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How to Strikethrough on Google Docs

Strikethrough writing is a topic that will come in handy for future business presentations or when preparing a document. The Strikethrough feature in Google Docs, which is commonly used, allows you to delete specific text while leaving it visible to the reader.

Strikethrough on Google Docs

You can easily strikethrough your text in Google Docs. You may not have noticed where it was at first sight. But it is extremely easy to apply.

  • First, open Google Docs on your computer.
  • You need to open the document you want to strikethrough text.
  • When you select the text in Google Documents, click the Format tab in the top menu bar.
  • A drop-down menu will open where you need to click on the text.
  • Click the strikethrough option from the drop-down menu.
    A line will appear in the middle of the text to highlight your text. This will complete the process of strikethrough the text.

Strikethrough Keyboard Shortcut in Google Docs

We know it is a feature used in Google Docs to cross out text. If you have jobs that require constant strikethrough, you must learn how to use hotkeys. In this way, you can strikethrough texts in Google Documents easily and quickly.

  1. First, open Google Docs.
  2. In Google Documents, you need to open the document you want to have the text strikethrough.
  3. You must now select the text you want to strikethrough.
  4. After that, you need to press Shift + Alt + 5 on your keyboard.
    A line appears in the middle of the text you selected as strikethrough. So, these are the shortcut keys that must be pressed to cross the text.

How to Enable Recommendation Mode

Start by enabling the Suggestion mode if you’re writing and editing alone or suggesting changes to someone else’s work. On the desktop, look in the upper right corner of the screen for a pencil icon and the word Edit. On mobile devices, look for the settings menu called Change Suggestion. After you enable the suggesting feature, your new edits appear on the page as edits rather than the promised text. For example, each delete appears as strikethrough text. New words you type appear in a new color (green in this case). For each change you suggest, Google Docs creates a small summary box on the right showing who proposed the change and what happened. These summary boxes also give you and other editors the power to accept or reject changes, which I will explain in more detail later.

Conclusion on Strikethrough on Google Docs

The Strikethrough Google Docs text formatting option makes it easy to edit text on deletion and retention. The tool allows you to cross out any text you suspect and save it if you need it later. You can also use it to black out items on your to-do list for another reason. If you find the menu option tiring, you can memorize the Strikethrough shortcut to make things easier. As we said, a strikethrough can consolidate your statements by rendering them more effective. If you are a frequent user, you might look into applying strikethrough on Discord as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About

No, Google Docs does not offer this feature.

To undo the Strikethrough, use the same keys you use for Strikethrough.

Select the text you want to underline. Then press Alt + Shift + 5 on the keyboard.

Click the three dots in the lower right corner of the new message window just to the left of the trash icon, and make sure the “Plain text” option is not selected in your “Compose” window in “other options.”

You cannot type directly on a line. Instead, you can write the text first and then underline it.

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  1. Adam F.
    Adam F.

    Thanks for this quick tutorial! I’ve been using Google Docs for ages but never figured out how to do a strikethrough. Your step-by-step guide made it super easy.

  2. Marty G.
    Marty G.

    Simple and to the point—just what I needed! I appreciate the keyboard shortcut tip for strikethrough in Google Docs; it’s a real time-saver. Great article for anyone who needs to edit documents quickly!