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How to Search New Filters on Instagram

How to Search New Filters on Instagram

One of the biggest social media platforms we all use, Instagram, is the app that comes to our minds when we talk about photo or video sharing. It has a lot to offer, from simply following people to sharing “stories” with crazy filters on it. In this article, we are going to touch upon how to search for new filters on Instagram.

The Instagram “Story” feature was added in 2016 along with the live-stream. From that point, Instagram Stories kept growing by adding filters, making polls, asking questions, and even adding songs with lyrics. Lately, there has been a huge interest in these new filters. These filters and effects appear when you record a story. These effects are called AR filters, which stands for Augmented Reality. Some of them are just the improved versions of good old clear skin, butterflies flying around- kind of effects and some of them let you play quick games with others by asking questions, and of course, some of them show you “Which Disney character” you are. We all love these features, but sometimes we see a filter or effect on someone’s story and wonder, “Where did they get that from?”.

If you are one of the users who struggle to find where these filters are coming from, this article shows you exactly how to search for new filters on Instagram and discover even more story filters.

Finding the Filter From People You Know

Finding the Filter From People You Know

When someone posts a story with a filter on it, the name of the filter and the creator appear on top of the story.

To add or use that filter via your friend’s story:

  • Tap on the filter name located on the left upper corner.
  • You can choose to “Try It” to use the filter immediately or “Save Effect” to use it from your filter options.
Effects Gallery Filters

Searching For Filters Via Effects Gallery

Until 2021, there wasn’t a way to search specific filters by name. Later they added the feature to browse the effects by their name. Here is how to do it:

  • Tap to your Instagram camera.
  • Scroll to the end of filters and effects.
  • There will be a little magnifying glass icon to “Browse Effects.”
  • Tap on “Browse Effects.”
  • Touch the magnifying glass for searching on the upper right corner.
Searching Filters Via Creator's Account

Searching Filters Via Creator’s Account

So, when you know the creator’s name of the filter you’d like to use or want to see more filters from that creator: 

  • Search the creator’s name and go to their profile page.
  • Click on the little smiley face icon to see their filters.
  • When you find the filter you want, tap the filter’s name at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “Save Effect” to add it to your filters.

Finding Instagram Filters in Short

In this short article, we explained how to search for new filters on Instagram. Thanks to their developers since April 2021, it is a lot easier to search and find your favorite effects; we just helped let the users know how to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From the Effects Gallery, you can also see the most used and trending filters.

You can send filters from your saved effects without recording a story. Go to your Instagram camera, tap the filter’s name, and choose the “Send To” option.

Unfortunately, Instagram had to remove a few effects due to community reaction. And no, they are not up to use once Instagram decides to delete them.

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  1. Gale Rivera
    Gale Rivera

    I can’t keep up with all these new filters on Instagram. They produce and publish a new feature almost everyday.