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How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

Social media can sometimes be dangerous. Unfortunately, you may encounter malicious people, harassers, and people with the capacity to harm you. If you don’t want to experience them, you can block them on Facebook and have them access your account. This feature is available on many social media sites. And it is a very effective method in terms of user privacy and security.

In the 21st century, removing someone from your life means basically blocking them on social media platforms, mostly on Facebook. When you block them, life goes on, you cleanse yourself, and so on. However, what happens when you block someone by accident? Or what happens when you change your mind? In this article, we will talk about how to unblock someone on Facebook, how to unblock someone on Facebook on iPhone or Messenger, and how to unblock someone on Facebook if you have a business page.  

What Happens When Blocking Someone on Facebook?

Blocking someone on Facebook is entirely up to you. Maybe they have behaviors that bother you, you don’t want to see their posts, or you don’t want them to see your post. You can choose to block someone for whatever reason. But you may be wondering what happens after you block it.
After you block someone, there are some things that they cannot do with your account:

  • See the things you post on your profile.
  • Tag you in posts, comments, or photos.
  • Invite you to events or groups.
  • Start a conversation with you.
  • Add you as a friend.

And if you want to unblock after blocking that person, you have to add them as a friend again if you wish. And you can learn how to lock Facebook profile to protect it after.

Unblock Someone on Facebook

By blocking friends on Facebook, you effectively restrict their access to your posts on your timeline, prevent them from tagging you in photos, inviting you to events, or re-adding you as a friend. 

Importantly, the blocked individuals will not receive any notifications regarding their blocked status. When faced with overwhelming friends, blocking provides an immediate solution to these situations.  

However, these are decisions that we do impulsively and, as a result, we regret. Thank God, there is a reverse button for blocking. When you unblock someone on Facebook, that profile re-gains the ability to view your publicly shared posts. However, unblocking a profile does not necessarily mean that your friendship is keep going on. If you wish to form a friendship with a profile that you have unblocked, you need to send a friend request to that profile on Facebook. 

Now, you can learn how to unblock someone on Facebook with our instructions mentioned below, depending on your device. 

Note: If you unblock a profile, you cannot re-block that profile for a few days. 

Unblocking on Web And Facebook App

This process is the same for both the web Facebook and the Facebook app you use on your computer. You can simply follow the steps below and unblock someone easily.

Here are the steps:

step facebook app
  • First, click on your profile picture icon at the top right of the Facebook page.
  • Then you will see the ‘Settings&privacy’ button; click it.
  • After that, click Settings.
app step
  • On this page, you will see a ‘Blocking’ option. Click it to see the ‘Manage Blocking’ page. Tap Edit to see your blocked list.
facebook app
  • Clicking on your ‘See your blocked list’ will show you the people you blocked.
  • Click ‘Unblock’, and you will see a confirmation page. After tapping ‘Confirm’, you will unblock the person you want.

Unblocking on Mobile

One of Facebook’s easiest features for users is that the settings are almost the same on both the web page and the mobile app. The unblocking process on the web page and the mobile application’s unblocking process is performed almost with the same steps. To unblock someone on Facebook is the same in Android and IOS operating systems. Let’s start with the following:

mobile Facebook
  • First, click on the ‘Menu’ option. Then click on the ‘Settings&privacy’ option.
mobile step
  • Click ‘Settings’ to see the ‘Audience and visibility’ page. You will see the ‘Blocking’ option here.
  • After clicking on ‘Blocking’, you will see the ‘Blocked People’ page. You can see who you blocked here.
  • Click ‘Unblock’, and after that confirmation page will appear. Again, click ‘Unblock’, and it is done.

You have learned to unblock someone on Facebook successfully. You can also check the Facebook Support page to learn more detail.

Messenger by Facebook 

Facebook Messenger is a mobile messaging application used for immediate communication, exchanging pictures, videos, and audio recordings, and engaging in group conversations. This application, which is free to download, enables communication with both Facebook friends and contacts saved on your phone. 

