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How to See Your YouTube Comment History

YouTube comments are a way of showing your interest and feedbacks about that video. You can leave comments to interact with the channel owner and other YouTube users. Additionally, you may want to review your YouTube comment history, edit or delete some of them.

With the few basic steps, see your YouTube comments history and manage all your comments as you would like to.

Reasons That You Can Not See Some Of Your YouTube Comments

YouTube allows you to make comments if a video owner has turned on comments. So you can leave comments, like, dislike, or interact with other people to reply to other comments on the video. Therefore, the channel owner possibly deleted your comment on that video. YouTube also deletes comments for a policy violation, and you will not see these on your YouTube comment search.

How to View Comments On YouTube?

You can view comments on YouTube when scrolling down, the video you want to comment on, page. YouTube comments are public, and any user can make comments. Replies are threaded to communicate and receive comments that you reply to or post.

Your comments appear as highlighted comments on the top of your comments. You can share your comments with this link. That allows you to share the link to that specific comment and with its thread.

How to See Your YouTube Comments On Your Browser?

Check your YouTube comments on any browser. You can see your comments by following these on the browser:

Step1: Go to your browser and then YouTube.

Step2: Sign in to your YouTube account.

youtube main page

Step3: On the homepage of YouTube, click on the three horizontal lines in the left and top of the page.

click on youtube settings

Step4: In the menu, scroll down and select the History section.

click on youtube history

Step5: On the right of the history page, click on Comments.

click on youtube comments

Step6: Your comments are chronological listed.

see your youtube comments

If you want to delete your comment, then follow the other steps:

Step 7: Right side of the comment, you want to delete, click on the ”X” icon next to the video to delete your comment.

delete youtube comments

How To Edit Your YouTube Comments On Browser?

After you get into your YouTube comment history, you can edit and change your comments.

Step1: Click on the video, and get to your comment under the video. You can edit your comments by clicking on the three vertical dots on the right side of your comments.

edit youtube comments

Step2: Select Edit, and make changes in your comments.

edit or delte youtube comments

Step3: Then choose to save option.

save your comments

How to See Your YouTube Comment History On iOS & Android?

YouTube provides to see your YouTube comments history only on your YouTube app on android device. Here is how to check your YouTube comments on an Android device:

Step1: Get into your YouTube app and sign in to your account.

youtube mobile main page

Step2: Click on your YouTube profile on the top-right.

tap on your profile

Step3: Select the Settings option.

select settings on youtube mobile

Step4: Tap into History & Privacy.

history and privacy on youtube mobile

Step5: In the list, tap on Manage All Activity.

manage all activity

Step6: Click on Three horizontal lines on the top-left.

youtube my activity

Step7: Find and select Other Google Activity.

google other activity

Step8: Scroll the page and on the Comments on YouTube section, tap on View Comments.

comments on youtube mobile

Step9: On Your YouTube Comments page, you will find your comments.

find your youtube comment history

How to Edit or Delete Your YouTube Comments On Android & iOS?

If you want to edit or delete your comments on YouTube with Android, get into the following steps.

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Step10: Click the X on the right of your comment to delete it.

delete youtube comments on mobile

Step11: Select the ”Delete” option to delete your comment.

delete comments on youtube mobile

Step11: To edit your comments, tap on the Comment On link and find your comment.

edit comments on youtube mobile

Step12: Tap to three vertical dots to see options and choose Edit.

edit youtube comments

Step13: Edit or change your comment and Save the changes.

edit or delete youtube comments

Shortly How to See Your YouTube Comment History: View, Edit, And Delete Your Comments

We give a few steps to see your YouTube comment history and edit or delete your comments on browser, iOS, and Android. Overall, all you need to do is get into YouTube’s menu section on the left of the page. Find the History section on the menu. You will see Manage All History, and just below it, select the Comment option. Finally, you can see your YouTube comment history.

If you think your channel is short of comments, you can try our service and buy YouTube comments as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Get into your homepage of YouTube or the YouTube app on your iPhone. Then you need to find three horizontal lines on the top-left. Scroll down the menu, and select the History section. There is Manage All History, and below that, tap on the Comment option. Here you can see your YouTube comment history all listed.

On iOS devices, you can delete your comments on the YouTube comment history page. You will find there are three vertical dots on the right side of your every comment, then select to delete option for the comment.

You can see your YouTube comment history only on the YouTube app on android. Tap on your profile on the right and select Settings. Click History & Privacy, then choose Other Google Activity. Then Scroll down the page and select the Comments On section. Finally, tap View Comments, and you will see comment history on the Android device.

There are several ways to delete your comments on YouTube. Here is the first way, click on three vertical dots on the right of your comments and select Delete. Also, you can delete your YouTube comment and click the X right of your comment that you left on a video.

Edit your YouTube comments, and the first thing to do is click on the Comment On, which is a link. Find your comment on YouTube you want to edit. Tap on three vertical dots and find the Edit option, edit your comment and Save it.

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