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How to Use Copyrighted Music on Instagram?

How to Use Copyrighted Music on Instagram?

Accidental copyright infringements on Instagram happen pretty often. Instagram automatically detects when someone uses copyrighted music on their posts or stories that can block or mute copyrighted content. To avoid these repercussions, you need to comply with Instagram’s guidelines for copyrighted music usage in various Instagram features. So if you don’t have official permission from the artist, make sure to use royalty-free music on your posts to avoid getting your post taken down for this issue. And, of course, with this issue, questions arise about how to use copyrighted music on Instagram.

There are a lot of rules about using copyrighted products. So before using any piece of copyrighted music, you should learn about Instagram’s rules about this issue. You can find sufficient info on the matter below if you want to avoid infringement or just want to be informed about copyright guidelines. We will also be giving you tips to post content without getting copyright penalties from Instagram.

Instagram Music Copyright Rules

We mentioned that Instagram uses an automated system to detect copyrighted music. But since this is an automatic process, sometimes they flag your post wrongly. So your post can get under copyright protection. Instagram has many licensing agreements with various music studios around the world. However, these agreements come with certain limitations. So now let us see in which situations users can use copyrighted music:

rules music copyright
  • Copyrighted music in stories is allowed. This also includes recorded live music performances both in stories and posts.
  • Instagram recommends using copyrighted music for short videos. If the video is long, such as an IGTV video, it is much more likely for the video to be muted or blocked. 
  • Videos should have a visual component. If recorded music is the primary purpose of the video, it will be blocked. 

It is important to note that these rules apply to all types of Instagram accounts. 

When Copyrighted Music Is Detected By Instagram

If Instagram detects a copyrighted piece in your post or anything on Instagram, they can mute your post so the music won’t be heard or completely delete it.
And with a recent update, Instagram warns users when they use copyrighted music. So before your post can get taken down, you have time to fix this problem. You can get this warning on Instagram stories, live streams, or other posts.

If Instagram Taken Down Your Post

Sometimes this happens even though you are sure you didn’t use any copyrighted music or ask permission from the artist. Instagram sometimes cannot diffirinate copyrighted content from others that are not. If you are sure and want to take back your post, make an appeal to Instagram. Make sure to send all of your proofs to your case so you can show that you are indeed right. Don’t forget to check the guidelines for music use posted by Instagram. If you fall into the copyright pitfall and need to find your way out, you can consult our review on how to fix Instagram copyright issue.

how to avoid copyright

How to Avoid Copyright?

There are some ways to avoid Instagram’s copyright issue. You can check these tips to help you with preventing this type of issue. With these tips, you can secure your posts and stories from being taken down.

Ask Creators for Permission Before Using Their Music

This might be challenging, but you can ask the artist if you want to use their music on your post so badly. And you could get a ‘yes’ and connect with the artist, which is a plus.

Give Credit to the Artist When Using Their Music

You cannot always get in touch with the artist. So you might credit the artist when using their work. This is not an apparent avoidance of copyright issues, you can still get a warning, but you can make an appeal to state that you gave credit to your post. That way, Instagram might not delete your post.

Remix the Original Sound

Remixing and changing the original track could help you avoid Instagram’s automated detection. This way, the sound will be different.

Use Royalty-Free Music

This is the best option to avoid copyright. Instagram has a huge music library on its own, so you can use a lot of different sounds from the library.

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These tips can help you avoid copyright on Instagram. You can also check the Facebook Sound Collection for this.

facebook sound

Facebook Sound Collection

Instagram users can add sound effects, music, and audio to their videos at no cost from the Facebook sound collection. There are thousands of tracks from various genres on the platform. They are handy for live streams and videos with commercial purposes on Instagram. 


As you learned, there are more than a few ways to get caught in the web of IG copyrights. We hope this helped you use IG more responsibly. Don’t forget to double-check your content before posting on Instagram to avoid these kinds of unpleasant issues. Sometimes rules are to be followed for your own good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you include a credit, you still need to obtain a license to use copyrighted music freely on Instagram.

Influencers are also required to comply with the copyright guidelines of Instagram. So they generally use public domain songs or obtain licenses to use copyrighted music in their content.

There is no fixed method to know if a song is copyrighted. So it is an excellent method to consider that every song you’ve heard is copyrighted unless it is in the public domain or was created more than 70 years ago. You can also use search engines to check the copyrights of a song.

Yes, Instagram recommends using the Facebook sound collection for your Instagram videos.

Instagram copyright rules also apply to Instagram Live streams. So while playing copyrighted music on Instagram Live is possible, you are recommended to keep them short and relevant. Instagram sends an automated prior notice before muting or blocking the stream so you can have a window to stop playing copyrighted music.

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