How to Send Large Videos

How to Send Large Videos

There are many practical methods used for file sharing on the internet. You can upload relatively small files such as photos, audio files, or text documents to the internet in seconds. However, as the file size increases, problems may occur during download and upload. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the special ways to send large videos and other files. There are some programs that make this easy.

Best Programs to Send Large Videos

Here are some of the best programs to help you send large videos. There are many more than what we have listed down below, however, we believe that these are the most acclaimed.


You do not need to create a membership to use WeTransfer. You can send files up to 2 Gb max. After sending the file, the recipient has a certain amount of time to download your file. Your file is kept on the server for 1 week, and you can download it during this time.

google drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services available to users. This will make it easy to transfer and backup media files in just a few clips. It allows users to easily attach files to an email saved on the drive. You can send large video files by composing an email. Users can share the link directly with other email accounts.

Yandex Disk

Yandex disk has a user-friendly interface. The storage space offered by Yandex Disk to its users is 10 Gb. With this application, you can transfer files free of charge. It draws near the users with its interface and storage space.


With Dropbox, you can share large video files from one to another, including Windows, Mac, iOS devices, and Android devices. If you don’t know how to email large videos, this program can help.


There is a 30 Gb file size limit, and it will keep your file for 7 days. You don’t need to be a member. It is an easy to use program.


It’s great for Office 365 users but not so much in terms of quality for other users. OneDrive offers 5 GB of free storage space. With OneDrive, you can easily send your videos to the other person.

Send Large Videos

If the video size is larger than 25MB and you want to send the video to your friend via e-mail, there are two methods you can use. One of the two methods is to create a ZIP file. The other is to use your email provider’s cloud storage service. Here’s a brief explanation for those who don’t know what a ZIP file is: A ZIP file is a compressed version of a file. You can reduce your video size by adding it to a ZIP file. You can then immediately send it to your friend.

What needs to be done for this is this: Creating a ZIP file on Windows. Find the video you want to compress. Then right-click on the video. Click Submit and then perform the zip folder operation. If the size of your newly created file is still more than 25 MB, you cannot send the video by email. Of course, you need to use the programs I mentioned above. Those programs will help you post your video.

sending large videos from iphone

Sending Large Videos From iPhone

Do you want to send a large video from your iPhone? iPhone users have the iMessage feature. With it, you can send files up to 100 MB in size. You also have other options, like using Airdrop. You don’t face any size limits, you don’t need to install any third-party apps and you don’t face any size limits, and you don’t need to install any third-party apps.

How to Share Large Video Files With Airdrop

  1. Go to Settings and click on the General option there.
  2. Choose from Contacts Only or Everyone.
  3. Open the Photos app and find the video you want to share.
  4. Click the Share icon and select AirDrop to start sending.

Sending Large Videos From Android

The Android operating system’s alternative transfer method is Bluetooth. You may experience issues with transmission speed. So how is file transfer done? Enable Bluetooth on your phone. File sharing instructions may differ depending on your phone model. Enter the settings. Click on the connection options in the settings list. Enter Bluetooth. You will see a list of devices you have shared files with before and devices that are currently being shared. Then find the video to send and send it to the user of your choice.

FAQ About Sending Large Videos

What’s the best way to share a large video file?

Compress video files before sharing or shrink the video using video editing tools. In this way, you can make your shipping process faster.

How can I compress a video file?

You can always create a ZIP file if you want to compress a video file.

How long are my files kept?

It depends on the program you use, but it is stored for at least 5 days.

What is the size of sending e-mails?

The size of sending e-mails is 30MB, including the content of the e-mail (articles, pictures, if any) and attachments.

How can I send large files for free?

Upload your files to the cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and send for free.

Conclusion on Sending Large Videos

In short, you don’t have to worry about how to send large videos; there are multiple ways to do this, as explained above. Choose a method or program and easily share the long video you want to share with your friends. Since you have come this far, we believe that might want to improve your workspace’s efficiency even further. Here’s our guide to combine PDF files; might find it useful!

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