the LinkedIn hashtags you want and follow them immediately.  

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If you are not sure about what to follow and looking for some ideas, Discovery Hub is one of the best aspects of LinkedIn. There, you can find the recommended LinkedIn hashtags for you based on your interaction and followed ones.  

LinkedIn Trending Hashtags 

As we said earlier, following and using the related LinkedIn hashtags is beneficial for you and your business. However, these are not the only ones you can use. There are lots of trending hashtags that change every year or even month. Using them effectively in your posts can create the chances for reaching a larger audience and expanding your target. As of 2023, here is a list of trending hashtags on LinkedIn

  1. #innovation -38,673,144 followers 
  2. #management -35,871,964 followers  
  3. #digitalmarketing -27,291,348 followers 
  4. #technology -26,347,886 followers 
  5. #creativity -25,114,957 followers 
  6. #futurism – 23,402,629 followers 
  7. #startups – 21,168,624 followers 
  8. #marketing – 20,304,916 followers  
  9. #socialmedia – 19,634,079 followers 
  10. #socialnetworking – 18,978,383 followers 
  11. #motivation – 15,758,779 followers 
  12. #personaldevelopment – 14,656,952 followers 
  13. #jobinterviews – 14,289,264 followers 
  14. #sustainability – 13,239,284 followers 
  15. #personalbranding – 10,430,219 followers 
  16. #education – 9,612,448 followers 
  17. #productivity – 8,433,018 followers 
  18. #travel – 6,970,601 followers 
  19. #sales – 5,852,379 followers 
  20. #socialentrepreneurship – 5,794,895 followers 
  21. #fundraising – 5,728,760 followers 
  22. #law – 5,483,959 followers 
  23. #strategy – 5,064,006 followers 
  24. #culture – 4,728,967 followers 
  25. #fashion – 4,215,758 followers 
  26. #business – 3,663,739 followers 
  27. #networking – 3,566,063 followers 
  28. #hiring – 2,443,907 followers 
  29. #health – 2,270,357 followers 
  30. #inspiration – 1,145,015 followers 

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn Hashtags for Success 

To conclude, hashtags have become a vital tool for expanding your audience and increasing interaction on LinkedIn. You may successfully magnify your voice, attract a focused audience, and cultivate significant connections within your sector by strategically inserting relevant hashtags into your posts, articles, and company page updates. Finding the right mix between popular and niche LinkedIn hashtags is essential if you want to optimize the impact of your hashtag usage. While specialty hashtags, with their targeted audience, can help you engage more deeply with possible partners, clients, or collaborators, popular hashtags can help you become more widely known.

Frequently Asked Questions About

LinkedIn recommends using no more than three hashtags per post. However, some experts recommend using up to five hashtags. The most important thing is to use hashtags that are relevant to your content. 

You can use LinkedIn Analytics for that. LinkedIn Analytics provides a number of metrics that you can use to track the performance of your hashtags. These metrics include the number of impressions, clicks, and engagement your hashtags have received. 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the ideal frequency for using hashtags will vary depending on your individual goals and strategies. However, it is generally recommended to use hashtags on LinkedIn at least once a week. If you are able to post more frequently, you may want to use hashtags in more of your posts. 

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