How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook? 2020

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook? 2020

Are you looking for a notification or app to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook? Who wouldn’t want that? We are sure that most of you are curious about your social media relationship with your friends. Unfortunately, when someone blocks you on Facebook, you’re not aware of it. You will not receive any notification or warning about this. Even if someone deletes you from the friends list, you won’t notice it. This is the only and most effective method. It is to manually check. If you can’t find any information about him, know that he has blocked you.

Am I Blocked? How to Check?

There is no specific setting on Facebook to learn it. You can control it manually. For this we will give you a few simple methods. But remember that when checking the following; your friend may have deleted his account completely. So, you should do a general search. Blocking and deleting an account are different.

  • First, look at your list of friends. May be blocked if you don’t see it in the list
  • See past comments and likes
  • Search for your friend at Facebook search section

If all this didn’t work, he-she would have blocked you. But don’t worry. You can also block your friend 🙂

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What Happens After I Block Someone?

If you block someone on Facebook, it’s no longer possible to see your profile. He can’t see any activity about you and he won’t know about your shares. He cannot even list you on Facebook search. Briefly; you’re taking it out of your life completely. He cannot send messages to you on Facebook, cannot like and share the content you share. So, don’t block them, even if you mess with your very favorite friends. Because blocking is a very hard action. Block only harmful people and those who disturb you.

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Facebook Block Notification

You will not receive notification by Facebook when someone blocks you or you block someone. Facebook does not have such a feature. You can receive notifications of any activity from the notification settings. Your friends like content, shares, live broadcast etc. But unfortunately, you cannot receive notification about this. Already this feature does not exist on other social media sites. When you want to send a message to him / her on Facebook messenger, just send him the message “You cannot send a message to this person”.

3th Party Apps

There are many mobile applications that claim to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook. Don’t believe any of this. Because no application can do it. These applications are for advertising purposes only and are dangerous to your personal information security. It can also damage your mobile devices and computers. Do not use them. There is no such notification. You can learn the way we mentioned above. There is no other method. Do not install or use such applications that may damage you. We recommend that you stay away from the web services that claim this.

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