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How to Secretly Take a Screenshot on Snapchat

How to Secretly Take a Screenshot on Snapchat

Snapchat offers you easily talk with your friends and view Live Stories worldwide, but sometimes the user may want to take a screenshot without notice. So, how can they take a screenshot secretly on Snapchat? Today, we will discuss the ways to take a screenshot on Snapchat without others noticing. So, if you want to know screenshot Snapchat without notification and without users noticing, let’s learn how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing with this informative article!

Throughout the article, we will explain to you how to secretly screenshot Snapchat with different methods on different devices. So, let’s start with a Snapchat screenshot introduction.

Screenshot on Snapchat

The main feature of Snapchat was that the users could send photos and videos that would disappear forever after a couple of seconds. At this point, we shouldn’t make sure that nothing you share on the internet will dissolve into thin air.

People who use the Snapchat application have tried everything, from setting their phone to airplane mode to using friends’ or family members’ phones to view Snapchat stories. Snapchat has become aware of these methods, and then it has closed off these vulnerabilities. Also, if you are curious about little Snapchat features, learn how to recover deleted Snapchat messages.

Taking a Screenshot on Android and iOS Devices

The Android and iOS devices operating systems let users take screenshots or screen records. You had the opportunity to take a screenshot of Snapchat and get away with no notification with iOS devices. However, it’s not possible as of now, unfortunately. There is no way for iOS device users to take a screenshot or screen record on Snapchat without getting people noticed. That’s why they need to use another device or the third-party apps we will mention below.

How to do a screenshot on Android, though? When it comes to Android, things change. So are you curious about whether can you screen record Snapchat? You can still screen-record Snapchat without notifying users. Here is how to screen record on Snapchat.

In order to take a screen record Snapchat from Android devices, follow these steps:

Snapchat Android screen record
  • Open Snapchat. Find the Snap you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Before you view the Snap, pull the info menu of Android down.
  • Pull the menu again and find the screen recorder feature.
  • Tap on the screen recorder feature.
  • After you tap, a countdown begins, and you can capture the Snap with Android’s screen recorder.
airplane mode screenshot

Screenshot Using With Airplane Mode

The way is a most effective method to take a screenshot on Snapchat. You have to be very careful about this method because other users will know you are taking screenshots, photos, and videos if you don’t. Follow these steps;

  1. Open the Snapchat application and don’t view the story yet, and then tap ‘New Snap.’
  2. Allow Snapchat to run in the background while going to ‘Settings’ to activate ‘Airplane Mode.’
  3. Turn back to the Snapchat application. Go to the Snap where you wish to take the screenshot. At this point, don’t go out of Airplane Mode yet.
  4. Turn off the Snap and go to your profile icon in your screen’s upper-right corner.
  5. Tap on the ‘Settings.’
  6. Tap ‘Clear Cache’- it is placed on the ‘Account Actions,’ and finally, tap ‘Clear All.’
  7. After you clear the Cache, you can close the Snapchat application and turn off Airplane Mode.

Tip: You have no reason to be scared because all your ‘Memories’ or anything won’t be deleted. Snapchat will restart.

Use a Screen Recording

You can take a screenshot of a video part if you obtain a screen recorder. So, how are you gonna do it?

You have to obtain a screen recording app. By the way, if you use an iPhone, the application is unnecessary. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and then tap ‘+’ next to Screen Recording.

If you are an Android user, search the Google Play ‘screen recorders.’ You are gonna see a lot of options to use.

QuickTime Player

Use QuickTime (Only for Mac)

The method is among the best options if you own a MacBook. Connect your iPhone and Mac, and then open the QuickTime player. Go to ‘File’ > ‘New Movie Recording’ and hover over the ‘Record’ button. Select the iPhone as your current camera. Your iPhone screen should be on your Mac screen. So you can record the Snaps you wish to view. 

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Tip: If you wish to take screenshots of individual photos, you should use ‘Command-Shift-4.’

Google Assistant

Use Google Assistant (Only for Android)

If you have Google Assistant, it will help you save Snaps. You have to be quick, so you should practice before taking the screenshot on Snapchat. 

Go to the Snap you wish to save, and open Google Assistant by holding down the ‘Home’ button. It will ask you how it can help. You can give instructions to ‘Take a screenshot’ or ask, ‘What’s on my screen.’ Google Assistant will take a photo of everything on your screen.

If you have more questions about Snapchat, please check the Snapchat Support page.


There are numerous techniques to take a screenshot on Snapchat secretly. You must make sure that you don’t get involved in crime because you may want to have fun, or you might think it necessary to take a screenshot but remember it is a breach of confidentiality. You may put your head in a noose. For this reason, you must decide very carefully whether to do this or not. Today, we explained how to take screenshots on Snapchat without noticing other users. We hope that you learned how do you screenshot on Snapchat with our help. See you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you take a screenshot of photos, videos, and stories of your friends or family members, the application will notify the users. Besides, when you take a screenshot of chats, it will warn that “You took a screenshot!” in your chat. Moreover, the users will see a screenshot icon in the viewer’s part of their story.

You should go to the ‘Stories’ and tap the three dots next to your story. The number shows how many people have viewed your story, and if your friend or someone else takes a screenshot, there will be a green triangle next to the name.

According to Government Culture Minister, taking a screenshot of photos and videos and passing them to other people without permission is unlawful. So, anyone who did it might be sued by the owner of the content.

You earn a point for sending a snap to your story. Sadly, Snapchat scores don’t improve if you see a story. If you haven’t been active on Snapchat for a period, the first Snap you send will score 6 points.

Snapchat can know you’re asleep based on the span of your inactivity and the period of the day. Your Actionmoji will seem very sleepy when you’re asleep in a rocker position.

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    To secretly take a screenshot on Snapchat is perhaps the most useful thing there is. I’ve been doing it since my friend showed it to me years ago.