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How to Turn Off Likes on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform with a heavy focus on visual content. The vast majority of content shared on Instagram is visual, mainly pictures or videos. There are a few ways for users to interact with your content, whether they like, comment, or share it with others. As Instagram has gained active users, its profitability for advertisements has dramatically increased. For some accounts, it is beneficial to turn off the function users have to like their content. In our article, we’ll show you how to turn off likes on Instagram.

Turn Off Likes on Instagram

If you’re sure about turning off likes on your Instagram, here is how;

  • Sign in to your account. Sign in to your account and head to your profile.
turn off likes
  • Select Settings. Navigate to the settings menu by clicking the three lines in the top right corner.
  • Go to Privacy. Select the privacy option under Notifications.
hide likes and view counts
  • Select Posts. Under the Interactions section, select Posts.
  • Hide like, and view counts. Toggle the option to hide likes and view count. You will no longer see the like count on posts while browsing Instagram.

The Order of Instagram Likes

The order that Instagram displays likes has a lot of valuable hidden data. When you click on the likes section of a post, a list appears with the people who liked the post. Instagram orders this list of users that liked the content based on other data points. You can see which users like your content the most frequently, as well as users who stalk your profile and have liked multiple posts. Instagram orders the list of likes via the accounts you have interacted with the most and accounts that you also follow.

Instagram Likes Algorithm

If you research online or spend time analyzing the likes on your own Instagram posts, you will quickly discover that the order of the likes is definitely not chronological. The most popular theory for the order of how Instagram arranges likes is an algorithm or some sort from Instagram. Also, many speculate that the order is related to which users you follow and have frequent interactions with, among other things. Because specific profiles are always at or near the top of the likes regardless of how long ago they liked the post. Some data that we could involve in ordering the list includes exchanged messages, users who stalk or frequently visit your page or profiles you often see yourself. Unfortunately, only Instagram knows precisely which data it uses to compile the list for the order likes are arranged, but it is clearly not chronological.

Reasons You Should Consider Turning Off Likes on Instagram

There are a few reasons people consider turning off or hiding the like function on Instagram. The main reason is to allow users to focus more on the content than how many likes posts have gotten. Another key reason to consider removing the likes function is simply to improve your mental health. Due to the rising awareness of how important mental health is, Instagram rolled out a feature allowing users to hide the like function. Many younger users can become so focused on online popularity and the like count. That even just scrolling Instagram and seeing other users’ success can become a trigger for anxiety.

As a content creator, turning off the like count has the added benefit of removing some of the self-doubt present when your post doesn’t garner as many likes as you’d thought it should. It is a very supportive feature to hide one of the metrics used to rank the success of posts in favor of the mental health and user experience of its user base.

How to Hide Likes on Your Instagram Posts

In addition to removing the like count for yourself on your Instagram feed using the steps mentioned previously, you can also hide the like count on your posts from being viewed by other users beforehand. If you would like to hide the like count on your posts, follow these steps:

hide likes for post
  • Create a new post.
  • Navigate to the advanced settings menu.
  • Scroll to and then select the ‘Hide number of likes and views for this post’ option.

Users will no longer be able to view the like or view count on that post. You can also turn off comments on Instagram by clicking the option below.

Moreover, you can retroactively hide the like and view count by selecting the post you would like to remove and then opening the advanced settings menu and changing the same option as above.

The New Like Feature and Influencer Marketing

There is a lot of negative feedback from both businesses and content creators about the potential removal of the Like feature on Instagram. The idea of Instagram getting rid of likes fills many influencers with a sense of dread. The information gathered from likes is essential and also an easily visible indicator of a sponsored post’s success. Since the choice of seeing the like count, for now, is a choice brands, businesses, and influencers can relax. There has also been a new feature added on the professional dashboard to check the performance of influencer campaigns, even without the publicly visible like count. Fortunately for influencers, the changes facing the like feature look like they won’t affect influencers’ day-to-day profitability.

How to Hide Likes on Instagram After Posting

You can hide likes and views after you post on Instagram. Here’s how;

  • Go to the post and click on the three dots on the right.
  • Then select “hide like count”.
  • Your like count will be hidden.
hide like count

A Few Ideas to Get More Likes on Instagram

There are many ways to increase the number of likes you get from your Instagram posts. The most effective is to focus on releasing new and engaging content for your followers regularly and consistently. You can try to engage your followers with your Instagram posts by asking questions in the description box to encourage comments under the post. It’d help specifically if you reply to as many comments and questions as possible to grow your reputation. Here are some useful ways to gather more likes on Instagram:

  • Follow other creators in your niche, as their content may help inspire you with your own content.
  • Run contests. The contests you run should encourage your followers to like and share your content to enter the competition.
  • Use hashtags on Instagram to boost likes. You can use related and high-ranking hashtags on your posts. Hashtags are one of the ways users can find your content, so make it as easy as you can for them.
  • Participate in like-for-like events with other creators in your industry. Their followers will see they liked some of your content and have a look, and your followers will do likewise.
  • Buy likes. It’ll help tremendously in the way you grow your Instagram if you buy Instagram likes.
  • Learn to write more engaging captions to interact more with your followers.
  • Use memes and trends to your advantage. For example, a new viral meme may be related to your profile. Use the focus already there and direct it towards your profile.


In conclusion, it is straightforward to hide the likes on Instagram. There are a few main reasons for hiding the like count on either your own feed or your posts. Reasons range from promoting a more content-focused user experience to protecting the mental health of your followers. Also, with the more significant focus in society on mental health, taking steps to protect the users’ mental health should be seen as a very positive step. At the same time, Instagram released new features to protect its business and influencer support by providing different ways to track the success of posts. We have also included a few suggestions to help you increase your likes on Instagram or the hidden metric that Instagram now uses to calculate the success of posts. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article and taken away a few things to improve your Instagram experience. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, the order of your followers list is currently in chronological order. This is by design because it allows you to see who most recently followed you, and then you can follow them back or just view their content.

There are currently many debates for this online because it isn’t entirely clear if it can be used for this end goal or not. We can safely say that the like list is definitely not populated in chronological order. It is also heavily argued that the people that visit your profile the most are always high in the like list if not right at the top.

No, you cannot really change how the Instagram algorithm places users within the like lists. The only way to possibly affect it is to remove friends and accounts you don’t want to appear on the list, but there is little reason to do this.

At the moment, for 200 subscribers or less, they are always displayed alphabetically. However, after you gain more than 200 subscribers, the newest subscribers are always at the top of the list.

No, the order of pictures on the Instagram feed is always chronological. The order of your posts is also always shown in chronological order. The only way to change the order of your posts is to delete them and then re-upload them to get a picture back to the top of the list.

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