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How to Turn on Instagram Notifications (2024)

Circulation on Instagram is very fast. Millions of messages are posted, content is shared, or interacts per second. You don’t want to miss all these activities, do you?

Then you have only one thing to do: turn on Instagram notifications!

If you don’t know how to do it, we’ll tell you how to do it in a few simple steps.

You can do this easily for both Android and iOS. Thus, you can follow all the updates from your friends.

How to Turn on Notifications for Android and iOS

Let us inform you about how to turn on Instagram notifications on your mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems:


  1. Open the Instagram app and log in to your account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap on Notifications.
  4. If the “Pause All” function is on, you will not get any notification. Tap on it to open notifications.
  5. Choose notifications types that you want to receive (DM, Posts, Stories, Comments, Likes, etc.)
  6. But first, check the general settings of your device. Make sure you allow the Instagram app in the notifications section.
How to Turn on Instagram Notifications


  1. Go to device Settings.
  2. Tap to Notifications.
  3. Find the Instagram app.
  4. And tap on “Allow notifications.”
  5. Choose the notification type.
  6. You can do it also at Instagram app settings.
How to Turn on Instagram Notifications

Why Should I Turn on My Notifications?

When you receive a new message on Instagram or when one of your friends shares a new picture or video, you must turn on notifications (aka alerts) to be notified immediately with a badge.

So you get to know your friends’ social lives and use Instagram more effectively.

If you don’t do that, using Instagram may sound a bit boring. You should participate in social life, improve your interaction by writing comments on shared content.

It will be more fun to use Instagram if you get more followers. The fact that notifications are turned on makes the Instagram app more fun.

Why Instagram Notifications May Not Work?

Have you tried the above methods, and it didn’t work? Don’t panic.

Let’s take a look at the possible problems.

Especially in the Android operating system, you will sometimes not see notifications on your mobile phone’s main screen. This is the classic features of Android.

You may experience this problem not only on Instagram but also on other applications. iOS is less likely to experience problems like this. iOS is better at this and instantly transmits notifications (unless you block it).

Main Reasons for Notification Problems

You wanted to turn on Instagram notifications, but it is not working. Here are some solution methods to fix it:

  • In the settings of the Instagram application, it may not be enough to allow notifications. Also, check the notifications in the general settings of your device. Make sure the Instagram application is in the list of permitted applications.
  • Restart your Instagram app.
  • Update your app. Maybe you are still using an old version.
  • Check your OS version. You have to use the updated version. If not, please update it.
  • If these suggestions do not work, report a problem to Instagram customer service and request support.

Configuring Your Instagram App Settings

Under Push Notifications, you will find a few options which you can use to customize the push notifications. By default, push notifications are already on for all the activities.

The options are pretty much self-explanatory, and you should not have any problems while figuring them out.

  • For example, if you would like to turn off push notifications for Likes, comments, or comment likes on your photos or videos, then Select Off under said tab.
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You will also find an option to disable push notifications for Live Videos on the same screen.

You can also stop receiving First Post and Story Notifications under the First Posts and Stories section.

Similarly, you can go ahead and change other push notification settings if desired.

  • You can anytime enable the notifications by following the same procedure but select From Everyone or From People I Follow instead of Off.

From Your Phone (iOS 12)

To turn on Notifications for Instagram as a whole, go ahead and follow these steps.

  • First, open Settings on your phone.
  • Then tap “Notifications.”
  • Next, you will want to select “Instagram.”
  • Toggle “Allow notifications” on
  • Choose if you want Notifications to show on your lock screen, notification center, and banners.
  • You can also adjust if you want to see previews all the time when the phone is unlocked, or never.

On Android:

  • First, open Android settings.
  • Then, go-to apps.
  • Find Instagram and tap it.
  • Then, click notifications to open up notification settings.
  • Finally, Toggle the Notification On. It should be blue.

Note: If you want to receive notifications from Instagram even in the “Do Not Disturb” mode, toggle the grey “Treat as priority” switch.

How to Turn on/off Push Notifications for Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the profile icon at the bottom right corner.
  2. Your profile will show up. Tap on the Hamburger Menu icon at the top right and select Settings from the menu.
  3. Now, scroll down until you see Push Notification Settings or just Notifications. Tap that.

To Conclude

After reading this article, you should have learned how to turn on Notifications for Instagram.

If you still can’t receive a direct message, our team will be glad to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can solve this by going to Settings, Notifications to check that the app lets notifications appear.

They are the alerts that appear when someone likes or comments on your posts, mentions you in a comment, or starts to or requests to follow you.

Click on settings, scroll downwards until you find notifications. Under the notifications, select Push Notifications.

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