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How to See Reddit Recap

Recently, many social media platforms have introduced recap-like features. Reddit also joined this recap trend last year. To be honest, Reddit is one of the platforms where this feature attracts the most attention compared to other social networks. So, how do we know that? Because users active on the Reddit platform have published almost 400 million posts last year alone. As such, most people want to take a look at the Recap of this platform. If you are wondering how to view a Reddit Recap, do not worry. We have prepared an explanatory guide on this subject for you. But first, let’s explain what Reddit Recap is.

What Is Reddit Recap?

Reddit announced that the topics of the posts shared by users on the platform include trends such as games, sports, health, and cryptocurrencies. Reddit Recap is a feature that takes advantage of user data, basically. From this point of view, it reveals a lot about the individual interests of active users on the platform. Because it reveals what kind of content users interact with the most. It also deals with which trends users spend the most time on Reddit. So, we can state that Reddit recap is a highly personalized feature based on this information. Let’s take a closer look at what this feature offers to users.

  • The Reddit Recap first provides users with an overall summary of the time they’ve spent here.
  • It summarizes the posts and trend topics you interact with or contribute to the most.
  • It also includes an overview of the Reddit communities you’ve joined or viewed.

Reddit allows its users to share their Recaps containing this information on other social channels. Users can even hide their Reddit usernames and avatars who share their recaps. ıf you’re having trouble hiding your username or avatar, you can submit a request on Reddit. So, what makes the Reddit Recap different from its predecessors? In fact, the main difference is that it contains the personalized data of its users. There, of course, is a reason why this issue is so important. Reddit has avoided using the private data of its users so far. However, the fact that other social channels were very daring about this issue also encouraged Reddit. Therefore, Reddit has made a decision to offer a more personal experience that will increase its popularity. Let’s continue by explaining how you can view the recap as we have promised.

Where to Find Recap Page

Viewing the Reddit Recap page is a fairly simple process. Users have the opportunity to view this page directly. To find the recap page on your browser, follow the steps below.

reddit recap webpage
  • Click on the link of the Reddit Recap 2023 website while your account is open.
  • After clicking on this link, you can view the recap page containing your personal data.
reddit recap
  • You can see how much you scrolled, how many trophies you’ve achieved, and how many karmas you’ve earned.
how to see reddit recap
  • It also shows what kind of a Redditor you are. (If you don’t want to be like me, maybe you should buy Reddit upvotes to spice things up.)
  • Besides, the platform sends a link to users through a message. Thus, they can view their 2021 Recap. So, you need to check your inbox and open the messages Reddit sent you to view that link. Check your Reddit reviews!

Let’s now explain what users who want to view their recaps through the app should do. To do this, simply follow these steps:

mobile version
  • First, log in to your account by entering your username and password.
  • Then, go on your browser and type Reddit Recap.
  • Click on the link, and the Reddit app will open.
  • You can now enjoy your recap and share it if you like.

By following the methods we’ve mentioned above, you can view your recap with a summary of your Reddit comments, trending posts, and other activities. However, you must have the current version if you want to view your Reddit Recap through the app.

What Awaits You Inside

We’ve mentioned that the communities you interact with the most and the top comments from the year are the data you’ll see for the first time. These will be welcoming you in the 2021 Reddit Recap. After that, you will find a summary of how many posts you have voted in total on this page. You can also view how much karma you gained in the past year. Let me explain briefly for those who do not know what karma is on Reddit. Karma expresses how significant your contributions are to the Reddit community. Users earn them by giving rewards, voting, commenting, and sharing posts. It is one of the most essential items on the Reddit Recap page. You can see your total karma points in the upper right corner of this page.

subreddit suggestions

The page also includes a profile card. This card contains your avatar and username, along with your secret ability. Towards the end of the page, you will find some advice about your future on the platform. For example, here is a list of community recommendations that might interest you to join next year. After a few more suggestions, you will end the recap. Users also have the opportunity to download this page in the form of a slide show. You can send this downloaded slideshow to your friends or share it on other social media channels. If you want, you can go back to your recap page and play the slideshow again. All you have to do for this is click on the Recap link again after returning.

How to See Reddit Recap, In Short

Social media platforms develop new implementations every day to increase their popularity. Recap is one of the latest features that Reddit offers its users for this purpose. The roots of this feature on the Reddit platform actually go way back. However, recap is the first feature Reddit has created using personalized data specific to its users. As such, Recap was able to attract users’ attention from almost all walks of life. Based on this interest, we have tried explaining this feature in our article. We also shared how users who want to view their Reddit Recaps can do this here. Check your Reddit year in review.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You may also find information about how much time you have spent on Reddit Public Access Network.

Reddit Recap also includes which communities are giving you the most karma.

Users can download Reddit Recap in slide show format.

This way, your posts will rank higher and be more visible. Thus, your posts may even enter the Reddit top-all list.

It is a card with statistics about your activities on Reddit. It is also included in your Reddit Recap.

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