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How to Stream on Twitch [+Requirements] (2024)

If you like video games but do not feel like playing, you would watch someone else play the game; Twitch is just for you. What is Twitch, though? It is a video streaming platform only for video games. But what if you are the one to stream the video? Here we explain how to stream on Twitch in detail. Twitch is a widely used platform. With more than 140 million viewers per month, it is the biggest video game broadcaster. Twitch lets everyone stream video games. You can stream from PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and become a Twitch streamer.

Are There Any Requirements?

Streaming on Twitch is a lot of fun, but there are some requirements for it. Twitch is a free platform. You can just visit and join in watching video games. 

You will need a Twitch account to stream videos, but it is the only thing you need in terms of Twitch company policy, and it is free as well. Also you can even customize your account by adding images and descriptions to make it unique. This also helps viewers to get to know you better when they are watching your stream. Let’s look at what other requirements you need to meet. Buy Twitch live stream views to improve your live streams!

You can stream with other consoles, such as Nintendo, but you will need streaming software and hardware, and you will be good to go. Yet you might consider checking some of the requirements.

good pc for Twitch streaming

A Good PC and Internet Connection

You will need a good computer to stream on Twitch from a PC. It is recommended to have at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor or its AMD equivalent, 8 GB RAM, and at least Windows 7. It is possible to stream from a Mac too. Of course, not to mention a strong graphic card. 

As well as your hardware, your internet connection is crucial. After good preparation, you would not want to lose your connection while you are streaming a good game. You might consider using an ethernet cable to make it safer. Also, keep in mind that you will need a good upload speed.

Some users are using two PCs instead of one because streaming while playing a high-resolution game can challenge some PCs. They use one PC for gaming and the other one for streaming. 

If you do not want to use two PCs, there is a solution thought by Nvidia. With their new encoder called ‘GeForce-Optimized OBS and RTX Encoder,’ you can stream in two PC quality but with one PC for Twitch desktop. It collaborates with OBS, a software for broadcasting which we will touch upon.

software for Twitch stream

Software for Streaming

When streaming from a PC, you will need streaming software. The most common and preferred software is Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). It is the one Nvidia has a collaboration with. There is another software called ‘XSplit.’ It is very much like OBS. Even though XSPlit has free features, it requires a subscription and is not free. 

Twitch is also working on streaming software to make it a lot easier. You can check the article about it on their blog.

No matter which streaming software you are using, you need to sync that software to Twitch and adjust your monitor, gameplay feed, and webcam for your broadcast.

requirements to stream on Twitch

Other Requirements

Other requirements are nothing but a microphone and a camera. It is better to use a headset, yet it is recommended to have a clean sound, so a good-quality microphone is necessary. Don’t forget to add a video capture source before starting to broadcast. This setup is one of the basics to start streaming on Twitch.

Another thing you should have is a good computer. You don’t need the latest tech to stream on Twitch, but it should be good enough to run the games that you’re going to stream. Keep in mind that lag is not something your viewers would like when watching your streams. Be sure to have a clean stream without any lags and problems. That’s how you can maintain your viewers and achieve success on Twitch.

It is also crucial to create content within the community guidelines. If you or someone watching your video makes something against the Twitch community guidelines, you could get in trouble which can result in getting banned. For example, it is important to play an original game. Don’t ever think of streaming a crack game. It is a direct reason to get banned. Get a moderator on your Twitch streams. A moderator can control the comments for anything against the guidelines, and if he or she catches it, they can ban viewers with bad comments. So, keep in mind to keep it safe during your stream.

game consoles

How to Stream From Consoles

If you are using PS4 and Xbox One, then you are good because they do not require any streaming software. You can directly stream videos. On PS4, all you have to do is press the ‘Share’ button on the console and select ‘Twitch,’ then you can start streaming.

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It is similar to Xbox One, but you must download the Twitch app. Like download Twitch for PC, it is free. Once you download the app, open the app and select ‘Broadcast’ from the menu. Xbox users have the chance to stream directly to Microsoft’s Mixer platform.

You can use a headset to chat while you are streaming through consoles. If you have more questions about Twitch streaming, check the Twitch Help page.

mobile phone

How to Stream from Mobile Phone

It is possible to stream from your phone. Download the Twitch app, open the app, and go into your profile. You can start streaming by tapping on the camera button. You can download the Twitch app both from Android and iOS. However, it is not quite simple to stream live video games from your phone. For that, you will need third-party apps.

You can use ‘Screen Stream Mirroring’ and ‘BitStream’ apps on Android devices to stream live games. Even YouTube has an app for Android devices for broadcasting: YouTube Gaming. While streaming on iOS devices is a bit more complicated, there is an app, Mobcrush, for streaming live games on iOS.

Now you can start broadcasting from your Twitch gaming channel. If you want to learn more about Twitch, check out our latest articles about it. You might be interested in how to get donations on Twitch.

Streaming on Twitch in Short

We touched upon how to stream on Twitch by bringing out the requirements and devices that you can use Twitch. From PCs to mobile devices, it is possible to stream on Twitch, yet streaming from gaming consoles seems more accessible than others since there are not many requirements than a headset. However, you should take having a good computer and Twitch community guidelines into consideration. You wouldn’t want to lose viewers because of a laggy stream or get banned for something against the community guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions About

When you are playing a game, press the ‘Share’ button and select the ‘Broadcast Gameplay’ option. Then choose Twitch as your service for broadcasting.

After you log in to your account, click on your avatar, click on the ‘Dashboard,’ then click on ‘Channel’ under ‘Settings,’ click on the ‘Stream Key’ button, and lastly, click on ‘Show Stream Key.’

Yes, to stream private, unclick on the ‘Share My Activity’ box.

Engage with your viewers through chat, promote your stream on social media, network with other streamers, stream consistently and on a regular schedule, and create unique and entertaining content to attract new viewers.

Yes, Twitch offers monetization options for streamers, including Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner programs, allowing you to earn revenue through subscriptions, bits, donations, sponsorships, and ad revenue.

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    Only a few friends of mine know how to stream on Twitch. The rest, including me, will be reading this to be able to join them.