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How to See An Unsent Message on Messenger

It’s in our nature to be curious. We pursue what tickles our interest. When someone tells us we should not talk about it, we want to talk about it. When someone tells us not to look in that direction, we want to look in that direction. It’s simply how humans are. It’s no wonder that human nature is the same regarding social media interactions. Let’s say that you are chatting with someone on Facebook Messenger. And after taking a little break from checking your messages on the app, you return to find that someone has deleted a text they sent you. Would that not start to bother you a bit? Can you see an unsent message on Facebook? Fortunately, you may use a few methods to see Facebook Messenger as an unsent message.

Whether you want to see them out of curiosity or because you think they might be significant, we will cover how you may see unsent messages in this article. Therefore, if you are wondering how to see an unsent message on Messenger, make sure to read the tips we provided below. 

What Is An Unsent Message? Is There A Way to See Them on Messenger?

The term “unsent message” refers to a message that’s been removed after it has already been sent to another user. You may retrieve your messages from Facebook Messenger and other social media platforms. Even though you can withdraw a message sent to another user, Messenger will tell them that there is an unsent message.


It is technically impossible to reverse a deleted Facebook Messenger message. Once the owner has removed a message, it is gone forever. You may notice a message saying “the user unsent a message” on your chat screen. Imagine that you want to buy Facebook followers, and when you buy it, you get a message from your follower, but the follower unsent it. Fortunately, there are ways to view an unsent message on your electronic devices.

You must follow a few things if you want to accomplish the near impossible. Follow the steps we’ve provided below on your devices to discover how you may view unsent Facebook Messenger messages.

  • Check Your Notifications

Checking your notifications may be the first step you may take while looking for an unsent message. When using the Messenger app, notifications for new messages will appear on your phone’s screen even if you are not actively reading them at the time.

There are two key strategies to see an unsent message from your device:

  1. If your phone’s screen is locked, there is a higher probability of seeing an unsent message.
  2. If your Wi-Fi was turned off when the message was deleted, the likelihood of seeing the unsent message is higher.

The second approach is a little more challenging because it’s unlikely to predict when a message might be withdrawn. You might guess the message will be deleted, and your Wi-Fi will be turned off. But there is a slight chance that this may happen. This trick is still worth mentioning because there is a chance that it will succeed.

You may be able to access the contents of an unsent message if you turn off your internet connection as soon as you receive a message on the Messenger App. Note that the message you can view will disappear once you get your internet connection back.

Therefore, even if the message is unsent on Facebook Messenger, you might still have a chance to see it in this way.

  • Turn on Your Notification History

The issue may be with your device’s notification history settings if you are having trouble seeing the unsent message from your notifications. This suggestion may help if you’re seeking a way to read unsent messages without downloading an app.

Remember that this feature functions mostly on Android devices, and even then, not all Android devices support turning on notification history. Fortunately, enabling notification history allows you to view unsent messages from all of your apps on your device.

Let’s now look at how to modify notification settings on iPhones and Android devices.

How to See Unsent Messages on Android

You must turn on notification history if you want to view unsent messages on your Android device. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the settings on your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Click on “Notifications.” Depending on the model of your Android device, tap on the “Advanced Settings” or “Manage Notifications” 
  3. Find the section that says “Notification History”
  4. Make sure that it’s on

There you have it! You may now change notification history on your Android devices without downloading any apps. Once you turn on the notification history on your Android device, you can see unsent message Messenger or any other apps.

How to See Unsent Messages on iPhones

Unfortunately, you cannot enable notification history on iPhones, but there are alternative options you may try. You may try changing your notification settings if you wish to view unsent messages on your iPhone.

If you want to change your notification settings on your iPhone, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings on your iPhone
  2. Click on “Notifications.”
  3. Select the “Show Previews” option and tap on the “Always”
  4. Check the apps on the notifications page and select Messenger
  5. Tap the “Banners,” “Lock Screen,” and “Notification Center”
  6. When you see the “Show Previews,” click on “Always”

If you follow these guidelines, you might receive a notification from the Messenger app for the new messages before the user deletes them. This approach might work, but it does not guarantee that you will see the unsent messages.

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Check the next section if you are wondering how to see unsent messages on your mobile devices using an app.


Apps for Mobile Devices: How to View Unsent Messages

Once a message is deleted, you lose it forever. However, there are still methods, including third-party programs, to see the unsent messages on your mobile devices. 

Because of safety issues, you might be unsure about which apps to download or hesitant to try them. If so, check out the apps we’ve mentioned below to see any unsent messages on your mobile devices.

You may get apps such as Notisave, Unseen Messenger, and WhatisRemoved+ from the Google Play store if you’re wondering how to see unsent messages on your Android device. Despite not being available for iPhones, these apps function well on Android.

Check out the Google Play Store and download one of them to your Android device to explore them yourself. Simply stick to the following guidelines after installing the app:

  1. First, make sure Messenger notifications are open on your device
  2. Allow access to the notifications for the app you installed
  3. Allow the app to access your photos, media, and files on your device
  4. Select the apps on your device (in this case, it is the Messenger app) to store new notifications
  5. You can now look in the app’s storage to see if there are any unread messages

Remember that you might not be able to recover any unsent messages you had before downloading the program. After installing one of these apps, you can view any unsent messages you get. If you don’t want to view your messages on the Messenger App, you can see your Facebook messages without the app.


In this article, we focused on how to see unsent messages on Facebook Messenger. We also showed you how to access unsent messages on Messenger from mobile devices so you may fulfill your curiosity. As suggested in the article, using an app to store all of the Messenger messages or enabling the notification history on your device are the two primary methods to see unsent messages on Messenger. For this reason, we advise you to look into the mentioned apps.

As a result, there is always a way to view unsent messages on Messenger, regardless of the device you are using. You can see unsent messages without using an app, even if doing so has its benefits for getting access to them. We sincerely hope that this article helped clarify the processes involved in seeing an unsent message on Messenger on your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions About

When you see a message on Facebook Messenger that has been unsent, it signifies that the person who you’re chatting with has already deleted the message. As a result, you will receive the message “sender unsend a message.”

Unsent messages on Messenger are typically difficult to access without using an app on iPhone. If your Wi-Fi or mobile data is turned off, you may see the unsent message even though the person withdrew the message. 

As mentioned in this article, turning on notification history in Facebook Messenger’s settings will allow you to view any unsent messages. Although this works well to view unsent messages, it only works on Android-based mobile devices.

On your Android device, you may read unsent messages by enabling notification history. You could install one of the programs we recommended in the article, but they won’t restore the already unsent messages. After downloading the apps, you might be able to see the contents of future unsent messages you receive.

If you’re the one sending the message this time, just select “delete” and then “unsend for everyone.” The message will only be removed from your mobile device if you select the “unsend for you” option; the user will still be able to see the message you sent.

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