How To Upload Animated GIFs To Instagram 2019

How To Upload Animated GIFs To Instagram 2019

You cannot add GIF directly to Instagram. We’d like to mention this before we start. Because many users are wondering How To Upload Animated GIFs To Instagram. This is impossible. You can only do this with some plugin applications. The GIF you want to add first is converted to video and added to Instagram in MP4 format. For this, there are many applications in both Android and iOS markets, both paid and free. We will share these aps with you. But you are responsible for using these applications. We will only share application names.

Add Gif On Instagram

As you know, sharing GIF on Instagram requires some effort. In short, you can’t put GIF on Instagram. For such files to the system that does not accept GIF files, you first need to convert it to video. For GIFs that need to be specifically converted to MP4 format, there are many applications available for both Android and iOS markets. The animated gif, which you convert to video, can be easily added to as video format to Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no other method for this. If you find this difficult to do, there is another alternative method. Some animated gif sites can use shared ready codes. So you’re going to be a direct link from their site.

Upload Animated GIFs To Instagram

How to add GIFs to your Instagram Story

The methods described above also apply to Instagram story. Also, you can convert any GIF file to video format and add it to The Story section. You can’t add any animated GIF directly to the story section. On Instagram all file extensions that are valid, applicable in all parts of the application. This rule does not change. To Add Gif On Instagram, you must exactly use 3th party video converter apps and convert it to Mp4 first.

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Why Gif is Important on Instagram?

Animated GIF is very fun and gives a variety of messages. Includes animated messages. Sometimes a funny figure, sometimes a snapshot taken from a movie or a funny animal video can be used as GIF. On these images, you can add the message you want in writing. That’s why, animated gifs are very funny and fun. The only negative is that social media sites (including Instagram) do not allow the addition of such file extensions. Because technically, there are some problems and they are heavier than other file extensions

Upload Animated GIFs To Instagram

Gif to Video Convert Apps

We have listed some of the programs and applications for you below. With this program, you can import GIF file into video format and add it to Instagram. Some are free, some are paid. You can use it according to your preference.

  • Gifshare
  • Free Video to GIF Converter
  • Gifaroo
  • GIF Studio
  • GifVid
  • Instagiffer
  • GIF Maker
  • Any GIF Animator

To upload animated GIFs to Instagram, you can use some online video converter web sites. You can find many web sites at Google Search engine on this subject. And all are free.

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