How to Search on Google (Tips & Tricks)

How to Search on Google (Tips & Tricks)

 Did you know that much more can be done on Google than word search? In this article, we’ve gathered a lot of small but useful tips that you should add to your searches to discover fun Google surprises. Whether you’re an inexperienced user or an experienced professional, we’re sure the advanced Google search techniques we’ve transferred here will work for you, too. Google search shortcuts, search services, or techniques are not widely known. If you, like most Internet users, use Google in its simplest form by simply typing a few words, you are missing out on a lot. Google is a much more powerful tool than thought. 

1. Use Tabs

When you use tabs appropriately in Google searches, you can significantly reduce search times. Along with each search line, there are many tabs, such as web, images, videos, shopping, news, and more. You can search for a wider picture using the pictures tab. If you’re looking for a video, use the videos tab. In addition, with the Tools tab, you can perform more detailed searches by filtering according to various criteria.

google search for full impression

2. Search for Full Expression

Use quotation marks. To search for the entire expression in the correct order, enclose the words in quotation marks:” the expression you are looking for.” Note that when you search with quotation marks, some related results that you do not include in quotation marks will not be displayed. For example, searching for” google search tips “will not display pages that contain” Google tips.”

3. Searching Using Wildcard Characters

Use the * sign. An asterisk ( * ) is a wildcard character that you can use instead of each word. Google helps you search by using the asterisk as a placeholder for missing words you can’t remember or wonder about. For example, if you want to find out which companies Google bought, search in Google * bought terms. Use an asterisk to search for a book name or lyrics, and Google will give the correct result.

search for a specific website

4. Search Within a Specific Website

Add the site: statement. If you want the search that you want to perform within a specific web site or site type (.com, .edu), add site: to the beginning of your query. For example, to do a search in educational institutions alone, first type site:edu and then the words you are looking for. when you want to search the site, before the query words write.

5. Search For a Specific File Type

Filetype: you can search for specific file types by adding filetype: in terms such as PDF, and then adding the 3-letter file abbreviation (such as DOC, XLS, PPT). This will show only the file types you are looking for in the search results.

google calculator

 6. Google Calculator

You can use Google as a calculator, do all the basic math. Enter a mathematical equation in the search box, add the equal sign if necessary. Let Google calculate the result instantly.

7. Exchange Rate Calculation

On Google, you can easily convert currencies at the most current rate. To find out the daily exchange rate, type the currency you are querying and=$. If you type the amount in front of the currency and Type = other currency (for example, $ 1500 = EUR), Google instantly converts the amount.

web friendly words

8. Choose Web-friendly Words

The words you type are very important because Google does searches through bots. The words you are looking to match the words on other pages. So be careful to use critical words when doing a search. Because the words you are looking for will also display popular results, including words that are approximate, using distinctive words on behalf of what you are looking for will be useful for you when searching. You don’t have to pay too much attention to the typos you make. Google is changing the frequently used version of the word you type by finding it through its controller. In the same way, you don’t need to pay much attention to uppercase or lowercase letters since Google detects the uppercase letters in your search in a single state. Also, try to use as few words as possible when searching on Google. When you search for more words, the yield you will get without searching falls.

9. Weather Forecast

When you enter the word weather alone, Google gives you the weather information for your area. If you search by typing weather: and then adding the name of a city, you can find out the instant weather in the city you’re querying.

10. Image Search

You don’t need to search Google with just words and phrases. Because we can also search from Google images. So you can also do a visual search. You can do a visual search by uploading the image from your device, dragging and dropping it, or pasting its URL. After searching, similar images, the site and size of the image you are looking for will appear. Let’s say there’s a historical place, and you can’t figure out where you are; you can search Google for other images and information about the historical artifact.

FAQs on Google Tips & Tricks

Can Google answer all questions?

You can answer most of the questions you can ask.

How do I do a Google search?

Searching is quite easy; just type what you want to search in the search bar.

Why does Google ignore my search terms?

Google may ignore some of your keywords. Perhaps there is no answer that matches your search. Try searching again by choosing your word more properly.

Does word order matter in Google search?

Word writing ranking is important.

How do I limit Google search results?

By entering the privacy settings, you can set restrictions by adding the site.

Search on Google Tips & Tricks In Short

There are many hidden ways to search on Google. Based on the above information, you can make your search easier. Instead of using the search engine directly, try it like this. We have given you many tips from using tabs to image search. If you liked this article, you might want to check out our article about SEO as well. It will help you deliver your content to the right audience in the best way possible.

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