How to Timestamp on YouTube? (2022)

How to Timestamp on YouTube? (2022)

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing industry, and YouTube is a great platform for it. YouTube users watch many videos daily, and that’s why giving the right context with a certain timing is essential in video marketing. Giving time stamp on YouTube allows watchers to watch the period that they want. Right timing is critical in video marketing, and you need to learn how to timestamp on YouTube to make a good bond with your watchers.  

How to Add Timestamp on YouTube URL 

Here are the steps to add a timecode on YouTube URL which will function as a bookmark:

  • Firstly, open the browser and find the video that you want to add a timestamp. Locate the URL link of the video.  
  • Decide where you want to locate the time slap and obtain the URL link of the video. “t” in URL link denotes time in seconds.  
  • Write “t= “at the end of the URL link. Write the duration. 
  • If there is a question mark, use “&” mark like “&t =…..”. 
  • While adding timestamp, use the numbers without initial zero: use 3 instead of 03.  
  • Let’s assume you write the timestamp like &t =2m13s means the video is going to start from at 2:13. 
Add Timestamp on YouTube URL

How to Add Timestamp with Using YouTube Share Feature? 

You can also add timestamp with the help of the YouTube share feature. Here is how:

  • Open and load the video. Find the moment that you want to share or start the video. 
  • Go to share the link on YouTube and click on it. 
  • The timestamp is automatically generated with that feature.  
  • Copy and share the link. When you share the link, the video is going to start at the moment that you pointed. 
How to write Timestamp comments on YouTube

How to write Timestamp comments? 

When you comment on the specific moment of the video, you can add a timestamp to your comment by modifying the URL of the video. You can find the steps to do it below:

  • Log in to your YouTube account and find the video that you want to comment on. 
  • Find the moment that you want to timestamp. Embedded videos are also can be timestamped. 
  • Right-click on the video, there is an option “Copy URL at current time” 
  • Click on it and create the link. 
  • When you write your comment on the video, paste the link. The timestamp is going to be in the comment section automatically.

FAQ About How to Timestamp on YouTube

What is the YouTube share feature? 

YouTube share feature allows you to share the videos that you like. You can share all the videos or a moment with the YouTube share feature.

Can I comment on timestamp? 

If you want to comment on the specific moment on the video, you can just create a link with the share feature and then paste it on the comment.

How can I modify the URL link of a YouTube video for timestamp?

Go to the moment that you want to modify. Write “t=………..” with the time that you want to start the video. The URL link is modified.

Conclusion on How to Timestamp on YouTube

We have covered how to timestamp on YouTube. The timestamp is an essential thing in video marketing, and you can do it within just a few steps. You can modify the URL link of the video or use the YouTube Share feature. 

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