How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is among the most used job search websites of our time. Since May 2003, it has grown rapidly. Now, more than 700 million job seekers and employers use LinkedIn to find the job of their dreams or their future employees. LinkedIn shapes an environment where a demand (need for an employee for a long or short period) and a supply (job seekers) meet. Sometimes, a single tag can help to establish this connection. Do you know how to tag someone on LinkedIn?

What separates LinkedIn from other websites is its elegant atmosphere, simple usage and, easy access. LinkedIn supports 25 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

In LinkedIn, you can find job offers and see job seekers’ and employers’ profiles. These are the principal usages of LinkedIn. But, you may also create posts and comment on other people’s posts. People use this feature to inform other users about last news in business life, new developments, and, sometimes, their accomplishments. 

Users make use of “tags” to mention, acknowledge, or reference their colleagues or friends. Mentioning someone in posts enables them to become more visible and encourage the tagged users to interact with you and give you feedback in the comment section or via messaging. Tags can also be used in the comment section.

Users may tag their connections or other members of LinkedIn in their posts or comments. The member who is tagged receives email and app notifications about posts or comments. These posts and comments also appear in the profile of the tagged person. Viewers may see the profile of the mentioned connection or other members by clicking their name.

If you are a LinkedIn user, you have probably heard of this feature. Tags appear with a “@” symbol before them. But, probably, you haven’t used them in your posts or comments. If that’s the case, you are in the right place. In the following paragraphs, you will find out how to use tags, their benefits, and misuses. Let’s get it started!

How to Use Them to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

How to Use Them to Tag Someone on LinkedIn?

Here’s a brief guide about using tags in LinkedIn

  1. Go to your LinkedIn home page.
  2. Click “start a post” to create your post, or click “comment” below someone else’s post to comment on their posts.
  3. Type the “@” symbol and start writing the name of a person you would like to mention. After that, a list of potential users you may mention will appear.
  4. Click the name of the user you would like to mention in your post or comment and keep on writing.

Why Using Tags?

Below you can find some pros about using tags.

Tags Increase Your Visibility

With tags, you drag people’s attention to your posts. Your friends comment, like, and share your posts. The members who are not in your connections may see your profile, get interested in you and add you to their connections list. Tags boost your post’s engagement level. More and more people see your posts on their LinkedIn feed for longer durations. You get a chance to promote yourself and get more eyes on your profile.

Tags Start Conversations

Recruiters say that they are more likely to respond to candidates who tagged them in their posts or comments than candidates who don’t use this feature to connect with them. Tags allow you to start a conversation with your friends. If you use tags, they respond to you more quickly. So, message recruiters on LinkedIn and use tags. It can improve your chance to get hired if that’s what you want.

Also, tags give you a chance to communicate with experts in your work field. You may ask them questions about the last news and upcoming developments in your field. You get to know their insights. This would be a huge chance for you.

Tags Inform Users

When you see a post which you think your colleagues would like, what should you do? Of course, you should tag them! The post you have written or seen would be relevant to their interests. Tagging is a great way to notify them if that’s the case.

How to Avoid Misuses When You Tag Someone on LinkedIn

How to Avoid Misuses When You Tag Someone on LinkedIn?

Here are some key points to avoid misusing tags:

Don’t Use Tags In Irrelevant Posts

If you invite a friend of yours who hates watching basketball games to watch the NBA finals at your home, how would she/he answer to you? A kind “no” probably. The same logic applies to LinkedIn tags. If you tag people in posts or comments irrelevant to their interests, you will annoy them rather than dragging their attention.

Avoid Longs Lists Of Tags

Tagging more than 5 to 10 people in your posts or comments would also be quite annoying for mentioned people and readers. In this case, you choose a list of people who would be interested in the post. You make this so visible, and people easily understand your attitude and aim. Even if you have this goal (which is a normal thing), you should act like this is not your intention and respect other people’s borders.

Don’t Tag Alone

People look at your comments to read something. If you just tag one user to drag hers/his attention without writing anything, this would be inappropriate. A tagged person would not show any interest. Because you haven’t tried to start a conversation and just tagged her/his name! It’s like seeing someone you know in the street, just shouting her/his name and then running away.

Don’t Spam Tags

Well, I think we all know why we should never spam any content on any online platform. The spams make relevant and important contents less visible. This is why every internet user hates them. Even if you try to sell something or promote your profile, you should never spam your posts, tags, or anything else. This never attracts people’s attention. And, on the contrary, you lose people’s interest in you or your product.

FAQs About How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

Can I mention someone who is not on my connections list?

Of course, you need to find the name of the person who you would like to mention in the list appears while tagging.

Are mentions available on the LinkedIn publishing platform?

No, they are not available.

Can I add a tag after uploading my post or comment?

Yes, you can edit your post or comment and add a tag whenever you want.

What should you do if you don’t want to receive a notification when tagged in a post?

You can turn off notifications about the mentions in the settings sections.

Can I remove a mention of myself?

Yes, you have to click the “more” button in the top right corner of your name and then “remove mention.”

To Conclude How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

Tags are great ways to improve the visibility of the posts and comments on LinkedIn. But, one must use them carefully to achieve the intended goals and avoid misuses. I wish this article to be helpful for you while you use tags. Have a good day, and stay “LinkedIn.”

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