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How to Sell Products On Instagram (2023)

How to Sell Products On Instagram (2023)

This article will talk about shoppable posts on Instagram and how to sell products on Instagram.

We will also give a secret at the end of the article for dear readers.

Are you wondering about more?

See the details below.

Selling on Instagram: How to Use Instagram Posts

Instagram is no longer just a social media application to share beautiful images; it is a shopping center.

1 billion daily active users, of which 400 million visits at least one company profile every day, speak for themselves.

The social network responded to this in November 2016 with a feature that has been available in Europe since March 2017.

With the so-called “Shoppable Posts,” it is possible to complete the entire purchasing process with just a few clicks directly on Instagram.

We explain here which prerequisites you need to meet and also how Shoppable Posts can be used exactly.

How to Use Instagram Posts

Why Use Shoppable Posts on Instagram?

With the new Instagram feature, the entire buying process -from the discovery of a product to the payment- can now be completed directly on the platform.

Marketing and sales merge here into one instrument: this means minimal hurdles for buyers and accelerates sales.

Win new Instagram followers, define your target audience, and optimize your company profile – our free guide will show you how to do it!

Also, 80% of Instagram users already follow at least one company and inevitably come across the Shoppable Posts.

Thus, optimal conditions are given to quickly integrate the new feature as a natural part of the Instagram experience and to be able to hope for curiosity among the users.

This is also helped by the fact that the Shoppable Posts are marked on the top right with a shopping bag icon so that users can quickly get an overview. If you find an article in the channel overview that you like, you can see at a glance that he can belong to them with just a few clicks, which in turn favors the buying decision.

Shopping posts will appear like normal posts on users’ Instagram feed. However, they can see the product tags when they click on the posts. If users tap on the tags, they will be directed to the product pages.

Note: Up to now, Shoppable Posts can only be used in the Instagram app on mobile device. However, not in the desktop version.

What Are the Requirements for Instagram Shoppable Posts?

The use of the Shoppable Post function is subject to several conditions:

  • The account must be from Europe, the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Spain, or Australia.
  • It must be a business account.
  • You need the latest version of the Instagram app.
  • Physical goods (not services) should be sold that comply with the trade guidelines and the dealer agreement of Instagram or Facebook.
  • Your business profile needs to be linked to a Facebook catalog. This works through the Facebook Business Manager or external third-party providers such as Shopify and is explained in detail below.
Instagram Shoppable Posts

How Can I Sell My Products on Instagram Quickly?

Here are some steady steps for getting sales on Instagram:

  1. You can put links on your bio to sell your products easily. This will be no problem for your clients.
  2. By creating a shoppable Instagram page, you can sell your products directly with only posts.
  3. You can add a CTA for your Instagram bio. This will link to an Instagram page for sales.
  4. You can use the Stories for your product’s behind-the-scenes photo shootings.
  5. Create a profile and share your products with everyone; this is the fastest way.
  6. Put your number and payment information; that’s all.
  7. Your customer will reach you with your WhatsApp number and can buy by paying at the door method.
  8. Have a nice sales day!

You can use Instagram ads to boost your posts. If you want to present your business at its finest, it is a must. Remember to include contents that will call to action with an eye-catching element, then add products that people can buy through the shopping feature.

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Your Instagram account should be trustworthy and also you must show that you are a professional about your products or services. That is why you should care about your shopping account on Instagram.

How Do I Tag a Product?

To be able to tag a product on your posts, you will need to link your Instagram business profile with a shop on Facebook or with a product catalog on Business Manager. Once the connection is made, that’s it!

Now, all you have to do is open your app and respond to the warning message that the shopping function has been activated, so, this way, you can tag your products in photos.

There are limitations to the use of this tool. For example, at the moment, tagging services is not alloved. Also, influencers won’t be able to tag the products they wear.

The Pros of Instagram for eCommerce on Instagram

Instagram has enormous potential for e-commerce:

  • Identification of latent buyers: using a post in which a story is first told, it is possible to anticipate the needs of users by intercepting even those who, until before seeing the post, had no plans to buy the product shown. We need to create imagery behind the products and make it evident through Instagram. In this way, it is possible to attract users to your eCommerce through an inBound strategy.
  • Use of a preferential purchase channel: 80% of internet surfers on Mobile use the Smartphone to make purchasing decisions or interact with the brands concerned. 34% also use it to finalize the transaction.
  • Creation of a complete and direct experience: it makes the shopping experience complete and fast through the new Instagram shopping features. The user is facilitated in the purchase because he no longer has to go and look for it in the browser and then switch to eCommerce after seeing the product in the photo. Instagram virtually accompanies him throughout the shopping experience.

In addition to and before Instagram Shopping and sponsored posts, the company that uses Instagram must plan a Visual Marketing strategy by publishing the right mix of (relevant) content. The same social network guides Instagrammers to best practices to get the best out of the social network (editorial plan; interaction with followers, the use of Hashtags in a studied way, the use of Stories to communicate exclusivity and engage the influencers they promote. the product via their profile).

To Conclude Instagram Shopping

Instagram is one of the best places to sell online because your business will be able to build a relationship of trust with its followers and make them consider you a reliable seller.

Being able to build a relationship of this type is not easy and requires enormous efforts and commitment on the part of those who manage that particular channel.

The inability to insert links within the posts greatly limits your ability to convert, but thanks to Instagram Shopping, this problem will persist more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram gives shopping approval to accounts between 1 to 14 days. But the average is lesser than a week.

Instagram shopping and marketplace are also free, like any of Instagram’s services. And all of the management of your shopping process is up to you.

Instagram takes extra attention when approving accounts for shopping. If your account was not approved, you should take a deeper look at the requirements.

You don’t need a website to make sales on Instagram. The whole process can be adjusted on the app settings.

Instagram takes a small percentage of money from the sales that are made on the Instagram app.

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