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How to Upload a Mixtape to DatPiff

How to Upload a Mixtape to DatPiff

DatPiff is a platform where users may upload and distribute mixtapes online. DatPiff’s foundation date is 2005, and its headquarter is in Pennsylvania. The owner of this platform is Idle Media Inc company. DatPiff is a platform similar to Livemixtapes and Spinrilla that allows you to host mixtapes. You may upload mixtapes and videos on the DatPiff platform. DatPiff introduces these mixtapes and videos you uploaded to your fans’ platform and the active community of DatPiff. With this platform, you may spread your music to a much wider audience and get more fans. To upload a mixtape on DatPiff was an easy task a few years ago. Not anymore…

All you had to do during these times was to create an account on DatPiff and then upload mixtapes. This situation was an advantage of DatPiff for some and a disadvantage for others. At this time, the number of mainstream artists who uploaded quality mixtapes was a few. Besides, the number of others was much higher. For this reason, DatPiff has become a platform for lesser-known artists. However, DatPiff has improved its brand in recent years. As a result, the number of mainstream artists who released qualified mixtapes on this platform has increased considerably. So, let’s explain how you can upload a mixtape to DatPiff.

upload a mixtape to datpiff

Upload a Mixtape to DatPiff

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to upload a mixtape to DatPiff. Once you complete the steps you will be able to upload a mixtape to DatPiff anytime, anywhere.

Create a DatPiff Account or Log in to Your Account

If you do not have a DatPiff account, sign up first. If you already have a DatPiff account, log in with your username and password. At this point, you may have upload permissions on your account. If you have such an old account, you may still upload mixtapes despite the changes in DatPiff. If you have created a new account, continue to follow the steps we will explain.

Go to My Files Tab

If you have created your DatPiff account, click on my account section and go to my files tab. Once you do that you get ready for the next step.

Go to the Applications Section

Under my files tab, you will see 3 more tabs. These tabs are:

  • Mixtapes
  • Videos
  • Application

You may go to the application tab to apply for upload permissions.

Wait For a While After Completing the Application

All you have to do here is to fill in the application form and wait for a while.

Follow Up on the Result via Email

Wait for a message from DatPiff between 7 and 14 days via email. If you have not received feedback from the DatPiff team within this time, send them a professional and friendly email. Ask them for an update on your upload application in this email. At this point, do not forget to request professionally and avoid using text messaging language.

uploading phase

Uploading Phase

  1. Go back to my files before approved the application.
  2. Tap or click on the upload mixtape tab

This step is where you start the process of uploading your mixtape to the DatPiff platform. After you fill in all the information requested from you, the platform will take you to the next screen.

Upload Your Mixtape

At this stage, you have to upload each song separately. You should also upload each song in DatPiff MP3 format. Once you uploaded all of the songs in your mixtape to DatPiff separately, you may re-arrange them as you wish.

You May Now Preview Your Mixtape

You have now filled in all the information and uploaded all the songs to DatPiff. Preview your mixtape at this point to make sure everything is fine.

You May Submit It for Approval

If everything is fine and legal, click on submit. Now your mixtape is ready to be published on DatPiff at a later date. You may publish your mixtape right away. For this, say yes to the “submit mixtape online” question at the bottom of the screen.

If you have followed the steps we mentioned above, you have uploaded your mixtape to DatPiff. You may now focus your mixtape on the marketing phase.

A Brief Recap

  1. Firstly, create a DatPiff account or if you have a DatPiff account, log in to your account.
  2. Then, you must go to my files tab.
  3. Under my files tab, click on the applications section.
  4. If you have filled in the application form, wait for a while.
  5. Follow the approval of the DatPiff team via email between 7 and 14 days.
  6. Before the approval comes, go back to my files tab and upload your mixtape.
  7. After uploading your mixtape, preview your mixtape to check if everything is fine.
  8. Finally, you may submit it for approval.
faq about uploading a mixtape to datpiff

Upload a Mixtape on DatPiff in Short

DatPiff is a music platform where artists who produce songs in the style of hip hop promote their songs. This platform has become a great music sharing platform as a result of the transformations it has experienced over time. Also, if you are interested in such music sharing platforms, you should better check out SoundCloud, even though you probably heard about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no limit to the size of the files that you will upload to DatPiff. However, the larger the files you upload to the platform, the longer it takes to upload the files.

Uploading a mixtape to the DatPiff platform is completely free.

There is no song limit you can add to a mixtape on the DatPiff platform.

DatPiff will offer you the sponsor option after uploading your mixtape. When you ready to submit your mixtape, click on the sponsor option.

DatPiff is a music platform that appeals to artists who make music in hip hop style.

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  1. Aidan Clay
    Aidan Clay

    Thank you for your post on how to upload a mixtape to DatPiff. This is a great resource for artists who want to share their music with a larger audience. Your step-by-step instructions make it easy to understand the process and get the mixtape uploaded quickly. The detailed screenshots are also very helpful for visual learners. Thanks again for providing this valuable information!