How to Unlink Facebook and Instagram

How to Unlink Facebook and Instagram

When Facebook bought Instagram, the two social networks became bonded, but many people want to disconnect Instagram from Facebook. Facebook also shared some controversial features with Instagram too, like algorithmic feed. Yet, you can still unlink Instagram from Facebook.

And we all know how Facebook mishandles personal sensitive data. Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed a gigantic security breach, compromising more than 50 million personal accounts. Yet, Facebook owns Instagram and if you are unlinking these two for ideological or security reasons, you are wasting your precious time as Instagram stores all of our personal data on Facebook’s servers since 2014.

disconnect Instagram from Facebook

Yet, if you are tired of Instagram suggesting your Facebook friends and maybe for some reason you just do not want to see them as on Facebook we usually have our parents, colleagues and distant family members as friends, unlinking these platforms should help you the most. So, let’s disconnect Instagram from Facebook. (Facebook Support)

How to Unlink Instagram and Facebook

  1. Open Instagram app on your iOS or Android devices to proceed.
  2. Go to your profile and tap the three parallel lined icon, at the top right.
  3. Tap Settings with the gear icon at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Scroll your way down to Privacy and Security, tap on Linked Accounts.
  5. If your Facebook account is linked to your Instagram, the icon beside the Facebook should be blue.
  6. Tap the linked account and then you can unlink your account. Don’t forget to confirm your action.
  7. You successfully did disconnect Instagram from Facebook.

disconnect Instagram from Facebook

Yet, all of those steps may not be enough to satisfy or ensure you as Instagram still will be visible in your Facebook Apps just like another third-party app. If you want to get rid of this link completely, follow the steps below.

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  1. Using a web browser, open Facebook.
  2. Go to Settings and Apps, from there you should see and select Instagram.
  3. Click on the Remove App button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. If you want to delete all your Instagram posts that also is on Facebook, you should check Delete all your Instagram activities.
  5. Confirm your decision and click Remove.

After those steps, you will know why your Instagram not posting to Facebook. You did it.

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  1. This does not work. I have an iphone 7. I can log in on my phone and it will show facebook linked (although it looks different that what you have in the screenshot above). If I click unlink, it says it does it. If I log in to both IG and FB on my phone it is showing once again that they are linked. It won’t go away. I have 2 separate email addresses on each and I took out my phone number. WHY WON’T IT GO AWAY!?? I don’t want it to give me the option to log onto my IG using facebook.

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