How to Upload to Instagram from Mac (2020)

How to Upload to Instagram from Mac (2020)

Unfortunately, you cannot use Instagram directly on PC and Mac. We would like to state this before we begin. But let us comfort you by saying that you can solve it in different ways.

Don’t be disappointed.

We will provide you some tips for how to upload to Instagram from Mac. These methods may not be easy for you, but you have no other choice.

You can do this either with some browser add-ons or with 3rd party apps.

How to Use Instagram on a Mac?

While it’s entirely possible to post to Instagram from your Mac using various methods, they aren’t without limitations. As we go over the methods, we will mention any drawbacks or limitations that you need to be aware of so you can choose the best Instagram posting method available.

If you have a Safari browser on your Mac computer (desktop or laptop), you can upload photos or videos to Instagram:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your Mac.
  2. Tab on Preferences and Advances.
  3. Enter to the Instagram web site and log in.
  4. Choose Develop at the menu bar.
  5. User Agent –> Safari –> iOS.
  6. And you have done! You can start to upload content from Mac to your Instagram account.

You can also do this with Vivaldi, another Mac browser:

  • Open Vivaldi browser. (If you don’t have, download it)
  • Go to the Instagram web site and log in to your account.
  • Tab on + icon at left.
  • Add to the “Add web panel” section.
  • Click on Web Panel and open the mobile version of Instagram.
how to upload instagram mac

Instagram Apps for Mac

While there’s no official Instagram app for Mac app available, users can still browse on their Mac. The web app gives you access to your Instagram feed, allowing you to browse photos and videos that friends have posted, liking, and commenting on them.

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Instagram also provided the Stories support on the web app, allowing users to view them on the big screen. And although it’s only available for a small percentage of users right now, the company started testing support for DMs via the web app, and it should be available worldwide soon.

We do not deny that the Instagram website has been greatly improved since its launch, but there’s still no way to post on your feed or your story on the web. Which oblige users to do nothing but use a third-party app for posting.

There are hundreds of applications for Instagram. Some are for PC, some for Mac or other operating systems.

While many of these applications are very useful and useful and easy to use, some may be malicious. To upload to Instagram from Mac, you can use such apps.

There are different applications for uploading, not just sending messages, scheduling content, and many other features.

We would like to remind you that none of these are applications approved by Instagram.

Most apps ask you to enter your password and ask you to grant some permissions on your mobile device.

How to Schedule Posts on a Mac?

You cannot use this feature in any version of Instagram (Application, PC, Android, Ios, Mac, etc.). Because Instagram has no such feature.

To schedule posts on Mac, you need to download some uploader apps for this. You can find and try these apps in the Appstore market. We do not want to give the application name.

You can decide for yourself. You have many options for this. By looking at the application comments, you can decide.

When using applications, we advise you to pay attention to which permissions they want.

how to upload instagram mac

Conclusion On How to Upload to Instagram from Mac

Well, as you can see, Instagram is the most fun and comprehensive social media application, although it is the most restrictive application.

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You have to use different applications for many features. The same applies to the Macintosh.

To upload to Instagram from Mac, you need to use some browser functions or 3rd party apps. There is no different solution method for this.

But maybe soon Instagram can make a comprehensive update for both PC and Mac. Only then can you seamlessly use this feature.

Now you have to fix this issue with some Mac browsers and extra applications.

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