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How to Unblock Someone on TikTok

How to Unblock Someone on TikTok

People around the world have social media accounts mostly. And one of them is TikTok. You can see the interactions of the people you follow. Also, you can see videos and short reels that people share. You can view random user posts according to your preferences in the “Explore” section. Also, the videos of the users you follow will also appear on your home page. Let’s ask the question first. Can you block someone on TikTok? Well, of course! As with most social media platforms, blocking or reporting users on TikTok is possible. As for our question, how do you block someone on TikTok, and how to unblock on TikTok? You might want to block people you follow or do not follow. This guide will teach you more about user blocking, unblocking, and TikTok user search. So, let’s get started! How do you unblock on TikTok?

How to Block Someone on TikTok

To unblock someone on TikTok, you first need to block that person. And the answer is hidden in that question: How to unblock people on TikTok? For this, let’s first show how to block on TikTok. For this, we will need to follow a few simple steps. You can block user accounts just because you want to or for specific reasons. Also, to gain new followers, you can buy TikTok followers.

block someone on TikTok
  • Go to the user’s account whom you want to block.
  • Click the 3-dot icon on the screen for the desktop app or in the top right of the mobile app.
  • Click the block button on the screen. Then you will see a warning paragraph.
  • Tap the “Block” button, and That’s it!

Now, you know how to block someone on TikTok! Let’s get started on how to unblock on TikTok.

How to Unblock on TikTok

Let’s regain control of your TikTok experience! How to unblock on TikTok? Unblocking users on TikTok is a simple process. It allows you to restore connections and engage with content from previously blocked individuals. Are you logged in to your account? Do you? Good!

how to unblock on TikTok
  • Then go to settings. For this, tap the “Profile” icon in the screen’s bottom-right corner. And on a desktop computer, click on your profile photo at the top left.
  • Then click on settings. You are now in the settings section. From here, go to the privacy button. A lock icon symbolizes the privacy option.
  • You will see the “Blocked Accounts” button under this option. All accounts you have blocked on TikTok are stored here.
  • You can click the button and dive in. There is an “Unblock” option.
  • You can click and unblock the account. You can now see the video, live and real, that the user has shared.

It is the answer you want for how to unblock on TikTok. You need to check the next title to learn more about TikTok, unblock, and its privacy policy. You might also be interested in how to unfollow someone on TikTok.

Conditions You Can Block or Unblock Someone on TikTok

TikTok blocking is a feature that gives users control over their online social life. The decision to block someone is usually voluntary. Several common cases might warrant blocking on TikTok. These are not mandatory. But if you are exposed to one of them, you should block these kinds of accounts.

reasons to block someone
  • Harassment and Bullying: If you are constantly being harassed, bullied or if they send abusive messages or comments, it may be necessary to block them.
  • Aggressive Content: TikTok has several community policies. If anyone repeatedly posts offensive or indecent videos or content violating these policies, blocking them may be the right choice for you.
  • Privacy Issues: If someone violates your privacy by repeatedly asking for your personal information, you can block that person. It helps protect your privacy.
  • Feeling Uncomfortable: If someone is excessively following, liking, or commenting on your content, and it makes you uncomfortable, you can easily block them.

Report vs. Block: What Is the Difference?

Blocking someone on TikTok is a personal decision. Blocking an account on Tiktok is an effective measure to protect yourself and promote a positive TikTok community. Likewise, unblocking an account is up to your preference. While blocking is effective in some cases, reporting someone is a different process. If you do not want to block but only report, you can reread the “How to unblock on TikTok” title.

Reporting someone is sending a message to TikTok moderators to warn them about content or behavior that violates the reported account’s community guidelines. You can send it to TikTok’s security team for review by reporting a user or specific content! Reporting can lead to the TikTok user receiving warnings, content being removed, and even the user’s account being deleted if necessary.

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Blocking is a personal action that affects your accounts only. When you block someone, you restrict the account’s access to your profile. You can also check the TikTok Support page to learn more about blocking on TikTok.


Now, you learned the question of how to unblock on Tiktok—well done! We explained the process of how to unblock on TikTok. And we also provided step-by-step instructions on blocking and unblocking users. We emphasized the importance of maintaining control over one’s social media experience. We also discussed the circumstances that may warrant blocking someone, such as harassment, offensive content, privacy concerns, and feelings of discomfort. If you still have questions, we encourage you to reread the text from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

They regain access to view your profile, videos, and comments. Their activities, such as likes, comments, and follows, will appear in your notifications.

Of course, you may follow the steps explained in “How to unblock on TikTok.”

No, the blocked or unblocked user will not receive any notification on TikTok.

No, you cannot search directly on TikTok for unblocking. For this, you can read the paragraph “How to Unblock on TikTok.” You can only access blocked contacts from the settings.

There are no restrictions for that. But blocking and unblocking users repeatedly can create some confusion. If you forgot how to block or unblock someone, you can revisit the “How to Unblock on TikTok” title!

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