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How to Search for a Post on Facebook?

There are millions, and millions of content are being posted on Facebook every second. It might get frustrating to search for one on Facebook whether you are looking for a post on your profile or other pages. 

This article explained the basics and shared some useful tips for you to search for posts efficiently on Facebook. 

Find Facebook Posts Using Keywords

You can use Facebook search very much like a web search engine as they both trying to get you the most relevant results. Facebook allows its users to search for specific words or phrases that might be posted days or years ago. You can use word or phrase searching on Facebook to find posts about a certain topic, a page, or a friend if they are open to public view.

  1. Type the words or phrases into the Facebook search bar
  2. Then, click on “Posts” just below “All” to limit your search only for posts
  3. You can select “Posts From” to find posts from your friends, groups and pages, or public posts. 

It is also feasible for you to search for a post on Facebook by using Posts You’ve Seen, Date Posted, and Tagged Location features.

posts you have seen

Posts You’ve Seen

“Posts You’ve Seen” search feature is a great tool to limit your search to ones that you’ve seen sometime in the past. Let’s say you have seen an article that got your interest in your feed the other day but can’t find it now; then, you can enable this feature and search for the title or a word you remembered from the article.

Date Posted 

If you want to search for a post within a specific date, you can use the “Date Posted” feature located just below to “Posts You’ve Seen.”

tagged location

Tagged Location

You can use “Tagged Location” to find location-based search results on Facebook. So as you start writing, locations will come up, and you can select the specific location you want to search for.

Other Tips to Search for a Post on Facebook

  • You can use (“”) between a set of words to find the exact words in the order that you typed.
  • If you want to exclude a word while searching for a topic, you can use (-) before the word you want to exclude without space.

To Conclude How to Search for a Post on Facebook

Finally, using the Facebook search innovation is straightforward to find exactly what you’re searching. Whether it’s an image, a post, a video, or anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions About

To look for your posts and others on your timeline, click “Activity Log” on your profile located on your profile’s far-right. On the activity log, you use various filters to view your timeline on Facebook.

You can find the posts you are that mention you by using the activity log. You can click “Post’s you are tagged in” filter to find the posts you are mentioned on the activity log.

If you want your Facebook page to be visible on search results, your privacy settings must be set to “everyone” and should be optimized for Facebook SEO for better rankings.

It takes two days at most for a Facebook page to be searchable on its search engine.

You can search for countless things on Facebook, such as videos, photos, posts, links, locations, events, etc. Facebook will show results that are most relevant to you by your data.

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