How to Share a LinkedIn Profile? (Guide)

How to Share a LinkedIn Profile? (Guide)

On LinkedIn, people create their profiles so that they can represent themselves properly. With your LinkedIn profile, you can establish healthier connections with your formal relationships. Hence, you need to create a detailed profile first. Then, you can share your profile with whoever you want. There are some steps that you should learn to create your LinkedIn profile, and don’t worry; they are so simple.

Sharing a Profile on LinkedIn

After you complete your LinkedIn profile, it is a good idea to make connections. Sharing your profile is important because you will show your reliability to your formal connections. Moreover, it will make an easier way to reach more people with less effort. Here are the ways for you!

  • You can share your profile via the LinkedIn website. First, enter your profile page. On the right top corner of your profile, it is a button named “More…”. After clicking that, you will see three options that help you to share your profile. You can send it via message on LinkedIn, you can save it as a PDF, and you can build your resume via LinkedIn. Another way is that you can copy your LinkedIn profile URL and then share it via the way you prefer.
  • Moreover, you can share another person’s profile with others too. When you enter the person’s profile, you will see the “More…” button again. In the dropdown menu, there is an option named “Share profile via message.” Then, you should write the person’s name who will receive the profile. Now click send!
How to Create a Good LinkedIn Profile

How to Create a Good LinkedIn Profile?

It will be better if you give all the details about you except the private ones. In our world, almost everybody has successes that can help them to find jobs. However, details that you own will get you ahead. Thus, there are some tips for you to create good LinkedIn profiles!

  • You can start with your profile section. There will be a pencil icon on your profile page that you should click to edit your profile. In this part, you can add a profile picture. You should then answer the questions that ask your basic information, such as your education and location.
  • On the profile page again, you will see a button that says, “Add profile section.” This button has all you need to create a good, detailed profile. When you click, you will see another eight sub-titles.
  • Now, you can add your profile to what you want. You can write articles or share the things that you are interested in. When you share something on your profile, you will be able to see how many viewers you have.
Sharing a LinkedIn Profile

FAQs for LinkedIn Profile Pages

I cannot see my skills and endorsements part on my profile.

You can refresh the page or re-enter your LinkedIn account. If it did not work, you can e-mail to help center of LinkedIn.

I am trying to edit my profile, but when I clicked the “Save” button, there are no differences in my profile.

The LinkedIn team states that this might problem occurs because of the browser. Thus, you can try to do the same edits from other browsers. If it happens again, maybe you can try to edit your profile from another device or later.

I cannot see any images, profile pictures, and logos.

Some suggestions came from the LinkedIn team for this issue. First, you can try to re-enter your account.
The cookies of your browser might be a problem too. Clear the cookies.
Try to log in with another browser. Sometimes the problems may be caused by browsers.

I do not want LinkedIn to show my education history on my profile page.

When you clicked the pencil icon on your profile page, you will see a box that says, “Show education in my intro.” Click the box!

I want to change my profile URL.

There is an option on the right top corner of your profile that says, “Edit public profile & URL.” When you click it, again on the right top corner of the page, click the button that says, “Edit your custom URL.”


In this article, you may find the answers to the issues about your LinkedIn profile. We hope that it would be helpful! We have explained the steps to share your profile along with some information about creating the best profile page for your LinkedIn account.

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