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How to Unban Someone on Discord

 You can find the user you want to block in the Direct Messages section if you are chatting with them. And you can also find it from the member list of a common server. So, what should we do when we want to unban someone on Discord?

You can block a person using the Discord app. You can easily block it to restrict someone from texting you or prevent them from contacting you. Once blocked, they cannot send any messages in your private chat.

Unban Someone on Discord

 Unban Someone on Discord

 If you blocked someone a while ago, you could unblock them to give them a second chance. To do this, you need to follow the steps you took before blocking them. The only difference is that instead of the block option, this time, you see the “Unblock” option. This is how you unban someone on Discord. After removing the ban, the user can return to your server.

What Happens If You Are Banned From the Discord Server

What Happens If You Are Banned From the Discord Server?

 When you are banned from an incompatibility server, you can no longer share messages on the server’s channels, view text messages, send/receive voice chat, and view other users within the server. Even if you use another account from the same IP address, you cannot access the server because Discord prohibits not only your account but also your IP address. This IP ban also applies when you are banned by Discord, and you cannot connect to any server on the platform.

Bypassing the Discord Ban

 If Discord does not offer you a solution that will remove the ban, you can bypass the ban using one of the two methods below. Note that both of these methods can be used to circumvent the IP ban, and either way, you need to create a new account. When you are banned from a specific server in Discord, Discord uses your IP address to prevent you from accessing the service again. Even if you decide to create a new account, you can’t do this using the same IP address, and to overcome this, you can use a different data service to access Discord.

If you use WiFi on your mobile device to use Discord, it can switch to mobile data. After changing your Internet resource, you can continue to create a new Discord account, log in using mobile data, and then log out. After successfully creating an account, you can now migrate your default data source back to WiFi and sign in to Discord, which should work to bypass the IP ban.

Unbanning in Short

You have learned about how to unban someone on Discord in this article. There are differences between being blocked by the user and being blocked by the server. I hope it has been an informative article; we hope it will be useful to you. Feel like you have learned about the right topic but for a different social media platform? If you are interested you can read our article on how to unban someone on Twitch.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, as long as you are the server administrator of a particular server, you can ban anyone after banning them from your Discord server.

No, they are not. There has not been a reported case of regular Discord ban. It is valid until the ban is lifted. We can’t be certain if the upcoming updates will change this situation or not.

No, they can’t see. It has been assured that countless times that Discord admins can’t and should see IP for several reasons.

If you’re invited when you’re kicked out, you can come back, but not when you’re banned. This is has openly mentioned by the Discord guidelines.

It lasts at least a month. Again this period of time can be regulated and altered with the next update. But right now, all we know that it lasts no shorter than a month.

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  1. Lora T.
    Lora T.

    Need to unban someone on Discord, namely my close friend Derek. It was only an accident but he was upset. Thank God for this review