How to Turn Off Instagram Read Receipts

How to Turn Off Instagram Read Receipts

Sometimes we all need to pretend we haven’t seen certain messages. Messages that we do not want to answer and that we want to think about can be a problem. We are curious enough to read it, but we do not want to answer. For such situations, we want to turn off the read receipts on Instagram. This is not possible. Instagram does not allow for turning off read receipts directly. However, there is a way out. Let’s see how we turn off Instagram read receipts.

How to Apply This Cheat for Reading Receipts

First of all, this method is also used in Facebook Messenger. For this method, simply turn on airplane mode and read Instagram messages. Please make sure you are using the latest version. However, it does not work if you read and open it immediately. If you want to read like you haven’t seen it completely, please keep reading.

Steps to Turn Off Read Receipts

Steps to Turn Off Read Receipts:

  1. Open the Instagram App.
  2. Tap the Messenger symbol or Instagram Direct (DM icon). There are in the top right.
  3. Turn on Airplane Mode and turn off the Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Easily read your messages.
  5. Turn off the message inbox and return your profile page.
  6. Tap the menu icon (three vertical lines).
  7. Click Settings at the bottom.
  8. Tap Log Out and exit.
  9. Turn off Airplane mode.
  10. Log in again to your account.
Turning Off Read Receipts

FAQ About Turning Off Instagram Read Receipts

Can you read Instagram messages without being seen?

You can not. However, we have explained one way to this throughout our article.

What happens when someone turns off their read receipts?

The read receipts of the messages until they hang up go to the other party. However, after closing, read receipts are not accessible.

Why does the seen disappear on Instagram?

At first, the recipient saw the message. However, if he or she restricts you later, the seen status disappears.

Should I turn off read receipts?

It all depends on how much you want to be seen. So it’s up to you. We told you the method.

Do read receipts turn off on their own?

It is not possible to normally close the seen information, nor is it possible to close by itself.

Conclusion on Turning Off Read Receipt

As we said before, it is not possible to turn off official read receipts on Instagram. However, you can read your messages by closing the way we explained. You can also choose which messages to turn off read receipts with this method. Want to hear about another Instagram trick? Then check out how you can hide accidental likes on Instagram.

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