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How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook?

Are you looking for a notification or app to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook? Who wouldn’t want that? We are sure that most of you are curious about your social media relationship with your friends. Unfortunately, when someone blocks you on Facebook, you’re unaware of it. You will not receive any notification or warning about this. Even if someone deletes you from the friends list, you won’t notice it. This is the only and most effective method. It is to check manually. If you can’t find any information about him, know he has blocked you.

Am I Blocked? How to Check?

There is no specific setting on Facebook to learn it. You can control it manually. For this, we will give you a few simple methods. But remember that when checking the following, your friend may have deleted his account completely. So, you should do a general search. Blocking and deleting an account is different.

Look at Your List of Friends

If someone blocked you on Facebook, you could check your friends list. You cannot find the person when you type the name that you think blocked you in the all-friends section. You will see the “no friends to show” text instead of the friend profile.

facebook friends list

Look at the Past Comments and Likes

If you know that a person likes your posts or sends comments, you can check these posts when you suspect this person blocked you. If there is no name of this person or if the number of likes or comments decreased, this person probably blocked you or deleted her/his account. Don’t worry about the decrease in the number of likes. You can buy Facebook Likes to solve this problem.

Search on Facebook Search Bar

It is similar to searching on a friends list. You can also check whether someone is blocking you from the search bar. Just type a person’s name; if you can not see their profile, you can understand that you are blocked.

Check The Person’s Profile Page

You can kindly ask a friend to get the URL of the person’s profile that you suspect. When you try to open it, and if it will not open, it is a sign that you are blocked.

Try to Send Messages on Messenger

This is another indicator if you have already talked to this person using Facebook Messenger. But you must do this via the Facebook website because sometimes the app still shows blocked accounts. Go to the Messenger section and click See all in Messenger in the drop-down menu.

facebook messenger

That way, you can access the conversation you had with the contact. If you’ve been blocked, their profile picture may not load, replaced by a standard gray outline. When you want to send a message to them on Facebook Messenger, just send them the message, “You cannot send a message to this person.”

What Happens After I Block Someone?

When you block someone on Facebook, it’s no longer possible to see your profile. He can’t see any activity about you and won’t know about your shares. He cannot even list you on Facebook search. Briefly, you’re taking it out of your life completely. He cannot send messages to you on Facebook and cannot like and share its content. So, don’t block them, even if you mess with your favorite friends, because blocking is very hard. Block only harmful people and those who disturb you. If you are okay with all these situations, you can learn how to block someone on Facebook. When you block someone and regret it, you can unblock them. If there is a problem with blocking or unblocking, you can contact Facebook Support.

Does Facebook Send Block Notifications?

You will not receive a notification from Facebook when someone blocks you or you block someone. Facebook does not have such a feature. You can receive notifications of any activity from the notification settings—your friends like content, shares, live broadcast, etc. But unfortunately, you cannot receive a notification about this. Already this feature does not exist on other social media sites.

3rd Party Apps

Many mobile applications claim to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook. Don’t believe any of this because no application can do it. These applications are for advertising purposes only and are dangerous to your information security. It can also damage your mobile devices and computers. Do not use them. There is no such notification. You can learn the way we mentioned above. There is no other method. Do not install or use such applications that may damage you. We recommend that you stay away from the web services that claim this.

To Conclude, Getting Blocked on Facebook

We have shown you the most methods for finding out if you were blocked on Facebook. Let these tips guide you. Once you get the hang of it, it should be easy to determine what you need to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

The person who blocked you gets invisible to you when you get blocked on Facebook. You will not even be able to view their profile.

It depends on your actions. The block periods vary between 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, and a year, and eventually, you can lose your account.

The only efficient way to see that is to check your friend list. If the person you suspect did block you, they wouldn’t show up on your list.

Unfortunately, you can’t send messages to the person who blocked you. In addition, the profile picture will not load on Messenger.

Facebook doesn’t send notifications when you block somebody or somebody blocks you.

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    River Elliott

    I can’t tell if my friend blocked me on Facebook. Too bad that we are falling apart. Kudos to the writer.

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    Unblock my Facebook account