How to Use Ad Inserter Plugin in WordPress?

How to Use Ad Inserter Plugin in WordPress?

In many sources, it is mentioned that correct advertising placement should be made to increase the gain of AdSense. What is the concept of proper ad placement? Do you want to learn more about ad placement? If you want to know how to use the ad inserter plugin, then keep on reading.

What is Ad Inserter?

Ad inserter is one of the best WordPress ad plugins with both free and multi-use support. The ad inserter plugin comes in two versions, both free and paid, but the free version is quite sufficient in terms of features.

The concept of proper ad placement means putting advertisements in places where the visitor focuses most on the website. However, since every website content, theme, etc. will differ, website owners should determine the most focused places by examining the site with a neutral eye like a visitor.

benefits of ad inserter plugin

Ad inserter WordPress plugin automatically places ads. It is perfect for all kinds of ads, including AdSense. It is also an excellent choice for affinity ads and rotating banners. The plugin offers quite a lot of placement to add any Javascript, HTML, PHP, or ad code anywhere on the page.

However, for a blog or news site, the focus of the visitor coming to the site will be the content of articles. Therefore, running AdSense ads between post paragraphs will be a smart move that will directly contribute to increasing your AdSense earnings.

Especially for those using the WordPress infrastructure, the ad inserter plugin is the most effective and easiest way to add ads to the post. The plugin is one of the most effective ad plugins used by over two hundred thousand WordPress users.

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How to Install an Ad-inserter Plugin?

To install the plugin, click Plugins–> Add New on the left side of WordPress. On the page that opens, type ad inserter in the search field.

Ad-inserter Add-on Installation

Install the add-on in the first row by clicking the Install Now button, then activate the add-on by clicking the Activate button.

How to Adjust Ad Inserter Plugin Settings?

After activation, the Ad Inserter header will be added under the Settings menu in the left side menu of WordPress. By clicking this option, we will be able to make the settings by switching to the plugin’s header.


Let’s talk about the settings tab in detail.

1- Place the ad code in this field. Here you can choose flexible ads or add in-text ads.

2- Here, we activate the Posts option as we will show the ads between the paragraphs of articles.

3- We indicate that we will show advertisements in the article by selecting Between posts in the heading of the Insertion.

4- This is an important point. Here we determine which paragraphs will be displayed in the article. We write the number of paragraphs with a comma between them.

5- In this area, we determine the position of the advertisement. By choosing the center, we will ensure that the ad will be displayed centered.

6- When we click on this area, a new window will open at the bottom.

How are Ad-Inserter Settings Made?

In the first field, we will be able to choose the options in the insertion area visually.

In the second field, we will be able to choose the options in the Alignment field visually.

You can apply all these settings to your website.

The most crucial point to consider when adding ads with ad-inserter is which paragraphs to place ads. The ads we will add should appear to be a natural part of the site. In this way, you will take a positive step to increase the AdSense gain by increasing the ad clicks.

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In this article, we have examined the installation and usage of the ad-inserter plugin, which is an important method to increase the AdSense ad gain, to place ads in the article.

Ad Inserter Preview Menu

You can see the live preview of the ad you created on the Preview menu. You can also align with the alignment options in the marked area, and change the margin and padding values.


Is Ad-inserter plugin free to use?

Yes, the plugin is free to use and this makes it one of the best plugins for WordPress.

How do I put ads on WordPress?

Utilizing the robots meta tag, you can advise web crawlers not to list or follow a page. First, you have to choose ‘noindex’ starting from the drop menu close to ‘Meta robots record’ choice. From that point onward, click on ‘nofollow’ close to ‘Meta robots follow’ alternative. You would now be able to spare/distribute your post or page

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

1000 site visits mean you are getting 5 clicks for every day. Consequently, 5 ticks for each day = 150 ticks for every month. So on the off chance that the Expense Per-Snap is $0.20, at that point for 150 ticks it becomes $30 every month.


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