If you accidentally blocked someone on Messenger or simply change your mind and want to unblock someone, you might be thinking about how to unblock someone on Facebook Messenger. The steps are the same whether the Messenger app is on your iPhone or on your Android device. Here are 6 important steps for you to learn how to unblock someone on Facebook Messenger

  1. Open the Messenger app. 
  2. Tap on three lines icon, then tap on the gear icon. 
  3. Tap Privacy & Safety
  4. Tap Blocked Accounts
  5. Tap the name of the person you want to unblock. 
  6. Tap Unblock Messages and Calls, then tap Unblock
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However, there are some essential things to remember before unblocking someone on Messenger.  

  • If you unblock someone on Messenger, you should keep in mind that you are unblocking them on Facebook as well. 
  • When you unblock them on Messenger, you won’t be still friends with them. You need to send a friend request.  
  • Lastly, you won’t be able to block them again for 48 hours.  

How to Unblock Someone from Your Facebook Business Page 

Some users might be spam or make inappropriate comments on your posts, which are visible to all of your potential customers. We are probably all familiar with banning these users from your Facebook Page. However, you can also block or unblock someone from the same page as well. If you want to unblock someone from your Facebook Page, there are some different steps you need to implement when you are on your Desktop or when you are on your Mobile.  

Unblocking a profile, app, or Page on Desktop 

In order to unblock a profile, app, or Page from your Page: 

unblocking facebook page
  1. Log into Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right. 
  2. Click See All Profiles, then select the Page you want to switch to. 
  3. Click your Page photo at the top right of Facebook, click Settings & Privacy, then click Settings
  4. In the left menu, click Privacy, then click Blocking
  5. Click Unblock next to the profiles, apps, or Pages that you want to unblock. 

Unblocking a profile, app or Page on Mobile 

The steps below are the same whether you are an iPhone or Android user or not. Here are the instructions:  

  1. At the bottom of Facebook, tap three lines or your profile picture. 
  2. Then select the Page you want to switch to. 
  3. Tap three lines or your profile photo again, then tap Settings & Privacy
  4. Tap Settings, then tap Page Settings
  5. Tap Blocking
  6. Next to the profile that you want to unblock, tap Unblock. 

Why and When Should I Block?

This entirely depends on your preference. It is annoying to get messages from unwanted people, bad comments about the content you share, and to be constantly harassed. The most effective solution for this is to block that person. There’s no need to argue with him. You can solve the problem by clicking one button. Block & rest! You can do this similarly to a web or mobile application. For unblocking, you can use the simple method that we described below. There are no restrictions on this subject. You can block or unblock any contacts you want. If you have to block too many people, you can buy Facebook followers to make up for it.


We have shown you methods for unblocking someone on Facebook. You can easily unblock someone by following these steps we shared. Blocking and unblocking people on social media is such a normal thing to do. So without worrying too much, go with your instincts. It’s your account; you can do whatever you want with it. It is also important to note that when you unblock someone, you still have to send a new friend request and also need to wait at least 48 hours before blocking them again. Keeping them in mind, not it is easier to unblock someone on Facebook than it was before!  

Frequently Asked Questions About

When you unblock a person you’ve previously blocked, you have to wait for 48 hours in order to block them again.

The person you unblock does not get any notification that you’ve unblocked them; however, since you need to wait for 48 before blocking them again, they might see your activity or profile as a suggestion.

When you unblock someone on Facebook, if they’ve been a friend of you beforehand, you don’t automatically add them as a friend. You have to add them as a friend manually, and if they’ve disabled the option to allow others to add them as a friend, you may not be able to do so.

There are no known limitations to unblocking someone over again. You can do this anytime, but since you have to block them first, you will see rules about the blocking process.

If your account is private, they can not see it, but if you have a public account, they can see your profile. You can always lock your account for privacy.

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