How to See When Someone Was Last Active on Instagram

How to See When Someone Was Last Active on Instagram

Do you wonder when the last time a person was active on Instagram? Keep reading! Instagram is one of the most used apps in the social media category, and besides the fact that people are using it for sharing photos and videos, you can also chat with people via the DM feature of it. As Facebook Messenger does, Instagram DM also shows you the online status of others. But how? Did you realize the green dot on the pictures of people? Now, open your app to see last active on Instagram and click on the DM icon. If you see green dots, that means those people are online now. 

When Was a Person Last Active on Instagram? 

Instagram has added the ”last activity” feature recently. Now users can see the time of last activity for some users and the information that if they are currently online or not. However, this feature is limited. Instagram allows you to see the active status or the time people were last active if you exchanged messages with them. 

How to See People's Last Activity

How to See People’s Last Activity

To see the last activity on Instagram, you should follow these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram App
  2. Click on the DM icon on the top right 
  3. See how much time passed from the ”last activity” of a person, under their name

Easy, right?

About Instagram Last Active Feature

Conclusion on Instagram Last Active Feature

You can see when people were active on Instagram if you have direct messages with them. Just go to your DM box to see their last activity if they did not turn activity status off. We suspect that you might be new to Instagram. If we are right, then we believe this article on how to find people on Instagram will help you get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This person may have disabled their activity status from the Settings. 

If you cannot see their last activity, but the person is already on your DM box, you can just try to send direct messages to that person and wait if you will see the ”active now” there, without the green dot.

It does not work in real-time exactly. You are not seen as online if you click on your app mistakenly, for example. Also, your status only changes if you go to your DM box.

Follow this path: Settings > Privacy and Security > Activity Status and switch on to off. 

No. They did not use direct messages.


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