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Facebook 101: How to Use Facebook? (Updated – 2024)

The use of Facebook may seem a bit tricky and confusing at first. But, it is the site that has the easiest and simplest service among social media sites. User friendly. We’ll give you a few basics and tips on how to use Facebook.

After reading these directions, confused ones will understand how simple Facebook is. You only need to learn the categories you need. Because the app has dozens of different sections. You don’t need to know them all.

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Facebook: How It Works and How to Use It?

Facebook is a social network platform, born in 2008, for sharing posts, images, and videos with your contacts. Over the years, a commercial purpose has opened up, with the possibility of creating company pages and account managers, to sponsor paid posts and advertise among users. Recently the latest version of Facebook was launched, with which some security problems have been solved, correcting the bugs that created a series of malfunctions.

To use Facebook, it is necessary to register on the platform, create a personal account to be verified, to avoid the presence of fake profiles, and improve user safety. Facebook is available both in the desktop version to connect from any Windows or Mac OS PC, and as an app that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, App Store, and Windows Store. The app works with almost every Android and iOS device such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, including iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch from Apple.

It is possible to publish and share posts, images, photos, and videos within the social network. You can read the news of the day, the posts of the official pages registered on Facebook, create live with your contacts, public and private groups, use the streaming services, and making purchases. Also, there are internal games and applications, links with the Messenger and Instagram apps, plus you can save and download files and links to view them later. An infinite ecosystem of services will try to dissect by showing all the features in detail.

How to Sign up on Facebook and Open a New Account?

Let me explain it to you like you’d explain something to dummies. To start using Facebook, you must first create a personal account, an operation for which an age of at least 13 is required. To do this, download the app for mobile devices, install and start it, or go to the web address Then you have to click on Create Account and enter some personal information, such as your name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, gender, date of birth, and choose a security password.

Before the Facebook profile is activated, it is necessary to verify the e-mail address and mobile number. The first is by clicking on the e-mail message with the control link, the second by entering the code received via SMS in the account verification box of Facebook. The telephone number is used for security reasons; it avoids creating multiple profiles using the same mobile number, an extra precaution to protect subscribers.

The username must be real; otherwise, it will be invalidated when the account is created. To avoid this, you must follow the social network guidelines and manuals, not insert symbols and special characters, or taken from alphabets different from that of your language, not adding professional and religious titles, offensive words and phrases of various kinds. After activating the profile, you can access the Facebook homepage to start using it and find your friends.

How to Find and Add Friends on Facebook?

Facebook is based on its network of contacts; in fact, the social network was born to make people communicate digitally and provide a safe and secure platform. So one of the things to do after creating the account is to invite your contacts by sending a friend request. To do this, you can enter the name and surname in the search bar or click on a close friend’s contacts to speed up the operation. During searches, you need to apply the People filter; in this way, only the contacts will be displayed, avoiding pages and groups instead.

On the contrary, to delete a person from the list of friends, just enter their profile, tap on Friends, select Remove and confirm. Lately, Facebook has added a new feature, which offers the possibility to block a harassing or annoying contact and no longer be visible to them and not receive further messages. To block a user, you just need to enter the Facebook settings, tapping the gear symbol, the item Privacy, Block, Add to the list of blocked people, choose the person and finalize with Block.

The circle of your friends can view all the posts published; however, you can select the people who can do so, always from Settings and Privacy, Settings, Public posts, Friends, and choose between Everyone and Who can follow me. This last option allows you to choose who can see the posts view their personal information, and comment on official publications. Friend requests remain saved in the main menu bar, so just touch the symbol with two shapes to see them and delete them if necessary.

How to Change Language and Name on Facebook?

During the creation of the Facebook account, the language is selected. However, it is possible to change it according to your needs, for example, because you are studying another language and want to practice.

To change the language on Facebook, you need to access the profile, tap the arrow symbol at the top right, choose Settings, Language, Change, and decide on the new language. This option allows you to use the original language version set, so the configurations’ entries and all Facebook services will be translated.

Likewise, you can change your name. To do this, you must always click on the arrow located at the top right, select Settings, Name, enter a new one, or change the present one and click on Check the modification. If it is accepted, it will be updated in your account’s personal information, confirming the procedure by entering the security password. Otherwise, you must download a specific form from the official Facebook support site, send the request, and wait for a support team’s response.

How to See Shares on Facebook?

Posts published on Facebook can be shared by users, automatically reloading them on their profile or a private or public page. To monitor the number and people who share their posts, just access the Activity Log, which allows you to check a series of operations. To access, just click on the arrow at the top right, select Activity Log, and view the published content’s shares.

Using the filters, you can analyze other aspects, such as checking the photos in which you have been tagged, the posts of other people in your diary, the people, the pages and groups followed, the photos and videos shared, and other comments users. The service offers a complete history, so you can perform advanced and historical searches by viewing the shares of the past month or year.

