How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

Social media can sometimes be dangerous. Unfortunately, you may encounter malicious people, harassers, and people with the capacity to harm you. If you don’t want to experience them, you can block them on Facebook and have them access to your account. This feature is available on many social media sites. And it is a very effective method in terms of user privacy and security. After you have blocked it, you can unblock someone on Facebook. To make this is very simple.

Unblock on Facebook

If you want to unblock a contact, you can unblock and add it back to your friend list. Once you unblock, he/she will access your profile again. You can unblock someone by following these steps:

  • Open your Facebook profile and login in
  • Go to Settings & Privacy
  • Settings
  • Privacy -> Blocked
  • In this section, you can see everyone you have blocked. You can select and unblock from the list
  • Or you can select new contacts to block them.
  • This process is very sensitive. Please unblock only those you are sure of them.

Unblocking on Mobile

One of Facebook’s easiest features for users is that the settings are almost the same in both the web page and the mobile app. The unblock process on the web page, and the mobile application’s unblocking process is performed with the same steps. You can use the method we wrote above in both mobile and website. To unblock someone on Facebook is the same in Android and IOS operating systems. Another method is to enter the person you blocked, enter the 3-point settings in the upper right corner and unblock. The Facebook settings option is quite advanced.

Unblock Facebook

Block Someone on Facebook

First, let’s explain how you can block someone on Facebook. Then we’ll tell you how to unblock someone:

  • Go to the profile page that you want to block
  • At the top right side of your profile page, you will see 3 points. Tap on it
  • And choose the “block user “option.
  • And done!

This person can no longer see your activity, cannot send messages and comments to the content you share. He won’t even find you in the search results. Until you unblock, it goes on like this. You permanently closed access to your profile page. He/she won’t bother you anymore.

Unblock Facebook

Why and When I Should Block?

This entirely depends on your preference. It is annoying to get messages from unwanted people, to write bad comments to the content you share, and to be constantly harassed. The most effective solution for this is to block that person. There’s no need to argue with him. You can solve the problem by clicking one button. Block & rest! You can do this in the same way as a web or mobile application. For unblock, you can use the simple method that we described below. There are no restrictions on this subject. You can block or unblock any contacts you want.

FAQs About Unblocking Someone on Facebook

When can I block someone again after I’ve unblocked them?

When you unblock a person you’ve previously blocked, you have to wait for 48 hours in order to block them again.

Does someone get notified when I unblock them?

The person you unblock does not get any notification regarding you’ve unblocked them; however, since you need to wait for 48 before blocking them again, they might see your activity or profile as a suggestion.

Why can’t I add someone on Facebook after unblocking them?

When you unblock someone on Facebook, if they’ve been a friend of you beforehand, you don’t automatically add them as a friend. You have to manually add them a friend, and if they’ve disabled the option to allow others to add them as a friend, you may not be able to do so.

To Conclude Unblocking Someone on Facebook

We have shown you the most methods for unblocking someone on Facebook. Let these tips guide you. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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