How to Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube

How to Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube

YouTube has a feature where it can play videos, one after the other. This is called the YouTube autoplay feature. YouTube creates the autoplay feature from videos that it thinks you might like according to its algorithm. It is possible to turn autoplay on or off optionally. You can easily stop YouTube autoplay with the autoplay settings you will perform on YouTube. 

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing sites in the world. YouTube is also known as one of the first noteworthy social media sites and the fast internet age. Of course, there are certain strategies behind the site’s growth. One of them is when you open a YouTube video, the platform keeps you on-site with different video suggestions. When you open a YouTube video today, it will most likely play the YouTube videos sequentially. So when you open a video in the background, it is difficult to predict where you will find yourself later. Although this feature of Google may be preferred sometimes, it is often among the features that users avoid. It is very common to consume mobile network data or switch to annoying videos. Fortunately, it is possible to disable this feature on both the computer and the YouTube app. Moreover, it is quite easy to do this.

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How to Turn off the YouTube Autoplay Feature on A Computer?

It is quite simple to turn off the autoplay feature on the computer. When you select a random video, not one of your playlists, you will see an autoplay button. This autoplay button is on the right side of the screen. If this button is blue, autoplay is on. So, when you click it, it closes. It turns on again when you press it again. It’s that simple.

Turning Off Autoplay in Mobile Devices

To turn off autoplay in the YouTube mobile app, you need to go a bit more complicated. This process begins when you press your profile picture, called an avatar. You will then go to the settings section. Disable the “Autoplay next video” option from the next menu. You will notice that YouTube does not automatically play recommended videos from now on. Later, if you want, you may follow the same path to turn on the feature that automatically plays videos.

With these actions, you may completely turn off autoplay videos. If you activate the wi-fi autoplay, your phone only will disable the autoplay feature when connected to a mobile network. To activate the wi-fi autoplay feature, choose the wi-fi only option from the settings menu.

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FAQ About Turning Off Autoplay on YouTube

How YouTube chooses autoplay videos?

When you watch a video, the algorithm of the YouTube app detects the content of that video. After you finish watching this video, it will add another video with similar content to the autoplay list. If you want to play this video immediately, click start to play. If you do not want the YouTube automatic video player to play this video, click cancel.

Can I view videos in the YouTube autoplay list?

The YouTube algorithm also references the currently playing videos for videos that will be played in the YouTube auto playback feature.

If I do not interfere, how long does YouTube keep playing videos on the autoplay list?

If you do not interfere at all, YouTube’s automatic video player continues to play videos for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the YouTube app will automatically stop playing the video.

Can I disable the autoplay feature on my mobile device only when connected to the mobile network?

You may set the autoplay option in the settings tab on the YouTube application as wi-fi only. Thus, the YouTube autoplay feature will be disabled while your phone is connected to the mobile network.

Do the autoplay settings I make on the YouTube application also apply to the YouTube web page?

It is valid only when you log in to the application and web page through the same account. The settings you have made on the YouTube platform are related to the user accounts.

YouTube Autoplay Feature in Short

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform. It is also the platform with the most video watch hours. YouTube has acquired this title thanks to some implementations it has brought to its site. One of these implementations is the autoplay feature that significantly increases the video viewing time on the site. However, this feature is sometimes not suitable for some users.

One of these situations is if your device connects to your mobile network. For such situations, you may want to turn off YouTube’s autoplay feature. You may also enable the YouTube autoplay option as active only when your device connects to a wi-fi network. But let us guess… Since you have come this far, maybe you are not a fan of listening to music on YouTube. If we were right on our assumption, then you can learn how to download music from YouTube so you can listen to it without opening up YouTube. All it takes is a few steps.

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