How to Share a Spotify Playlist (Brief Guide)

How to Share a Spotify Playlist (Brief Guide)

We listen to music about all the time, and with our favorite music streaming platform Spotify we listen to it everywhere. Music streaming is one thing, but creating or finding the perfect playlists is the real deal. When you find just the right song or playlist, it is just natural that you would like to share it with other people. So with this article, we will figure out how to share a Spotify playlist. 

Sharing a Spotify Playlist

Spotify may be the best address for discovering new music. It offers you Daily Mixes and playlists of songs you might enjoy based on the songs you liked before. But how do you share a playlist with your friends?

To share a playlist from the desktop app:

  • Open the Spotify desktop app.
  • Choose and open the playlist you want to share.
  • Click on the three dots symbol.
  • Select Share.
  • You will see multiple options to share with.
  • You can either share from a social media platform or copy the playlist link and send it via text message or mail.
Sharing a Spotify Playlist

Sharing from the mobile app:

  • Open the Spotify app.
  • Go to your library.
  • Choose the playlist.
  • Click on the ellipsis on the right upper corner.
  • Like the desktop version, you can either share it on the apps you use or copy the Spotify link.

Collaborative Playlists

There is another Spotify feature that lets other people edit the playlist. That means you can make a playlist and then share it with people you want to add or remove songs to the playlist. Little profile pictures will appear to show who added that song to the playlist.

To make a playlist collaborative on the mobile app:

  • Go to your library.
  • Tap Playlists and choose a playlist that you have created.
  • Tap on the little symbol with a blank profile silhouette and a plus on it. ()
  • Choose to Make Collaborative.
  • Share the playlist with friends who you want to add songs to the playlist.

From the desktop app:

  • Right, click onto a playlist you have created.
  • Select Collaborative Playlist.
  • Share with people.

Sharing the collaborative playlists has a little twist to it. Now we will explain How to share a collaborative playlist on Spotify.

  • As we explained above, you need to right-click or choose the options on a playlist you have created.
  • Besides the social media and copy link options, you will be able to send the playlist to your Spotify friends.
  • The friends you have sent the playlist will be able to edit the playlist.

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FAQs on Sharing a Spotify Playlist

How to make a Spotify Playlist public?

From the playlist options, choose to Make Public for everyone to see it or Make Secret to make it only seen to your account.

How to create a playlist on Spotify?

From the library, choose playlists and click on Create to make your playlist.

How do I remove a song from a playlist?

Get to the playlist options (three-dot symbols on the mobile app) and tap on Edit. You can remove or add songs while editing a playlist.

How do I delete a playlist?

From playlist settings (or with the right click on the desktop app), click on Delete.

Can I put a playlist cover on Spotify from the mobile app?

To edit the playlist cover or explanation, you need the desktop app of Spotify. From the Spotify desktop app, click on the little pencil icon to edit the cover.

Conclusion of Sharing Spotify Playlists

With this article, we explained how to share a playlist on Spotify, adding the collaborative playlist feature to it. We sure hope we helped you share your music with your friends and stream everywhere.

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