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Solve Telegram “Too Many Attempts” Error

Telegram is a popular online messaging service. It lets users create their channels, share their content, and invite and chat with other users. Given that you must create an account before using all the functionality of this app, there may be issues while attempting to access your account. If you’ve been using Telegram for a while, you may have already run across one of the most common issues users run into the too many attempts error.

Due to this, we will discuss the causes of the Telegram too many attempts problem in this article. Additionally, we will offer you effective solutions for this problem.

How Does Telegram Work?

As one of the fastest and most popular messaging platforms available today, Telegram prioritizes the creation of as many channels as possible and asks users to join them. As a result, this app primarily focuses on your profile, content, and interactions with other users. You can learn how to use Telegram app in more detail to understand it thoroughly.

You can broadcast information on a Telegram channel, create conversations, and encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Also, you can buy Telegram members to improve your channel on the app. Therefore, it would be rather annoying if you encountered an issue when attempting to enter your Telegram account, even though you know it keeps the interaction going.

What Is Telegram Too Many Attempts Error?

The message “too many attempts, please try again” may appear if you have been trying to get into your Telegram account for a while. You might be curious as to why it is occurring and whether there is a solution to fix this mistake.

Let us first inform you that users of Telegram frequently experience this problem. Additionally, it’s one of the most inconvenient problems you could get when using Telegram. Don’t let this bother you, though. Anyone trying to log into their account may experience it, but it may be resolved by performing a few steps.

Why Is There a Telegram Too Many Attempts Error?

Before we look at a solution, we should first be aware of the causes of Telegram’s “too many attempts” issue. The causes of this error are described below to help you understand it better:

causes of Telegram "too many attempts" error
  1. You may request to log in to your Telegram many times in a short period.
  2. You may enter your Telegram password incorrectly too many times.

What to Do When Telegram Says Too Many Attempts 

As we already mentioned, if Telegram is displaying an error message that reads, “Too many attempts, please try again later,” there is a problem with your access to your account. There are a few steps you can take to try accessing your account. You can try these steps regardless of how many times you’ve entered the wrong login code or password.

  • Clear All The Caches on Telegram App

Although utilizing this approach to access your Telegram account isn’t guaranteed, you can still give it a shot to see if it works. You might be able to log into your account more easily if you clear all of the cache and cookie data.

So, to clear all caches on the Telegram app using your mobile device, follow the steps provided below:

Telegram clear cache
  1. Go to Settings on your phone and click on App Settings.
  2. Scroll down through the list to find Telegram and click on it.
  3. Click on Clear data and then select Clear cache.

You’re all set! All of the data that was momentarily saved on your Telegram app will now be removed. You can try various methods of logging in to your account if you are still unable to access it.

  • Avoid Requesting Too Many Codes at Once

Telegram may prevent you from accessing your account for 24 hours if you make too many unsuccessful attempts to do so. If you continue to ask for login codes during that time, Telegram might block you from requesting more. 

Therefore, you should refrain from requesting too many login codes at once to prevent any blocking. Make sure you are entering the code correctly to avoid any blockings or restrictions after waiting 24 hours to receive it naturally.

Remember that if you get a “too many attempts” message, you normally need to wait at least a few hours or 24 hours before you can reaccess your Telegram account. However, your work can be urgent, or you might need rapid access to your account. If so, read the sections after this one to learn more about what to do.

  • Try to Access Your Account Using Another Device
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If you are having trouble logging into your Telegram app on your mobile device, you can try downloading the software to another device to see if that works. Since Telegram enables simultaneous usage of different devices, it might be able to assist you in finding a solution.

If you are unable to access Telegram using your mobile device, you can try logging in to your account using a computer. To test if you can access Telegram, you can also download the app to another mobile device.

  • Change The Date and Time of Your Device
change date and time

You will notice that you are unable to access your account for at least a few hours when you receive the Telegram too many attempts error. You might not want to hold off on accessing your account for too long. Change your device’s date and time first if you want to try accessing your account again.

Let’s assume that on December 2 at 10:00 AM, you received the Telegram error message “too many attempts, please try again later.” You can adjust the date and time to December 3 at 11:00 AM to attempt to access your Telegram account. This may give the impression that you were forced to wait at least 24 hours before attempting to enter your account.

However, keep in mind that these quick solutions may not always work for your device. So, you can always contact Telegram Support about the error and ask them to help you access your account.


In conclusion, we discussed one of the most frequent Telegram errors—the Telegram too many attempts error—and clarified its causes. We also addressed your concerns by offering you quick fixes to your questions regarding how to resolve this problem. We sincerely hope that this article has aided in your grasp of the causes of Telegram’s too many attempts errors, and potential solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About

This error indicates that you attempted to log into your account too frequently. This typically occurs when you attempt to log into your account too frequently or repeatedly input the wrong password.

When you erase the Telegram app from your phone too frequently in a short period, the error “Telegram limit exceeded” appears. Do not, however, worry. After a predetermined period, this error goes away.

Telegram may prohibit you from accessing your account if you’re using a VPN. So, you might need to consider trying to disable the VPN to access your Telegram account.

To change your Telegram password, go to the app menu on your device and click on Telegram. Tap on Settings > Privacy & Security > Passcode lock. Next, click on the Change passcode, enter your pin, and enter your new passcode twice. You will be able to use it when you open Telegram then.

To check if Telegram is down is the source of your inability to access your account, you can utilize programs like Down Detector. You may easily search for its name to see if it’s working properly.

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  1. AR

    I can’t log in to my telegram account it says too many attempt please try again .

    • Yasmin Talley
      Yasmin Talley

      You should follow the steps mentioned in the article to solve the problem.

  2. Manjunath

    My telegram to many attempts problem please solve

    • Yasmin Talley
      Yasmin Talley

      You should follow the steps mentioned in the article to solve the problem. Also, you should contact Telegram Support.