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How to See Dislikes on YouTube in 2024 

YouTube, as one of the largest video-sharing platforms on the internet, continues to host millions of users each day. Offering an interactive experience, the platform allows content creators to reach a global audience through their video content, fostering a dynamic community of creators and viewers alike. In this ever-evolving landscape, staying updated on the latest features and functionalities is crucial for both content creators and viewers. As you are aware, YouTube removed the YouTube dislike button, recently, and now users can’t see dislikes on YouTube. There are reasons behind this situation, of course, such as protesting the creators.  

In recent times, the decision to remove the dislike button on YouTube has sparked discussions within the community. While the removal may serve as a measure to protect content creators from potential harassment and negativity, it has also generated a mixed response from users. Some argue that the dislike count provides valuable feedback and transparency, helping viewers make informed decisions about the content they consume. On the other hand, the absence of YouTube dislikes may encourage a more positive atmosphere, fostering a supportive environment for creators to express their ideas without fear of disproportionate criticism.  However, for the ones who want to view YouTube dislikes, there are solutions. Today, we will delve into this and learn how to see dislikes on YouTube in 2024. 

Why Is the YouTube Dislike Count Not Visible?  

YouTube’s decision to make the dislike count invisible stems from various motivations. One primary reason is the platform’s attempt to combat what they term “dislike attacks.” YouTube alleges that creators, especially those who are smaller or from minority backgrounds, were falling victim to coordinated efforts known as “dislike bombing.” Such targeted campaigns had the potential to tarnish their reputation and dissuade them from continuing to produce content. This is the main reason why you can’t view YouTube dislikes

Another key rationale behind the move is the protection of the creator’s well-being. YouTube posits that the visibility of the dislike count contributes to negativity and harassment directed at creators, potentially posing threats to their mental health and overall well-being. 

Furthermore, the removal of the dislike count aligns with YouTube’s goal to foster more positive and respectful interactions among users. By eliminating a tool that could be used for negative purposes, the platform aims to create an environment where creators feel supported rather than discouraged. 

However, this decision has not been without its controversies. Some critics argue that: 

  • Transparency is Lost: Viewers can no longer gauge the overall reception of a video without seeing both likes and dislikes. 
  • Credibility Suffers: Without dislikes, positive reviews might seem less genuine. 
  • Power Dynamics Shift: The removal of dislikes potentially benefits larger creators who already have established audiences. 

As of the current situation, YouTube still monitors dislike counts internally but are not visible to the public. Users can still express their disapproval by disliking videos, but the count remains concealed. Certain browser extensions and third-party websites claim to offer workarounds for estimating dislike counts for you to be able to view dislikes on YouTube

How To See Dislikes on YouTube  

YouTube, with its millions of users, remains one of the largest video-sharing platforms globally, constantly drawing attention. However, specific updates and changes on YouTube can sometimes make it challenging for users to discern audience reactions to content, such as not seeing YouTube dislikes. So, let’s find a solution to how to see dislikes on YouTube.  

  • Using browser extensions: These extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Extensions provide an estimated dislike count for videos, along with other features like a dislike button and the ability to see the dislike percentage. 
  • Third-party Websites: Some third-party websites provide a variety of YouTube analytics tools, and the ability to see the dislike count for videos.  
  • Mobile Apps: There are special mobile apps like Dislike Counter for YouTube for Android devices. They show the dislike count for videos in the YouTube app. 
  • Archiving Websites: Some websites are archiving web pages. The Wayback Machine is one of them. You can use it to see archived versions of YouTube videos, which may still show the dislike count. 

How to See the Dislikes on YouTube Using Browser  

Among the recent changes is the concealment of dislike counts on videos, sparking curiosity among users. If you’re wondering how to navigate this and still uncover the dislike count using your browser, you’re in the right place. While seeing the exact dislike count hasn’t been officially possible since November 2021, several Chrome extensions claim to offer estimated counts or workarounds and help you view YouTube dislikes. For Chrome extensions, you can use: 

return YouTube dislike
  • Return YouTube Dislike, which has features like dislike count, dislike button, dislike percentage, and more. 
  • To use this extension on Chrome, open Chrome Web Store and search for “Return YouTube Dislike.” 
  • Click “Add to Chrome” and then “Add extension.” 
  • Visit YouTube; you should now see an estimated dislike count under the video. 
  • Note that this extension uses API data and estimates to present the count. 

The second one is the Video Dislike Button. Its features are a dislike button and an estimated dislike count upon hovering. To use this extension, follow the steps below: 

  • Open Chrome Web Store and search for “Video Dislike Button.” 
  • Click “Add to Chrome” and then “Add extension.” 
  • Go to YouTube, click a dislike button, and the estimated count will appear on mouseover. 
  • Please note that similar to Return YouTube Dislike, the accuracy relies on estimations. 

Additionally, other extensions also exist, but research their trustworthiness and potential privacy concerns before installing them. Remember, these methods offer estimates, not official counts. Dislike statistics might not be entirely accurate due to API limitations and estimations. Also, you can buy YouTube dislikes to spice up your videos!

