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How to Unsuspend a Twitter Account

How to Unsuspend a Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Nowadays it is very popular with famous people. Almost every celebrity and politician is on Twitter and expressing their thoughts. It is the same anywhere in the world. There are all kinds of accounts on Twitter that could lead you to trouble, such as suspending your account with complaints. So people wonder how to unsuspend a Twitter account.

You can find all kinds of personalities on Twitter. That is why you need to be careful when expressing your thoughts. Otherwise, what you write might disturb some people. Your account can be suspended if you disturb some people or tweet against Twitter rules. In this article, we will explain how to unsuspend your account with a straightforward process.

Twitter Policies

Twitter (X) is known as a free social platform where you are allowed to say anything. It may be true. However, you have to be careful when you are writing something because Twitter has the right to suspend your account if you violate the terms and conditions of Twitter. Twitter does not suspend accounts only for violating the terms of service. Accounts that are compromised and hacked can get also suspended.

If your account is suspended somehow, you need to appeal your account’s suspension. If your account was hacked and you have successfully rescued your account, it should be easy to appeal to your account. Yet, if your account was suspended due to a violation of the terms and services, you need to defend yourself to appeal for your account. 

Now let’s take a look at how to appeal to a Twitter account.

Ways to Unsuspend a Twitter Account

There are two options to unsuspend your Twitter account; attempt to log in and appeal to your account. If you associated your phone number with your Twitter account, you can use the first method. However, if you didn’t, you should use the second method.

Attempt to Login to Your Account

This method can work for you if you have a phone number associated with your suspended Twitter account. So, if this method is okay for you, just follow these steps:

  • Open Twitter and click on the “Sign in” button.
  • Try to sign in with your telephone number.
  • Send a verification code to your number.
  • Enter the code, and you are in!

When you sign in to your account, use InstaFollowers’ Twitter Video Downloader tool to save your favorite video to not lose them again.

How to Appeal to a Twitter Account

If Twitter (X) suspends or locks your account, you need to appeal to your account to get it back. If your account was suspended due to a violation of the terms and conditions, it is better to know the rules of Twitter before appealing. 

You can appeal to your account from the Appeal form on Twitter Help. If you have more than one Twitter account, you need to log out from the account that is not suspended and log into the suspended account to fill out the appeal form. So, here are the steps to appeal to your account:

how to appeal to a twitter account
  1. Log in to your suspended account, then find the support form and select the ‘Suspended Account’ option.
  2. Describe why your account should not have been suspended. Then, complete the confirmation process by verifying your account.
  3. Twitter will respond to you with a standard mail stating the reasons for suspending an account. So, pay attention to the reasons in this mail. 
  4. In seven or more days, you will receive a message from Twitter (X) about the status of your account. If Twitter finds you right, they will unsuspend your account.

To not experience the same situation, you can learn how to clean up your Twitter account.

Conclusion – Appeal to the Twitter Judges

We have covered ‘how to unsuspend a Twitter account.’ There may be several reasons for your account to get suspended. If it was for violating the terms and conditions of Twitter(X), you should check them before appealing to your account. It would be better for you when defending yourself. 

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We have mentioned the steps to appeal your account. So if Twitter suspends your account, you might get it back in seven days or more if Twitter finds you right.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you log in to your account, go to the Settings page and request an archive. Agree to the terms and confirm by entering your password to deactivate your account.

Due to the Privacy Policy, Twitter keeps the reportings anonymous. It is impossible to know who reports the Tweets of others.

No, when your account is suspended, you will have all of your tweets, followers, favorites, lists, and the accounts you follow when you get your account back.

It depends on the reason why you were suspended, but we can say that the duration can be 12 hours to 7 days.

Yes, Twitter will automatically unsuspend your account; however, if the reason why your account was suspended is really problematic, you can also lose your account.

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  1. Andrea Jackson
    Andrea Jackson

    my twitter is account has been suspended.
    I’m scared that I may not get it back.
    When i logged my account is still there
    both of them are i still see my notifcations.
    how long will my suspension last?

  2. Andrea Jackson
    Andrea Jackson

    how long does it take for them to unsuspend my account?

  3. Alexis

    In the past month, I recovered and unsuspended a twitter account that was vital to my business. I reccomend everybody to read this article if they have any questions on the matter.

    • Andrea Jackson
      Andrea Jackson

      how you recovered?

  4. Mothy

    How to Unsuspend my Twitter account pls someone help me

    • Maggie Whitewater
      Maggie Whitewater


      Have you tried following the steps above?

    • @karenmarsha5

      Good to have a conversation with people