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How to See a Private Account on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications of recent years. In this social media application, your account is visible to all users when you do not make any settings. Even if you do not follow public accounts, you can log in and see posts, stories, and comments. Private accounts cannot be followed by people who are not on their friends list. You can see these accounts by typing the username in the search section. You cannot see the posts and stories when you log in to the account. In this case, you need to take certain steps to see someone’s private Instagram account. 

If you want to see a person’s private Instagram account, you need to follow them. It is not enough for that person to follow you. While there are ways you can do this openly, you can also see the Instagram account without the profile account knowing. In this context, we will explain in detail how you can see your private Instagram account without being noticed officially. After reading our guide, you can follow private accounts by choosing your desired method. We have prepared a detailed guide about Instagram see private account

How Can You Make Your Instagram Profile Private?  

If you do not want your Instagram profile to be followed by others, you can make it a private account. Under normal circumstances, your account is created publicly. If you hide your account later, you can adjust who can see your posts and profile. For this, you need to set your account visibility to private. See someones private Instagram is possible with the methods we explained. 

With special Instagram viewing strategies, some people may still view your accounts. You can also buy Instagram Reels views to boost your videos. However, if you do not want some people to see and follow your account, you can make a private account. 

Steps to make your Instagram profile a private account; 

make Instagram account private
  • First, log in to the Instagram application and log in to your account. 
  • Click on the “Settings” button at the bottom right of the screen. 
  • Press the “Privacy” button on the screen that appears. 
  • Then, follow the “Connections” and “Account Privacy” steps. 
  • General and private options will appear on the screen. 
  • Your account is public if the gray button is aligned to the left. Align the button to the right to make it blue and make your account private. 
  • When your account is private, only people who follow you will be able to see your posts and account details. 

How To View Private Instagram Profiles  

When you want to follow an account on Instagram, you cannot view it if it is not a public account. For this, you need to follow the Instagram account. If an Instagram account is a private profile, there are various ways to follow it. 

There are ways to view the private Instagram profile with the account owner’s consent. In addition, there are some methods you can follow without them noticing. You can follow private Instagram profiles by following these ways. You may also want to learn more about how to delete a comment on Instagram.

Let’s explain how to follow closed Instagram accounts. 

Send A Follow Request  

The most effective and clear way to view a private account is to follow that account. Only other accounts that follow a private account can see posts and stories. Therefore, the most practical way is to send a follow request to that specific account. 

When a user sets their account to private, you cannot see their content and posts. After sending a follow request, you can now see all the posts as soon as the account owner accepts it. You can now view stories for 24 hours after they are shared. However, you cannot see the stories he shares as Close Friends unless he has added you to his close friends. 

use a fake account

Use A Fake Account  

If you want to follow the posts and stories of a private account, one of the most effective and popular methods will be to use a fake account. Send a follow request to that person from a fake account and watch the posts when they accept. 

The fake account method may not always work. Because a user with a private account may not accept follow requests from accounts he does not know. To make this method effective, you can open a fake account with the name, profile picture, and biography of a person who is close to the secret account owner. After creating an account, type the account you want to follow and send a follow request. As soon as the user accepts it, you can start following the posts in this account. Follow this method and look at private instagram. 

Ask The Person Directly  

The surest way to track a private account is to ask the person directly. This method makes the request to follow a private account reliable and clear. You can give a valid reason when conveying your request to the account owner you want to follow. For example, you can specify that you want to follow school posts or follow a type of post they share. 

If this person is someone you know, they will accept it if you send a follow request. Even if they don’t know you, when you ask the person with a polite message, they will accept the follow request, and you can start following their account. 

to see private account be friends with their pals

Be Friends With Their Pals or Followers 

If you want to follow someone’s Instagram account, first access their follower list. Then, increase your mutual follower count by sending follow requests to a few people on this list. Then, send a follow request to the private account you want to follow. When an account owner views your follow request, they will see the shared follower count and names. When he sees a lot of names, if you follow the names he knows and trusts, he will respond positively to you. 

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Once you start following friends and followers, when you send a follow request to a private account, the probability of acceptance will be higher. You have now read our guide in detail view private ig

View Through A Friend’s Account  

If an Instagram account blocks you, you won’t be able to find the account, even if it’s public. In this case, you can view public accounts but are blocked by a friend’s account. 

You can also use a friend’s Instagram account to follow a private account. Send a follow request from a friend’s profile whose private account owner is likely to accept the following request. Then, log in to your friend’s account and start following this account. Follow the steps in our guide and view private instagram account. 

Use Third-Party Tools  

You can also use third-party tools to follow private accounts on Instagram. In digital, there is software or tools for every need. Some Instagram tools give you the chance to follow other users’ accounts. You can see the posts and stories of the account by typing the link of the account you want in these tools or by specifying the username. Learn more about it at Instagram Help. These tools can be paid or free tools. Additionally, tools may contain viruses. Therefore, try tracking private accounts with a free and reliable tool. 

EyeZy tool
  • EyeZy is the best Instagram custom vehicle tracking tool. You can track a private account by simply entering the username into this tool. You can also see this user’s likes, recent subscriptions, and messages. However, it is a paid tracking tool. 
  • Insta Stalker is an application where you can follow private accounts by entering their usernames. This app offers you different suggestions. First, you fill out a survey, and then you can start following the account. It also gives you the opportunity to download some posts from that account in zip format. 
Glassagram tool
  • Glassagram is a reliable private account monitoring tool. With this tool, you can monitor anonymous Instagram profiles and follow stories as well. It also gives you all the information about the relevant account. It allows you to monitor an account in multiple ways. This tool is also paid for. 
  • Private Insta allows you to view private Instagram profiles without any problems. They will fill you out a survey before giving you access to the account. It also allows you to see comments and likes made from private accounts. You can contact us if you do not understand how to view private Instagram


You can only see an account you do not follow on Instagram if it is a public profile. Only followers can see private accounts. You cannot see the posts and stories of a private account that you do not follow. However, there are many methods you can use to see the shares of private accounts. You can use some tools that will allow you to follow private accounts. However, these tools will also be limited. Instead, you can follow the account in various ways and see posts and stories. 

We have let you know the ways to follow private accounts. However, remember that if you are not a follower of this account, you cannot see any posts or stories. Instead, try looking for ways to track the account. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

If there is a private account on Instagram that you do not follow, you cannot see the followers of this account. At the same time, accounts you follow can also turn off seeing followers. In this case, you need to find other ways to see the followers of the private account. 

Private account owners will not understand that you see or follow their private accounts using the methods we explained. They can only know this if you have become their follower. Other than that, they can only guess that it’s you. You can do this anonymously while following a private account.

No direct application will allow you to follow posts and stories of a private account on Instagram. You can start following private accounts by following indirect methods.

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