How to Upload High-Quality Videos to Instagram?

How to Upload High-Quality Videos to Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most excellent photo and video sharing social networking services all around the world. Millions of users have uploaded millions of photos and videos every day. There are many users, including influencers, the world’s leading brands, and YouTubers. They are also making a vital contribution to high-quality videos they upload every day. So, how can we upload high-quality videos to Instagram like them?

Upload High-Quality Videos to Instagram

There are some tricks you can provide to upload high-quality videos to Instagram.

First of all, you should know that the best Instagram video format is MP4, and the MP4 video file format has to have some technical qualifications. For instance, the video you will upload must be a maximum of 60 seconds, the maximum file size must be 15 MB, and the maximum video width must be 1080 pixels wide.

So, what do these mean?

The most appropriate Instagram video dimensions are 864 pixels (width) by 1080 pixels (height). If you use these dimensions, your video will seem full, because widescreen videos can look perfect on Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook but not on Instagram. The reason behind is that most users log in on Instagram by their phones, so maximizing the height dimensions will make sense.

If you want to reach the highest quality of video on Instagram, you have to optimize it flawlessly before sharing.

Here are the tricks to upload high-quality videos to Instagram;

  • Make sure to connect to WiFi when sharing the video on the platform.
  • Make sure to use the correct video dimensions ( both width and height).
  • Transfer the video file you will upload by Google Drive or Apple Airdrop.
  • Shoot the video with the best quality camera you can reach.
  • Edit the videos with the proper settings.
  • Some ways of video file transfer may compress the video to move easier, but the way will decrease the quality of the video, especially for large videos, such as IGTV.
Why cant you upload hd videos easily

Why Can’t You Upload HD Videos Easily? 

Instagram compresses all contents, videos, and photos you uploaded because there are 1 billion users’ contents. Therefore, when you upload a video to the platform, it will be compressed to reach the smallest size as possible.

Everything has a cost, so HD videos from over a billion people will cost an arm and a leg.

Instagram applies compression to the direct upload process to save on the storage area. It means that there isn’t any method to upload the videos and photos without compression. On the other side, you can reduce the videos’ loss of quality with a few steps and upload high-quality videos to Instagram.

upload hd videos to instagram

How to Upload HD Videos to Instagram?

Today, there isn’t any way to upload 4K and HD videos without compression on the platform. Nonetheless, you can still use some tricks to maximize the quality of the video.

  • Make sure that where the video will end up, and the maximum time must be 60 seconds. If the video takes more than 60 seconds, alternatively, IGTV can be used. Besides, the video will upload to IGTV must be at least 720p and in MP4 format.
  • Suppose you compress your video yourself rather than Instagram. In that case, you can reduce the loss of your video’s quality, so you can upload high-quality videos to Instagram as possible.
  • Make sure that your video must be shooted with 4K. If possible, don’t shoot the video on your phone. It is easier and faster than other devices, but the video’s quality doesn’t offer you a wish. A professional camera is the best option you can use and then transfer it to your computer.
  • After uploading the video onto your computer, edit the content. At this point, there are many programs to edit your content, such as FFmpeg, Lightworks, or Adobe Premiere.
  • You will need to transfer a video from your computer to your phone library to upload the content. So, make sure to use the right tools to avoid the risk of damaging your file quality. For instance, if you have Mac or iPhone, Airdrop is one of the best options you can prefer.

FAQs About Uploading High-Quality Videos to Instagram

Is light an essential factor in providing high-quality videos? 

The light is an extremely significant factor. For example, when you shoot the content without a lot of light, more dark colors will be seen in your video after compression. For this reason, try to catch plenty of lighting. Besides, it would be best if you choose the light-colored background for the content, both videos, and photos.

Each user’s content on Instagram is compressed; why do you want to reach HD images? 

Your video quality will not be worse than other users, but it won’t be better.

Are there any methods to prevent content compression by Instagram?

No, there aren’t, but you can reduce it with some tricks.

In Conclusion; It’s Possible!

Uploading high-quality videos on Instagram is possible with a few methods, and nowadays, most users on the platform implement these methods to obtain high-quality content. To give an example, use the best camera you can reach, upload with WiFi connection, and use the correct video settings.

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  1. I want to upload high quality videos to Instagra but I can’t for several things. Firstly my pc can not handle it, secondly my camera is very old and lastly, even if I could upload high quality videos, I can’t view them through my cheap monitor.