How to Share a Post on Instagram: Reposting (Updated – 2023)

How to Share a Post on Instagram: Reposting (Updated – 2023)

After joining Instagram, you started posting photos and content of various kinds. However, you have not yet been able to find the “repost” function to share or repost the most interesting content you found on this social network on your account. Well, it seems pretty obvious to me: a function to share a post does not exist on Instagram!

Unlike Facebook and other social networks, Instagram does not allow sharing other people’s content for a very simple reason. It wants to encourage users’ originality and creativity. However, it is possible to “override” this setting and get a very similar function to the “repost” you need. Do not you believe it? Then try to take a look at what we are about to offer you: in the next paragraphs, we will explain how to repost on Instagram using some “tricks” or, much more simply, through some free application. 

Warning: when reposting on Instagram, make sure you do not violate copyright and avoid the incorrect behavior indicated in the conditions of use of Instagram in order not to risk the closure of your account. To avoid problems, perhaps contact the user who posted the original post. So, ask them for permission to repost the content in question to your profile. If they agree, mention their username in your repost.

How to Share a Post on Instagram?

Do you want to know how to repost a picture on Instagram or how to repost a video on Instagram? You have two options: take a screenshot or a screen recording or use some third-party apps. Find everything explained below.

How to Share a Post on Instagram

Screenshot/Screen Recording to Share a Post on Instagram

The first method for reposting on Instagram is to take a screenshot of a post and share it on your profile. To do this, 

  1. Log into your Instagram account from its Android/iOS app, 
  2. Locate the post you are interested in,
  3. Take a screenshot and share the screen capture of the content of your interest on your profile. 

Screenshot/Screen Recording: Detailed

If you are using an Android smartphone, you should take the screenshot by pressing the volume down key and the power key and if it does not work, the volume down key and the home key simultaneously.

If you’re using an iOS device, you should be able to take a screenshot by pressing the Home button and the standby/wake button at the same time. Suppose you have an iPhone X (or a later model). In that case, to take the screenshot, you need to press the power key and the volume up key simultaneously.

If the content you intend to repost is not a photo or a carousel, but a video, instead of a screenshot, you need to take a video capture of the screen.

To do this on Android, you need to resort to third-party apps that allow you to make a screen recording: 

  • Start the chosen app, 
  • Press the button to start recording, 
  • Authorize the capture of the screen. 
  • Record the screen and then stop shooting. Done. 

However, to do this on the iPhone, swipe up or down the Control Center (depending on your iPhone model) and tap the REC button.

To Post Your Screenshot/Screen Recording:

  • Press “+” the button at the bottom, 
  • In the appearing menu, tap on the photo or video you want to post.
  • In order not to point out to other users that it is a screenshot, try to adapt the photo as best you can, 
  • Tap the Next item, apply a filter to it, if necessary, or modify it using Instagram’s editing tools 
  • Press again on Next.
  • Now all you gotta do is write a caption to mention the original author of the content, 
  • Tap on the Share item to perform the repost.

Simple, right?

How to Share a Post on Instagram

Third-Party Apps to Share a Post on Instagram

If you wish to use a third-party application to repost Instagram posts, we can only recommend Repost. Instagram, is a completely free solution, and is available for both Android and iOS. Using it is very simple: just copy the link of the post you intend to repost on your profile, feed it to the app and publish it on the photographic social network.

  • Start Instagram on your device, 
  • Locate the content of your interest, 
  • Press the ellipsis located in the upper right corner of the content, 
  • Select the item Copy link from the menu that opens.
  • Then start Repost: For Instagram, 
  • Press on the image or preview of the video you previously copied the link. 
  • Tap the Attribution mark button and choose the plate’s color, showing the name of the account that originally shared the post (White or Black) and the position to insert it.
  • Tap the purple Repost button located at the bottom, 
  • Allow the app to open Instagram, 
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Choose where to share the content (Story or Feed) and follow the instructions on the screen to share the content on your profile.

To Conclude Reposting on Instagram

As you may have seen, it is very easy to share posts on Instagram. You can do this with or without downloading any third-party applications.

However, we advise you not to abuse the repost. Instagram is beautiful precisely because it allows you to give life to your creativity, and therefore you shouldn’t limit yourself to posting other people’s content. Please also respect the rules and always mention the original author of the shot. It is never nice to steal other content fraudulently, and it is a practice to condemn.

Always ask permission before using content that is not yours and try to limit the practice of reposting. If you know other methods to repost on Instagram, please write them to me, and we’ll be pleased to add them to our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

When done in the right way, reposting can contribute to new communications and engagement for both sides. But if you repost without crediting, the original owner of the content may report you to get your post removed.

Users have the ability to set their stories not to be reshared on stories. You may ask the user to switch their setting for you to repost their story.

The easiest way to ask for the permission of the content’s owner, you can DM them on Instagram about the repost, but if they are a business, brand, or a celebrity of sorts, you may need to look for extra contact information on their account.

Users can repost posts without permission of its owner, but when the owner or Instagram finds out it’s been reposted without credit or permission, they can take it down.

If the art belongs to someone else, sharing it without having the owner properly credited/tagged/asked for permission can easily be considered theft.

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