How to Unfollow Tags on Tumblr (Guide)

How to Unfollow Tags on Tumblr (Guide)

Tags on Tumblr represent a useful feature that allows quick access to several posts with related topics. On the other hand, your post may be found by Tumblr users due to Tags. However, sometimes you might find yourself no longer interested in some tags that become useless for you, so you want to unfollow tags on Tumblr.

Here’s how you can unfollow the tags you track on Tumblr

What Are Tracked Tags

What Are Tracked Tags

Tracked tags are used to stay up to date with any content related to your business on Tumblr that you don’t desire to miss without taping each time a list of search keywords.

How To Unfollow Tags On Tumblr

How To Unfollow Tags On Tumblr?

To Unfollow tracked tags on Tumblr, we recommend for you to apply the following instructions:

  • First, go to the Tumblr dashboard.
  • Then, click inside the Search Tumblr box to get your tracked tags.
  • After that, select the tag you want to Unfollow and click ”Untrack this tag.”

And now, this removed tag will no longer appear among the tracked tag’s list.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tumblr Tags

What is the benefit behind Unfollowing tags on Tumblr?

Since you are no longer interested in some tracked tags on Tumblr; so it is useful to unfollow them, and it will lead to less crowd on your dashboard.

How do tracked tags on Tumblr work?

Go to the Tumblr dashboard, and inside the search box, enter a search term according to your objective, then click on the ”track” button that appears.

Where can I find the tracked tags on Tumblr?

Once you track a tag, it will appear in the drop-down list while clicking inside the search box.

How can I mass unfollow tags on Tumblr? 

Just follow the previous steps stated above on how to unfollow tags on Tumblr; while selecting the tag that you want to unfollow, you are allowed to multiple selections so you can select all the tracked tags that you want to remove.

What if I would like to unfollow some tags on Tumblr and start following other tags?

You can do this by visiting the Tumblr Explore page that suggests tags related to your research content by tapping the ”Explore more tags” link after clicking inside the search box.

To Conclude Unfollowing Tags on Tumblr

Hope this article about unfollowing tags on Tumblr will help you with Tumblr experience in the future. If you have any other questions or article requests about Tumblr or other websites, please leave a comment about them. Thanks for reading our article. If you liked this article, you might also like how to unfollow on Tumblr.

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