YouTube Dislike Extension for Safari 

While YouTube has chosen to conceal dislike counts, users often seek alternatives to access this valuable metric. If you are a Safari user keen on uncovering your dislikes on YouTube, you can achieve this by using Return YouTube Dislike (RYD) for Safari. While it’s true that RYD doesn’t officially support Safari, there are workarounds you can try, with some caveats for YouTube dislike extension for Safari

return YouTube dislike Safari
  • Userscripts is the first thing to use RYD on Safari. This method involves installing a user script manager like Userscripts for Safari and pasting a script from RYD’s GitHub repository. 
  • While it shows dislike counts, the script relies on estimates and community data, not actual YouTube data. Accuracy can vary. 
  • This method requires some technical knowledge and can be less user-friendly. 

Unfortunately, due to API limitations, there’s no perfect solution to accurately show dislikes on Safari. However, here are some additional options you can explore, keeping in mind their limitations: 

  • YouTube Dislike Checker: Displays an estimated dislike count based on various factors like comments, social media sentiment, and other indicators. 
  • Dislike Democratized: Another extension using sentiment analysis and other data to estimate dislikes. 
  • Revive Dislike: Similar to the above, offering an estimated dislike count. 

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How to Show Dislikes on YouTube Using Android and iOS Devices  

The dynamic landscape of YouTube constantly undergoes changes, and one recent modification involves the concealment of dislike counts. If you’re an Android or İOS user curious about how to unveil your dislikes on YouTube using your mobile device, you’re in the right place.  Let’s look at them: 

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For Android users: 

  • Kiwi Browser: This browser allows installing extensions like “Return YouTube Dislike,” which displays estimated dislike counts based on various factors. 
  • Chrome Extensions: Return YouTube Dislike is on Chrome, too, of course. This popular extension can be added from the Chrome Web Store. 
  • Other Extensions: Options like “Revive Dislike” and “Dislike Bar” are available as a YouTube dislike extension
  • You can use user scripts for Android devices, too. Install “Tampermonkey” and add the “Return YouTybe Dislike” script. Similar to the YouTube dislike extension, it shows estimated dislike counts.  

For iOS users: 

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store. 
  • Tap the search bar and type “Safari extensions.” 
  • Hit enter. 
  • Browse the “Extensions” category or search for a specific extension by name, such as “Revive Dislike” or “Dislike Bar.”  
  • Once you find an extension you’re interested in, tap on it to go to its extension page. 
  • On the extension page, tap the “Get” or “Install” button. 
  • You may be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID. 
  • Tap the “Get” or “Install” button again to install the extension. 
  • Open Safari and go to “Settings.” 
  • Tap on “Safari” and then “Extensions.” 
  • Toggle on the switch next to the extension you installed. 

Note that some extensions or YouTube dislike viewers are not free and require you to pay a fee before you can install them. Tap the “Remove” button on the extension’s page to remove an extension. 

Do Dislikes Matter on YouTube? 

Dislikes on YouTube can carry some significance, but their impact varies based on different factors. We can explain this matter in 3 perspectives: 

  1. Viewers’ Perspective: Dislikes can be informative. They can signal potential problems with a video, like misinformation, poor quality, or offensive content. Also, dislikes can influence watch time. When viewers see a high number of dislikes, they might avoid videos with high dislike ratios, impacting the creator’s reach and engagement.   
  2. From a Creator’s Perspective: Dislikes can be discouraging. High dislike counts can demotivate creators and potentially affect their future content. Also, they can be used as a tool for feedback. Analyzing dislikes can help creators identify areas for improvement in their content. Additionally, dislikes can be manipulated. Dislike bombing, where groups target specific videos with dislikes, can distort their reception. 
  3. From YouTube’s Perspective: Dislikes were part of their algorithm. They previously helped rank videos and personalize recommendations. But dislikes were removed due to concerns. YouTube cited issues like dislike bombing and targeted harassment as reasons for their removal. Now, YouTube emphasizes overall engagement (likes, comments, shares) for recommendations and ranking. 

So, do dislikes matter? Yes, for understanding viewer sentiment and sparking discussion. And another yes, for creators seeking feedback and identifying areas for improvement. And finally, they matter but not as much for direct impact on recommendations and ranking anymore. 

Seeing Dislikes on YouTube in 2024 

On YouTube, the decision to remove the dislike count has sparked debates among users and creators alike. While dislikes can offer valuable feedback, their absence aims to foster a more positive atmosphere on the platform. Solutions such as browser extensions and third-party tools provide alternatives for those curious about dislike counts. As YouTube continues to change, learning how to see dislikes on YouTube in 2024 is crucial to improve your content and to not spare your valuable time. 

Why did YouTube remove the dislike button?

YouTube removed the disliked button because of the “dislike attacks,” where creators, especially smaller ones, were unfairly targeted. This decision aimed to protect creators from potential harassment and negativity. 

Can I still express my disapproval on YouTube?

Yes, you can still dislike videos on YouTube, but the count is not visible to the public.  

Are there any official ways to see the dislike count on YouTube?

As of now, YouTube does not provide an official way to view the dislike count publicly. However, certain browser extensions and third-party websites claim to offer workarounds to estimate dislike counts. 

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