How to See the “Likes” on Facebook?

On the platform, privacy is not always impeccable. You can see the likes on Facebook of yours and received likes from friends for your posts, photos, and videos. Just use a little trick, entering the phrase Posts liked by in the search bar followed by the desired person’s name. This will display all posts, sorted or filtered, finding any publication that the person in question has liked.

To see instead those relating to photos, just enter Photos liked by XXX, while for videos Videos liked by XXX. Instead, to view personal likes, posted on photos, videos, and posts from friends and contacts, you just need to open the Activity Log, select “Likes” and reactions, scrolling through the complete list of content that has been liked.

By clicking on the pencil-symbol, you can remove the like by tapping the item I do not like anymore at the top right of each post.

Facebook: How to Know Who Follows You?

Those who are curious to know who follows them on Facebook can find out in a few moments, just touch the image of your profile in the top right, displaying the number of people following them in the top bar. The complete list of friends on Facebook can be found in the Friends item, under your profile image, which allows you to see the complete list of all contacts, or by clicking on Other and choosing the Friends option.

All names are shown in alphabetical order, reporting the number of friends for each contact. In the section, you can also view friend requests, the quick shortcut to find new contacts, or clicking on the pencil symbol at the top right you can change the privacy. For example, you can choose whether or not to show everyone the list of people who follow you or the pages you like or follow, choosing All, Friends, Only me, or setting custom authorization.

How to Create and Manage a Page on Facebook?

While the profiles represent private users, the pages are suitable for companies, associations, and commercial realities, who want to make themselves be known on the social network and sponsor their posts for a fee. However, you don’t need to have a business to open a page. You just need to be a famous person or have a website or an internet business. To create a page on Facebook, just enter the settings, select Create a page, and follow the wizard.

It is necessary to enter a series of information, then choose an image and add data for the users who visit it. Within it, you can identify different figures, such as page administrators, editors, moderators, advertisers, analysts, and managers, all options that make it clear how it is a commercial service. From the page, you can publish posts, photos, and videos, promote products and services for a fee, participate in the internal Facebook marketplace, and receive a detailed analysis of the sponsored results.

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Do Facebook Have Mobile Apps?

Android, iOS, and Windows applications are as comprehensive as the web site. You can also do all the transactions you make on the website in mobile applications. Sometimes, you can even find more on mobile than the website.

You can do all the activities on your mobile devices, such as opening pages, setting up groups, setting payment methods, advertising, communicating with your friends, etc.

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You can only close your account via the web. This is a mandatory procedure for security reasons. This is not allowed in mobile applications.

how to use Facebook

Should You Use Web or App for Facebook?

It’s hard to answer that question. Because it’s impossible to choose between the two. Web and mobile applications are really 100% successful and both are user-friendly.

We can only say that mobile applications are a bit more advantageous in terms of ease of use. You can spend more time using your mobile phone and mobile devices. There’s not much we can say apart from that.

If you use the app for commercial purposes, it may be advantageous for you to make your transactions on the web. You can edit more comfortable settings on the web. Facebook is compatible with all mobile operating systems.

7 Tips for the Optimal Facebook Experience

It’s hard to answer that question. Because it’s impossible to choose between the two. Web and mobile applications are 100% successful, and both are user-friendly.

We can only say that mobile applications are a bit more advantageous in terms of ease of use. You can spend more time using your mobile phone and mobile devices. There’s not much we can say apart from that.

If you use the app for commercial purposes, it may be advantageous to make your transactions on the web. You can edit more comfortable settings on the web. Facebook is compatible with all mobile operating systems.

7 Tips for the Optimal Facebook Experience

We’ll give you a few tips for getting the most out of Facebook. Those who do not know how to use Facebook should consider these suggestions:

  • You must protect your account security on the web or mobile application
  • Never save your credit card info on your account
  • Don’t add people you don’t recognize to your Friends list
  • Do not share your private information with anyone (password, card information, address, phone, and family information)
  • Always update applications. Do not use the old version
  • Try not to insult anyone and do not become a member of each group that you don’t know
  • Do not make spam
how to use Facebook

To Conclude Facebook

You are likely to have problems with Facebook. This is very normal. You may experience many possible problems, such as server problems, common problems, and update problems.

In such cases, examine the recommendations on our web site.

We have published many articles on this subject. Read them, and we’re sure you’ll find a solution to the problem. If you can’t find an answer, contact Facebook Customer Service.

The help desk is very fast and will surely find a solution to your problem. You can find hundreds of informative articles in the Facebook Help section.

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you’re a close relative of someone who has a page on Facebook, you should apply for his part, turned into a memorial page (to memorialize it)

Facebook and all the basic functions are free.

There are many different tools and settings you use, so it may confuse the beginners, but if you try them, you will learn how they work.

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    At my age it isn’t easy to learn how to use Facebook. I’m almost 78 and my grandkids are pushing me to open a Facebook account.