How to Upload Long Video on Instagram

How to Upload Long Video on Instagram

If you’re wondering about Instagram video size and length, as an official statement, Instagram does not allow its users to post videos on their feed longer than 60 seconds. That is why many users ask how to upload long video on Instagram.

This length is 15 seconds for the Instagram Story length and up to ten and sixty minutes for IGTV. Instagram Live allows its users to record videos for up to sixty minutes. Fortunately, there are no Instagram video requirements to worry about as of now.

What Is Instagram Video Length?

Instagram officials are hopeful that Instagram video length to be unlimited someday. That change may happen in the near future. Nevertheless, as of October 2019, it’s impossible to post a single video on your feed if its length is longer than sixty seconds. Users may indicate they are ready for the change, but Instagram is still preparing for a radical shift like this. However, if you want to post a video on your feed more than sixty seconds in length, you have to stick with the old-fashioned way, at least for now. If your video is under sixty seconds, you should be fine. We must utilize Instagram’s most overlooked features to accomplish this without problems that’ll break our experience.

Instagram’s Carousel Feature for Longer Videos

Carousel is a brand-new Instagram feature that allows you to upload up to ten images or videos in a single post. In that way, users can customize and personalize their Feeds with many images. It sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it? You don’t have to post everything individually. Some photos are better off when they are grouped together. We can also say the same for videos.

How to Post (2 Min) Multiple Videos on Instagram

So, let’s talk about seeing if you can post a two-minute video in order. We need to use the Carousel feature to upload several videos at once. When you share your videos, you can buy Instagram likes if you want to get more likes.

how to post multiple videos on instagram

As we said earlier, sharing ten videos in the same post is possible. In that case, considering that a video can last up to sixty seconds, you can upload a series of videos that will last for ten minutes at most.

  1. Open your regular Instagram app and log in to your account with your credentials.
  2. On your feed, tap the middle icon with a plus to add videos from your camera roll.
  3. Tap the blue squares icon located there to add several videos together.
  4. Select the videos you want to upload. Don’t forget to select them in order.
  5. Edit clips to your preference; Instagram allows you to use editing tools.
  6. Add a caption and location to your posts. Optionally, you can tag people too.
  7. Hit the “Share” bıton to complete the process. It is done.

This way, people can swipe your post, and the video will not lose its context too much. If your clips are not longer than fifteen seconds, you can share them on your Instagram Story one by one too. You can learn how to use Instagram stories for these videos.

Conclusion – Pretty Easy to Apply

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We have covered how to upload long video on Instagram. As you see, posting a video on your feed is impossible if it’s longer than sixty seconds. Nonetheless, we can utilize some unremarked features of Instagram to make our way to the top and ignore the rest. With a Carousel feature, we can post multiple videos in a single post and go up to a whopping ten minutes. That will be enough for most of the social media marketers out there. Also, if your videos are no longer than fifteen seconds, you can also post them on your Instagram Stories. As there are no restrictions regarding how many Stories you can post, you can go for a whole hour if you want to. However, that’s quite unpractical, and people will ignore it for the most part.

You can check our Twitter video downloader page for more!

Frequently Asked Questions

The longest video format on Instagram is the live stream. It can be 60 minutes in total.

1080px by 1920px dimensions are considered as the best size for Instagram videos.

When you click on the Resize icon on your video’s top right corner, you can hold and drag the edges to resize your video.

It depends on whether you own the rights or not. If you own the rights, you can, of course, play it. However, if you don’t own the rights, Instagram will pause it and will ask you if you own the rights or not.

You cannot post videos on Instagram because your account is blocked, your network connection is weak, you are banned, or your video’s content violates Instagram’s terms.

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  1. Larry

    Having trouble saving 2 1/2 minute mp4 video to IG camera roll for IG post, using IGTV. Was able to do it a couple months ago. Getting “Something went wrong” error.

  2. Tammy Shelton
    Tammy Shelton

    I thought it was impossible to upload a 2 minute video on Instagram