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How to Turn Off Suggested Posts on Instagram

The Instagram platform is a popular application for users to follow the agenda and their loved ones. Various posts in the “Discover” section of this platform attract everyone’s attention. There are also posts on the main page that appear on the Instagram feed. Some of these posts may be of interest to you, but you may not want to see some of them. So how about learning what you need to do to remove suggested posts? You can prevent the suggested posts from appearing practically. Therefore, be ready to take a look at the details in the article prepared for you. We will show you how to turn off a suggested post on Instagram.

What Are Suggested Posts On Instagram?

Recommended on Instagram are for you to discover new things. Sometimes posts from accounts that are similar to the accounts you follow are available on your homepage. Thanks to these suggested posts, people can follow the accounts they like.

In addition to the posts from the accounts you follow, the posts suggested by Instagram may also appear according to the similar posts of the accounts you like. For example, if you follow the accounts of the posts you like in your discovery and like the posts, you will see similar posts. Buy Instagram likes to promote your posts, and you can also try our new buy Threads followers service to update your game there!

suggested posts on Instagram

How Will Suggested Posts Appear on Instagram?

There is a particular order of suggested posts on Instagram. Instagram works without your knowledge, depending on many factors. Among these factors, the most important one that stands out is your platform activity on Instagram. Whichever post you like or save on Instagram the most, Instagram will examine these interactions and reveal content similar to those posts. In particular, it will affect the recommended posts that will appear in your interactions with your followers’ posts. Instagram reviews your interactions with similar accounts and offers the best-recommended posts to match.

turn off suggested post on Instagram

Can You Completely Remove Suggested Posts From Your Instagram Account?

Suggested posts on Instagram sometimes you don’t like. For this reason, you may have searched for various methods to avoid posts that you do not like. But remember that it is impossible to disable suggested posts altogether. It is possible to hide suggested posts on Instagram. To hide these posts, it will be enough to select the “I’m not interested” option for those posts. In this way, Instagram will not include posts that you do not like in the main page flow.

Since suggested posts are not advertisements, you should keep in mind that these posts will appear depending on your interaction. Based on interactions, likes, and comments, Instagram will display suggested non-advertising posts on your homepage.

The purpose of the Instagram platform is to provide you with the posts you like, to spend more time in the application, and to be happy with the platform. For this reason, Instagram recommendations will usually continue to appear. Thanks to these posts, you will see that the time you spend on the Instagram platform will increase with more interaction.

not interested

How to Stop Suggested Posts on Instagram

If you want to stop suggested posts that you don’t want to see on Instagram, you are in the right place. You can put an end to this situation by ticking the “I’m not interested” option in the suggested posts on Instagram. Here are all the details for you step by step below:

  • You have to open the Instagram app. Then, when you log in to your Instagram account, it will be enough to enter the main page.
  • You will come across many Suggested Posts in the Instagram page feed. You can scroll through the mainstream of your page until suggested posts start popping up.
  • If there is a post you don’t like, you should click on the three dots icon in that post.
  • Then, when you click on the icon, it will be enough to click on the “I’m not interested” option that will appear.
  • In this way, you will prevent the suggested posts you do not want to see anymore from appearing in front of you.
  • If you wish, it is also possible to adjust the suggested posts. If you change your mind, click the “Undo” option to have the suggested posts appear before you.
snooze suggested posts on Instagram
  • For some regions, you may also see the option “Delay all suggested posts in the feed for 30 days”. If this option appears, you can also block suggested posts by selecting it.

By following these steps, you will be able to get rid of the suggested posts that you do not want to appear on Instagram. Also, another method you can choose on Instagram is to click the X option on the posts you don’t like to see. In this way, an information system will appear in front of you. Thanks to this information system, you can click on the “Suggest a post from account name” option of the person who is the owner of the suggested post. In this way, you can easily block the suggested posts and continue your Instagram use in a better way. You can also check our “Best Instagram Growth Service Providers” article to grow your Instagram. If you have more questions, you can try the Instagram Help page!


Discover and homepage flow is significant for users who spend a long time on the Instagram platform. For this reason, the posts you come across will also be important to you. Depending on your interactions, the suggested post you see on Instagram may be tempting, or you may not like them. Therefore, if you want to block the suggested posts in your home page flow, you have examined what you need to do in the article. So, get rid of the suggested posts you don’t like on Instagram and get ready to encounter only the suggested posts you like.

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you encounter a post on Instagram that you don’t like, you can prevent this post from appearing. Click the “I’m not interested” option from the three dots icon in the post.

Suggested posts on Instagram are not ads. These posts are posts that you may like based on your interactions.

Suggested posts on Instagram will appear based on the posts you like, comment on, and follow.

Depending on the Instagram algorithm, it presents the suggested post in a particular order. Your interactions are important factors and help provide the most appropriate posts for you.

The Instagram platform does not allow you to block a suggested post completely. However, you can prevent similar posts from appearing by clicking the “I’m not interested” option.

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