How to Tie A Bow Tie? (Step by Step Guide)

How to Tie A Bow Tie? (Step by Step Guide)

The bow tie is always classic, and many people think it is one of the most attractive accessories that men use. But many people first think about how to tie a bow tie when they think about those fancy accessories. Also, you may need to wear it on a special event. Even if you don’t know how to tie it, we will touch upon how to do it easily with simple instructions and manuals. It is a really simple thing to do if you follow some basic steps listed below. After you learn how to do so, it will be your favorite accessories for special events.

What Is a Bow Tie?

It is a fancy accessory that many men have been using it for a long time. It is the origin of the cravat with knots. It was created for men as neckwear easier than ordinary cravat (necktie) in the 19th century. Today, men prefer to use it in their daily life and on special occasions. In the past, it was more common in daily life. But today, many people prefer it only for a special occasion because it’s different, and that’s why they need to know how to tie it.

Steps to Tie A Bow Tie

The Steps to Tie A Bow Tie

Now, let’s have a glance at the steps to tie it. If you follow these steps carefully, you can be very successful.

  • Firstly, prepare and place the bow tie in a lying face-up position. Place it like the left side is longer, and the right side is shorter. Let’s say A to the left side and B to the right side.
  • Then, move to the left side across to the right side. (A to B)
  • After that, bring A and B parts up through them from the neck loop.
  • At the joint point, B moves to the right and shape a bow form.
  • Then, bring A straight down over to the middle of the bow form.
  • Fold the A part towards the chest.
  • Push the A part of it through the loop, which is behind the B part.
  • Then, tight the bow tie with A and B parts.
  • Adjust it until it reaches the form you wanted.

FAQs About Bowties

Is it possible to wash bow tie without changing its shape?

If it is firm enough, you can wash it in the washing machine without changing its shape. But to clean it better, you need to wash it in an open position. And tie it each time.

Is it hard to tie a bow tie?

It is really simple. Because many people don’t wear frequently, they think it is hard to do. But after practicing, it is so simple.

Why do people prefer to use a bow tie?

Because it is easy to use comparing ordinary necktie, also, it is more suitable to use on special occasions in today’s word.

Conclusion on Tying a Bowtie

We have covered how to tie a bow tie. It is one of the classical accessories that men love to wear. Many people think it is hard to do it; you can simply do it in just a few steps. With many practices, you can master your self in tying it.

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